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Aquaculture Journals – Table of Contents
October 2008

Animal Feed Science and Technology *

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Aquaculture *

Aquaculture Economics & Management

Aquacultural Engineering *

Aquaculture International *

Aquaculture Nutrition *

Aquaculture Research *

Aquatic Living Resources

Asian Fisheries Science

Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences *

Current Opinion in Microbiology *

Diseases of Aquatic Organisms *

Fish & Shellfish Immunology *

Fisheries Science *

Hydrobiologia *

Journal of Applied Ichthyology *

Journal of Applied Microbiology *

Journal of Applied Phycology

Journal of Aquatic Animal Health

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology *

Journal of Fish Biology

Journal of Fish Diseases *

Journal of Invertebrate Pathology*

Journal of Microbial Ecology*

Journal of Microbiological Methods

Journal of Ocean University of China

Journal of Shellfish Research

Journal of the World Aquaculture Society

Letters in Applied Microbiology *

Marine Biology *

Marine Biotechnology *

Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi

North American Journal of Aquaculture

Trends in Biotechnology *

Trends in Microbiology *

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Animal Feed Science and Technology

VOLUME 146, PART 3-4, October 2008 Website
Pastoral flavour in meat products from ruminants fed fresh forages and its amelioration by forage condensed tannins
Pages 193-221
N.M. Schreurs, G.A. Lane, M.H. Tavendale, T.N. Barry, W.C. McNabb
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In vitro ruminal fermentation of tanniniferous tropical plants: Plant-specific tannin effects and counteracting efficiency of PEG
Pages 222-241
T.T. Tiemann, P. Avila, G. Ramírez, C.E. Lascano, M. Kreuzer, H.D. Hess
 Preview   PDF (264 K) | Related Articles
Impacts of rumen fluid modified by feeding Yucca schidigera to lactating dairy cows on in vitro gas production of 11 common dairy feedstuffs, as well as animal performance
Pages 242-258
M.D. Singer, P.H. Robinson, A.Z.M. Salem, E.J. DePeters
 Preview   PDF (315 K) | Related Articles
Effect of octadeca carbon fatty acids on microbial fermentation, methanogenesis and microbial flora in vitro
Pages 259-269
C.M. Zhang, Y.Q. Guo, Z.P. Yuan, Y.M. Wu, J.K. Wang, J.X. Liu, W.Y. Zhu
 Preview   PDF (243 K) | Related Articles
Effects of digestible undegradable protein (DUP) supply and fish oil supplementation of ewes during late pregnancy on colostrum production and lamb output
Pages 270-288
R.W. Annett, A.F. Carson, L.E.R. Dawson
 Preview   PDF (278 K) | Related Articles
Effects of different levels of an enzyme mixture on in vitro gas production parameters of contrasting forages
Pages 289-301
G. Jalilvand, N.E. Odongo, S. López, A. Naserian, R. Valizadeh, F. Eftekhar Shahrodi, E. Kebreab, J. France
 Preview   PDF (152 K) | Related Articles
Effect of varying dietary energy and protein on broiler performance in hot climate
Pages 302-312
Q.U. Zaman, T. Mushtaq, H. Nawaz, M.A. Mirza, S. Mahmood, T. Ahmad, M.E. Babar, M.M.H. Mushtaq
 Preview   PDF (150 K) | Related Articles
Vitamin C and β-carotene in diets for pigs at weaning
Pages 313-326
D.M. Fernández-Dueñas, G. Mariscal, E. Ramírez, J.A. Cuarón
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Short communications
Effects of ensiling, air-drying and addition of polyethylene glycol on in vitro gas production of pistachio by-products
Pages 327-336
E. Bagheripour, Y. Rouzbehan, D. Alipour
 Preview   PDF (129 K) | Related Articles
Effect of diet composition on digestion and rumen fermentation parameters in sheep and cashmere goats
Pages 337-344
Dabiao Li, Xianzhi Hou, Yuanyuan Liu, Yanling Liu
 Preview   PDF (103 K) | Related Articles
Nutritional evaluation of four co-product feedstuffs from the motor fuel ethanol distillation industry in the Midwestern USA
Pages 345-352
P.H. Robinson, K. Karges, M.L. Gibson
 Preview   PDF (105 K) | Related Articles
Availability of phytate phosphorus and endogenous phytase activity in the digestive tract of laying hens 20 and 47 weeks old
Pages 353-359
M. Marounek, M. Skřivan, G. Dlouhá, N. Břeňová
 Preview   PDF (110 K) | Related Articles
Book review
R. Gupta, Editor, Veterinary Toxicology—Basic and Clinical Principles, Academic Press (March 2007) 1224 pp., Hardbound, Price: US$ 99.95, €91.95, £62.99, ISBN-13: 978-0-12-370467-2, ISBN-10: 0-12-370467-7.
Pages 360-361
Sven Dänicke
 Preview   PDF (64 K) | Related Articles
Andrieu Sylvie, Editor, Gaining the Edge in Ruminant Production—Nutritional Strategies for Optimal Productivity and Efficiency, Wageningen Academic Publishers, The Netherlands (2007) ISBN 978-90-8686-044-9 121 pp., Softcover, Price: €50.00, US$ 67.00.
Pages 362-363
Gerhard Flachowsky
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