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Young living training tape #20 “Live with Passion” Dr. D. Gary Young

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“Live with Passion”

Dr. D. Gary Young
We welcome you to Training Tape #20, “Live with Passion,” a highly informative lecture by Dr. Gary Young on the value and usage of many of the Young Living products. And now, here is Dr. Young .
Dr. Don Gary Young

Many Uses for Essential Oils

I am just going to cover a few different areas this morning. One of the things I will share with you is how effective this might be in the application of oils.

Many of you have been putting oils on topically for quite some time. Many of you have heard me say and make the comment that essential oils are made up of amino acid structures, and that is why they are synergistic and why they will penetrate the derma shield so quickly and why they will absorb into the system so efficiently, and why the response time is so quick. There is another part I want to add to all that I have given you in the past.
Essential Oils Bond with Proteins

Essential oils–because of their molecular structure from an amino acid chain–bond with proteins, and because essential oils bond with proteins, that means any time you rub an essential oil on your skin or you put an essential oil in your mouth or you take it in a dietary supplement like Vitagreen, that the essential oil molecule is bonding with the protein of that substance and it is bonding with the protein of the tissue with which it is in contact.

Therefore, when you are talking to someone and they ask, “How do essential oils work..?” one of the things you can share with them is that essential oils bond with protein molecules and therefore they enhance the protein absorption, the protein conversion, and the protein utilization. In other words, essential oils, with-out question, enhance your body’s ability to utilize protein more efficiently. We know that every cell in the body is made up of protein, and one of the biggest problems we see in the world today is that people have protein deficiency and protein poisoning at the same time.
Why Protein Deficiency and Protein Poisoning?

Why does this happen? I made the discovery when I was running my clinical practice doing blood research. I found that people who have degenerative digestive systems (and I could probably say that 99.9% of the population in the world today have degenerative digestive systems) are not secreting and producing the proper enzymatic function that should be there for the digestion and conversion of proteins and amino acids. This happens for several reasons:

  1. The foods that you are eating are devoid of natural enzymes.

  2. The foods are void of minerals. You have to have minerals and enzymes collectively together in order to have a strong, active, functioning digestive system.

  3. The intestinal flora is not there in the people today.

Why No Intestinal Flora?

Why is this the case? How many of you are milking a cow? (Two hands went up that are actually milking a cow and drinking raw milk.) How many of you are milking goats and drinking raw goat milk? (I see one hand way in the back.) I mentioned yesterday that goat’s milk is the only milk mentioned in the Bible for human consumption. Goat’s milk is so compatible. I am bring-ing this up because that is our only true source of intestinal flora support.

Sources for Lactobacillus Bifidus

How many of you are taking a milk-free acidophi-lus? Oh my–I guess I had better back up! There are only two sources of lactobacillus bifidus, and that is from milk and human feces. So if you are taking a milk-free acidophilus, where are you getting your source? I would much rather have an allergy to milk! Think about it. There is soy, there is carrots, there is rice acidophilus. Have you ever milked rice, have you ever milked a carrot, have you ever milked soy? No. They do not produce lactobacillus bifidus. How does it get in there then? Gary, are you telling us that they are putting human feces in there? No, that is not what I am telling you. I am telling you there are only two sources of it–

milk and human feces.

Synthetically Cultured

What they do (and what they did) is they cultured the human feces and synthetically took that culture and put it into rice, soy, and carrot. So all of those of you who are drinking milk-free acidophilus are taking a synthetically cultured feces. How much good is that going to do your intestinal flora?

That is what we have. Because people are not milking cows and goats and drinking the milk raw, they are not supporting their intestinal flora to be replenished, and after the age of 30 that is extremely important. After that age, it starts declining naturally.

Another thing–if you have had antibiotics, if you have been on any kind of medication, if you have ever had stress in your life, that all depletes the natural intestinal flora that interferes

with proper digestive function. So we have a major thing to do.

Royaldophilus is Key

If you are not using Young Living’s Royaldophilus and you prefer human “royaldophilus,” that is up to you! Young Living’s Royaldophilus is made from whole milk and it is put with plantain because plantain is the only herb that has ever been found that whole milk (lacto-bacillus bifidus) would culture in. The culture not only has to go in the intestinal tract, it also has to adhere to the tract. When you have a flora in the intestinal tract, it adheres (or what we call “implants”) to the wall, and when it implants to the wall, then it cultures and grows. The synthetic stuff that is in rice, soy, and carrot will not implant because it does not have the memory to do so. If it does not implant, it will not culture, so you are taking it repeatedly and it is just going through you.

