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What is an imei number?

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What is an IMEI number?
This is the 15 digit identification number specific to your handset. Every mobile phone has a different unique IMEI number. By pressing *#06# on the phone's keypad will display the IMEI number or alternatively take a look behind the battery compartment where the IMEI number printed.

What is a Pre-defined number and is it possible to change the number?
The pre-defined number must be a mobile number where all the information from the target phone is forwarded to. Our software allows you to change the predefined number remotely at any time without any indication to the target phone.

How do I find out my Firmware Version?
Press *#0000# on your phone's keypad to find out your firmware version. This is only a requirement we would need for technical issues.

When the spy mode is in operation, what are the coverage area/range restrictions?
The coverage area will be the same as any other standard GSM mobile phone, it depends on the coverage provided by the network provider. As for the range while using the spy mode - you can call it from anywhere in the world.

When in spy mode, how sensitive is the microphone and how far from the phone can I hear?
The microphone is that used to make a normal conversation located in the mouth piece of the phone. Though the microphone is very sensitive there is no way to know how far can you hear, the general rule is that you can hear the same as if someone 'forgot' to press the END button on the keypad.

Can I call from the spy phone to any other cell phone and listen to anyone's conversation?
No, if this is your understanding we suggest that you read our spy software description again. This is technically impossible.

Can the target phone be used for everyday use as a normal mobile phone?
Yes absolutely! Our software operates in its own environment and does not conflict in any way with the normal workings of the phone. You can make and receive calls and texts as normal, it will ring normally and perform according to the original manufacturer specifications. There is no way to tell by holding or using the spyphone that it is packed with 'Extra' superb features.

What happens if somebody else calls the target phone whilst I am listening in?
The intelligent Call Breakthrough feature will automatically disconnect the spy call whenever the target phone makes or receives a normal call. There will be absolutely NO logging of the pre-defined number.

How long can I monitor the target phone?
This is only limited by the phone's battery life or credit on your phone. Whilst monitoring it is considered 'Talk Time' so please be aware the call is effectively connected. We recommend using the ‘’Mute’’ option on the pre-defined phone. It is also advisable to deactivate “Call Summary” on the phone menu->tools->settings->call->summary after call OFF.

Can I install the software on other phones?
No. We generate the software file based on the unique IMEI (serial) number of your cell phone, therefore, the software will not work on other mobile phones.

I'm concerned about my partner, they are so secretive with their mobile phone.. is there something going on?
This is one of the many uses our software can find out for you. Why not give them one of our spyphones with any of our special features installed as a gift for their birthday or a special occasion. Whatever they are keeping from will know about.

Can I turn on and off the features without touching the phone?
Yes. Once the software has been initially installed on the handset the remote control tool allows you to change/ activate/ de-activate and uninstall the software from the target phone at any time without indication to the target phone.

Who pays for the forwarded texts?
The target phone SIM card will be charged by the network provider for any forwarded texts sent to the pre-defined number. If the network offers free text bundles then no charge will apply.

Does the target phone need a working Internet (GPRS) connection?
Unlike our competitors, our spy phone software do not require any active Internet (GPRS) connection. You will not be paying high bills for the constant Internet usage. Moreover, your sensitive data will not be stored on 3rd party servers. By using our software, you can be sure that you are the only one who controls the target phone.

How do I transfer the file to the phone?
You can transfer the file by either Infa-red or by using the cable supplied with the handset. We recommend using Bluetooth as this is the quickest and easiest method which takes seconds. For support with installation simply call us anytime and we will guide you through it.

What if the phone is switched off when I send a command?
When the phone is switched back on, your command will then get through and perform your request without giving any indication to the target phone.

Does the software work on all networks?
Yes. Our software is compatible with all GSM networks and support all languages which means even if the SIM card is changed the features will operate the same.

Can your software work on prepaid cell phone?
Our spy software works with prepaid and contract SIMs.

I suspect that someone has installed a Spyphone software program on my GSM, how can I to be sure?
It's actually impossible to find out, or to be sure that someone has installed such software on your phone. Our software was also developed to be as covert as possible, in fact its impossible to detect by even the most techy engineers in electronic telecommunications.

What kind of information do you need from me?
Once your payment has cleared we will work on configuring the correct software based on the information you provide to us (target phone's IMEI and model). We can usually get you the file back within 2-3 hours!. Please double check all the information you send us as we cannot offer to re-configure the software again.

When I try to install the file my handset say’s there is a security error or it will not accept unsigned files?

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