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Who wants to kill Jessie?

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Who wants to kill Jessie?

Czechoslovakia 1966, Black&White, 80 min   Director: Václav Vorlíček

Comedy | Sci-Fi  | Comics

Cast: Dana Medřická, Jiří Sovák, Olga Schoberová

“What if someone had an absurd dream and the visions ran out in the street?” a scientist asks Rose, a researcher who discovers a way to engender beneficial dreams (to produce contented, productive workers). There's a problem: after an injection of her elixir, dream elements become real. Rose learns this after dosing her husband Henry to stop his dreaming about Jessie, a curvaceous comic-book heroine who has anti-gravitational gloves he needs to study so he can solve a problem at the factory where he's chief engineer: Henry wakes up with Jessie asleep next to him pursued by a cowboy and a super hero. Jealousy consumes Rose. All this plus satire aimed at the Czechoslovak state.

Friday April 11, 2014
Love me or leave me

Slovakia 2012, Colour, 95 min

Director: Mariana Čengel Solčanská

Social drama

Cast: Marko Igonda (Shooting star 2008), Éva Bandor, Diana Pavlačková
Sixteen-year old Mira cannot forgive her mother that after her father´s death she got mar­ried again and found happiness alongside a new husband and a child. Left-out daughter will revenge for mother´s lack of interest by her escapes from home, provocative behavior and smoking marijuana. However, her biggest trump will be to take over the mother´s husband. Mira, in her attempts for incestuous relationship with her stepfather, is plunging into a self-destructing gamble and does not realize that her desperate effort is in fact a call for mother´s love. Chamber drama takes place in a linguistically mixed area of the Southern Slovakia during an autumn weekend, on the background of fading colours, chrysanthemums and burning candles, in an impressive visual processing.
Wednesday April 23, 2014


Czech Republic 2002, Colour, 101 min  

Directors: Vlasta Pospíšilová – Aurel Klimt

Puppet Film (for Adults)

Narration: Jan Werich

“Fairy-tales are like a chain .., they go round the world and connect people from everywhere.” The film is based on the book “Fimfárum” by Jan Werich. A series of five fairy-tales, short witty moralities on human vices. Narrated by Jan Werich.

Saturday May 3, 2014

She Kept Crying for the Moon

Czechoslovakia 1982, Colour, 78 min

Director: Štefan Uher


Cast: Emília Zimková, Veronika Jeníková, Peter Staník

Set in eastern Slovakia, Johanka lives in a small house with her strange brother and works at the local cooperative farm. When a well-digger discovers water in their garden (a hope Johanka had given up on), her joy turns to passion for the well-digger, who leaves her pregnant. Alone, she gives birth to a daughter named Pavlínka.

Dealing with the prejudices a single mother in a small village faces, Johanka strives to provide for her daughter while teaching her to avoid the mistake she made. The tragicomedy captures the mentality and uniqueness of eastern Slovakia, which has a different way of life and dialect. Directed by Štefan Uher, the film was a huge success in the former Czechoslovak state.

Wednesday May 7, 2014

CHEAPART.HALANDRI – 13, Stratarchou Papagou Str. – Halandri – Athens

Screenings begin at 20:00

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