Clinical Studies Prove Case

We did this study at the clinic. We would take the stools from the patients and analyze them, and it was coming all the way through. I got caught up, too, in this fad of milk-free acidophilus, and that is all it is–it’s a fad. We have so many fads in this world it is sickening. You need to go to reality and move away from the fads a little bit and look at the cold, hard facts.

Milk is your source. Mother’s milk is the greatest source of lactobacillus bifidus. Goat milk is second, bovine third–whatever you can get. But we pasteurize it, we homogenize it, we scrutinize it until there is nothing left, and then we put it in a capsule and sell it and people take it and wonder why they don’t get any benefit. That is why yogurt and Kifer is so valuable.

Importance of Kifer

That is why I created the KeBerry that we presented at convention a few years ago. That is one of the most magnificent products I have ever formulated, and I am still working on it. The problem was the stability, because it has to be refrigerated. We are running tests to see if I can create the culture and then you can make it yourself. I will stay with it until you have it because it is so important.

In the meantime, go to the health food store and get Lifeway Kifer. That is the purest Kifer on the market. That is the company that made my KeBerry–it is called Lifeway. I don’t see it in a lot of health food stores, but ask for it, demand it. In fact, this company is asking me now to go ahead and make the Kifer and put it through the health food stores. Start eating Kifer and raw yogurt and getting that important flora in there to feed the intestinal tract. It is extremely crucial.
How to Take Royaldophilus

Royaldophilus is so important for proper digestion, three capsules 2 or 3 times a week (unless you are on medication or under stress), then do it every day. Some-thing that works, something that implants, something that cultures does not need to be taken every single day because then your body would get weak. So three times a week is adequate–2 or 3 capsules, that’s it.

We have conducted these studies; we have watched it build the flora in the intestinal tract. That’s how I developed Royaldophilus. To this day I have never yet (out of thousands and thousands of patients) ever had a single reaction to Royaldophilus. The reason people have lactose intolerance is because the enzymes are missing and the milk molecule structure has been changed.

I am doing some other research on milk whey products I will present next year at the convention that will blow your minds. It is really exciting, but I am not going to go into it because I just started the project two weeks ago.

You have to feed that intestinal tract. Royaldophi-lus, Mineral Essence, Megazyme, Mint Condition –those four products are your standby for rebuilding the digestive function and it is really important. It is the first place to start to have a healthy body. Then go through the cleansing program and–because this convention is about fitness–the best way to be fit is to cleanse the body for 30 days four times a year. If you are unable to do that for whatever reason, then do it at least two times a year–spring and fall.

Regular Cleansing is Vital

The animals, the wild animals do it each spring and fall. They get off their feed and get onto herbs that will cause a laxative effect and clean their systems out. It is just a natural thing. We need to move back to some of these things and rebuild our bodies and learn how to supplement and nourish.

Then begin taking the oils in because if your digestive system is working you are going to feel energized, your physical body is going to change; your mental is going to change–and it’s going to be like..”Wow! Life is coming back!”
Aging is Not a Requirement!

I share that with you because that is exactly how I feel. I have had so many wonderful people come up to me. Yesterday someone came up to me and said, “Gary, it’s been two years ago since I’ve seen you and you look younger than you did two years ago!” And I said, “I am!” It’s that simple. Aging is not a requirement; it’s a option–and having the energy to go with it.

What’s the point of being young if you are sick! You might as well be old and sick. I see an 18 year-old person lying in bed sick and an 80 year-old person lying in bed sick–and they are not doing anything different! So let’s be alive and let’s be healthy. Let’s be vibrant. That is the only way we are going to make a difference in the world. How many of you made a difference lying in bed sick? Maybe to your spouse–but it wasn’t a very positive one!
DiTone Internally for Rebuilding Intestinal Tract

DiTone. This oil blend is so important to you in rebuilding that intestinal tract. Why? Because DiTone helps in the promotion of the digestive enzymes. Because of its molecular structure it bonds with the proteins in your food and encourages the assimilation of the protein.

What I am finding as I am watching this is that we are not taking enough oil internally. We need more oils inside because of how they work with the protein bonding and transporting and conversion on the cellular level. Do you want to know why the ancient people lived so long and had vibrant health? Because they did not only wear the oils, they ate the oils. They consumed the oils. Isn’t that interesting? The essential oil is the missing link and there is absolutely no question about it, and the more I study and the more I see and the more I learn and the more experience I have, I absolutely know that the things we are doing will change this world forever!

More Training on the Agenda

Mary has said, “Gary, you need to do more training..” and that is what I continue to work towards in finding products and ingredients that support the total body’s function, not just stimulating the adrenal glands or whatever, because that is not healthy. Do those things to give you the support you need.

