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Workcamp Begins on Sunday Asking You to Show Sign of Support

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First Presbyterian Midweek News Release

Workcamp Begins on Sunday - Asking You to Show Sign of Support


This week is the Mt. Vernon Group Workcamp where over 300 will gather to repair 50 homes in our community.  The theme of the week is "Love Out Loud" based upon the bible verse 1 John 3:18 "Dear children, let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions."  If ever there was time to be proud of Christian youth, this is the week.  For one week, Christian youth and their leaders will gather to love others in a way that goes beyond words.  Paintbrushes and hammers will be the spiritual tools that will sound the sweet song of "HOPE" across our community.  Give thanks to God for the pleasure and honor that we have to be the co-sponsor for this event in Mt. Vernon.


We would also like to thank the many sponsors who have made this possible by helping with the building materials, administrative costs, fees for local youth to attend, etc.  Gold Level Sponsors (the highest level of sponsorship) include First Presbyterian (Mt. Vernon), Carl Schweinfurth Foundation, Mt. Vernon District 80 Schools, Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois, First Presbyterian (Urbana), Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly, United Way of South Central Illinois, Rotary Club of Mt. Vernon, St. Mary's Good Samaritan, Inc., and Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.


Many others have donated materials, snacks, vehicles, ladders, and money to make this happen.  We are asking for moral support at this time.  If you work at a business in town, we hope you will show your support by putting up a sign in your window or on your outside sign or even in your car that says "Thank You Group Workcampers!"  These kids pay hundreds of dollars plus travel costs for the pleasure of repairing homes in our community.  By displaying a sign like this, you are not only showing your support for those kids; you are also showing your support for the sponsors, volunteers, prayer teams, meal providers, janitors, workcamp staff, and all the others who are making this sign of hope, this sign of loving out loud, a real, practical sign of God's love for others.


So, please take the time to print out or create a sign saying "Thank You Group Workcampers!" and place it in your window, in your car window, on your business's sign, wherever.  God is giving us signs of HOPE.  We should not forget that.


As part of our celebration, we will be having a special worship service this Sunday at 10am.  Workcamp staff will join us in worship where we will be sharing communion, commissioning our youth group as missionaries, exploring the meaning of loving out loud through God's Word, and welcoming new members Pam Brandon, Nichole Everett, Wyatt Leffler, and Aidan Leffler.  We hope you will join us for this celebratory kickoff to a week of HOPE!




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