Use the Motivation, use the En-R-Gee, use the Awaken. If you are going to work out in the afternoon or evening, you might want to take a little bit in the afternoon to hold you up there for another three or four hours. It’s not like a coffee high or a buzz or something on Guarana, because it just supports the total body function, and that’s what you want.
Brain Fog - A Common Problem

All of these things are so important because what we are dealing with is brain fog. That is the biggest problem we have in the world today, in my opinion, and the brain fog is created from leaky gut syndrome from eating all of this preserved food, chemically treated food, and all of this packaged food that has caused the deterioration in the gut. The deterioration is allowing the gases to go into the bloodstream and go to the brain and create an ammonia there that is called “brain fog” or “brain cloud,” and we cannot think; we cannot focus.

Essential Oils can Clear Brain

We have to use the oils to clear this brain, and if you want a beautiful experience, start taking oils and putting a drop on the tip of your tongue and put it back there and hold it against the roof of your mouth. Hold it there and just breathe in and out deeply. Let that oxygen pull it into the blood capillaries and into the brain. Feel that brain just going..”mmmmm.” Then when it is supercharged–and this is what is really fun–put Brain Power on the tip of the tongue, one drop. Hold it on the roof of the mouth and breathe in and out three times and then open your mouth and spray with UltraYoung three times on each cheek. Then close your mouth and breathe again. Now tell me if you don’t feel a lift immediately! That will go in and activate the anterior pituitary and you start to have a limbic response.

Oils Digest Microfilm

Essential oils digest the microfilm off the receptor sites for human growth hormone receptivity. It is one of the greatest things you can do. One of the things I wish for you to do is to go out and put a diffuser in every home in the world because we have got to digest the petrochemicals in the brains of our children.

After the Third Generation...

The children are the ones who are suffering so greatly from it. Us old timers will likely get over the hill and through life before it really has a devastating effect upon us, but our young people coming up are the third generation to ingest petrochemicals. What did Francis Pottinger discover and tell us? “After the third generation of altering the diet, the species fail to reproduce.”

One of the biggest problems in America today is that our young children are not reproducing, and the birth defects are horrendous. I have even lost track of the numbers, but I know there are over 60 children born with birth defects per second worldwide, and so it is an epidemic. This is because of the petrochemicals. What I am saying is when we break the laws of nature there are prices that we pay for it..and the price we pay for breaking the laws of nature happens to be the tearing down of our temple.
UltraYoung, It Changed My Life

Let’s go to UltraYoung..Yes! Do you like this one? Boy, do I like this one! It has been really exciting because many of you know I have had a long 28 years coming back from a devastating injury and a lot of my body didn’t respond, so I just kind of accepted it and decided that I go on with my life and forget about the limitations. I want to share with you today that I have gone beyond that and it is really exciting.

UltraYoung is the magic bullet that has been the key, along with PowerMeal and BeFit and Vitagreen and Master Formula. It took me out of 27 years of pain, and it is so wonderful that for the first time in 28 years I have been pain-free for ten months.
Finding the Missing Element

What I have learned from this is that when you are taking the right nutrients, if you are still having a problem you are missing something. Obviously, I was missing the element that wasn’t triggering the receptor sites properly to stimulate the nerve regeneration.

When I put Ultra-Young in, within three weeks I was pain-free after 27 years and it has just been phenomenal. I have had physical body changes as a result of it–weight reduction. It has just been a fabulous experience and I have to share with you that for the first time I can recall in my entire life I can lay my head on the pillow and within one to three minutes I can be sound asleep, and I can sleep for a good four to five hours before I awaken.
It has been a marvelous experience to sleep so deep that when I awaken it is like..”Golly, I don’t even remember going to bed.”
Evaluate How You Use UltraYoung

Some of you may be using UltraYoung–and a lot has to do with how you are using it and a lot has to do with how you are not using it, and what you are eating. If you are drinking soda pop during the day or drinking coffee with sugar in it during the day and then spraying UltraYoung, I am not going to say that you are going to get the benefit that you should get or that you could get if you were not doing that. If you are eating candy, if you are eating doughnuts and sweets and pastries and then spraying UltraYoung, you are not going to see the benefit you would get if you were putting wholesome nutrition in your body.

If you are going to choose to have sugar and coffee and other things in your life that are going to tear your body down, then you are going to compromise that which you can have in life. Those are choices, naturally, but I just want you to know that if you are using product and not getting the benefits you are hearing other people are getting, you might want to look at your lifestyle–how you are living and how you are eating, how you are drinking, what you are bathing with, shampooing with, wearing on your body–all of those are key factors.

I totally do not want to compromise my health. Mary and I enjoy the UltraYoung. We don’t spray it every single day now. I did for probably four months and now I spray it two or three times a week. We feel the difference it makes in our lives. We feel the energy. Mary has shared with me that she feels it was the UltraYoung and BrainPower that gave her the support to carry her through the transition and the completion of the book.

Have you Tried BrainPower?

How many of you are familiar with BrainPower? It is so phenomenal what that product is doing for the mind. We have to feed the brain. That is so critical. Of course, the oils in BrainPowerSandalwood, Cedar Wood, Melissa, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Australian Blue Cypress, Lavender and Peppermint all feed the brain. These oils of all the oils are the highest in sesqui-terpene activity. If you go in your biochemistry book and you look up “sesquiterpenes,” it will tell you on the first page that the sesquiterpene compounds are the highest oxygenating compounds in all of the compounds found in essential oils.

Sesquiterpenes Support Brain Activity

Of course, this is what gives you the support to the brain function; and when you have that support, you have the support to all of the endocrine system, the hormone secretion, the hormone receptivity.

This has been our number one problem, I believe

–not so much that we are not producing the hormones that we need, but the receptor sites are plugged and covered with a microfilm from the petrochemicals that we are eating, breathing, and wearing, so our receptor sites cannot pick up the hormones and take them into our bodies and integrate them with other hormones and transition them so they can do the things that need to be done in our bodies the way they should be.

How many are using BrainPower? This is great! Do you like it? Yes! The things you are going to find is it helps increase the oxygen to the brain and it will astound you. How many of you saw the lady walk off the stage who had been in the wheelchair? Wasn’t that beautiful! She is doing fantastic. She said she is so excited that she has found her way back to health. She had been in a wheel-chair for two years. It was BrainPower on the roof of the mouth that made her whole life come back into balance.
Be Aware of Signs of HGH Deficiency

One of the first things you can look at if you are emotionally depressed or if you are fatigued (those are the first two symptoms) is that you have human growth hormone deficiency.

If you are feeling or experiencing depression or fatigue you need to be on UltraYoung. If you are over-weight, you have a human growth hormone deficiency; if you are anorexic you have a human growth hormone deficiency; if you have a compromised immune system, if you have premature hair loss, premature graying, premature wrinkling, premature aging; if you have disease you have a human growth hormone deficiency, because all of that supports those functions in the human body. You cannot afford not to have Ultra-Young in your regiment along with Power-Meal, with Essential Manna, Vitagreen, Master Formula. If that’s all you did to support your body your life would change overnight–I guarantee you.
Have You Put Passion in Your Life?

How many are using Passion in your life? Wear it, breathe it–even if you have passion, put it on! Let it stimulate and motivate that brain and create that creativity to start functioning. You need to use Passion in your life every single day. If you don’t want to wear it, diffuse it even for ten minutes once a day just to refire those synapse so you can start that creative process flowing again, and create a belief in yourself that you do not need to live with limitations. Passion will help give you that jump start.

New Varieties of Eucalyptus

Polybractea Eucalyptus, a new Eucalyptus so far. In Young Living you have all had Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus radiata. Eucalyptus polybractea and, Eucalyptus dives are in the RC formula. Polybractea is very specific as an antiviral and anti-infectious agent for respiratory and it co-mixes very well with Ravensara and Raven for respiratory, for inhalation, for diffusing, for rectal implants, for massaging, and working through the reflex/vitaflex points on the feet–all of it. It is a great support there.

Eucalyptus dives is another powerful support. It is antibacterial and anti-infectious, so if you have respiratory infection it is a great companion. It is also a companion to Ravensara. Ravensara is one of the most effective oils as an anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory agent for respiratory. Raven or RC is even more power-ful and will increase that action so you can put that in with it.
Effective for Kidney Disorders

Kidney disorders–a lot of people suffer with kidney disorders. Put Eucalyptus dives with your K&B and take it internally as a dietary supplement. If you put Eucalyptus dives (2 or 3 drops) in two dropperfuls of K&B in an ounce of water and take it down for kidney support and kidney flush it is fantastic! It also helps treat bronchitis.

Supporting Eye Function..

Let’s go to Eucalpytus radiata. I have talked about an eye formula of Eucalyptus radiata, Lemongrass, and Cypress that has been very helpful to increase the eye function and visual acuity. It has been very great. Even though it doesn’t list radiata for the eyes, I have found that with Lemongrass and Cypress it is very powerful in supporting eye function.

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