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Vocabulary, Idioms, and Phrases Words for Production scenery

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J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter



Vocabulary, Idioms, and Phrases

Words for Production
1. scenery

[`sinJrI] n. [U] 風景

We climb to the mountaintop to admire the scenery.

2. wizard

[`wIzKd] n. [C] 巫師

Many tribes in South-East Asia still believe in the existence of wizards.

3. adventure

[Jd`vEntSK] n. [C] 冒險

Jessie had some exciting adventures in Egypt.

4. support

[sJ`port] v.t. 維持(家計)﹔支持

After the car accident, Monica lost her husband and had to support the whole family on her own.

5. broomstick

[`brum"stIk] n. [C] 長柄掃帚(通常由巫婆騎乘)

In children’s books, witches often fly on broomsticks in the sky.

6. cloak

[klok] n. [C] 斗篷

Jerry put on the cloak because it was raining.

7. giant

[`djZIJnt] n. [C] 巨人

Atlas is a famous giant in Greek myth.

8. hatch

[hAtS] v.t.; v.i. 孵

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

9. dragon

[`drAqJn] n. [C] 龍

Kevin has a plastic dragon on the top of his monitor.

10. destiny

[`dEstJnI] n. [C] 命運

It is Oedipus’destiny to kill his father and marry his mother.

11. survive

[sK`vZIv] v.t.; v.i. 存活 

Jason burst into tears when he heard his wife survive the car accident.

12. encounter

[In`kZUntK] n. [C] 遇見

My first encounter with death was in 1994 when my grandmother died.

13. wicked

[`wIkId] adj. 邪惡的

Everyone expects the wicked man to be killed at the end of the movie.

14. publish

[`pVblIS] v.t. 出版

The publishing house decides to publish a novel written by a high school student.

15. bestseller

["bEst`sElK] n. [C] 暢銷書(品)

Every book in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is a bestseller.

16. copy

[`kapI] n. [C] 一本﹔一份

William goes to a 7-Eleven to buy a copy of newspaper every morning.

17. series

[`siriz] n. [C] 叢書﹔系列

The company does a series on classical music throughout the ages.

18. character

[`kArIktK] n. [C] 角色

In the movie, Michael will play a character that is too jealous to see his mistakes.

19. inspire

[In`spZIr] v.t. 賦予…靈感

The falling apple inspired Newton to develop the Universal Law of Gravity.

20. childhood

[`tSZIld"hUd] n. [U] 童年時期

Jill has been writing poems since her childhood.

21. excite

[Ik`sZIt] v.t. 使人興奮﹔刺激

The professor’s lecture on Bach always excites every student.

Words for Recognition

  1. Manchester [`mAn"tSEstK] n. 曼徹斯特

2. London [`lVndJn] n. 倫敦

3. Joanne Kathleen Rowling

[djo`An `kAHlIn `rolIG] n. 瓊安‧凱思琳‧羅琳

4. Harry Potter [`hArI `pOtK] n. 哈利波特

5. owl [ZUl] n. [C] 貓頭鷹

6. quidditch [`kwI"dItS] n. 魁地奇

7. invisibility ["InvIzJ`bIlJtI] n. [U] 隱形﹔看不見

8. aerial [`ErIJl] adj. 空中的

9. Voldemort ["vOldJ`mOr] n. 佛地魔

10. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone [`hArI `pOtK And TJ fJ`lasJfKz ston] 《哈利波特--神祕的魔法石》


11. The Chamber of Secrets [TJ `tSembK Jv `sikrIts] 《消失的密室》


12. The Prisoner of Azkaban [TJ `prIzNK Jv `AzkJ"bAn] 《阿茲卡班的逃犯》(書名)

13. The Goblet of Fire

[TJ `qablIt Jv fZIr] 《火盃的考驗》


14. The Order of the Phoenix

[Ti `OrdK Jv TJ `finIks] 《鳳凰會的密


15. The Half-Blood Prince

[TJ `hAf"blVd prIns] 《混血王子的背叛》(書名)

Idioms and Phrases

1. run wild 不受限制;胡亂奔馳

The children did not listen to their mother and ran wild in the playground.

2. from that day on 從那天起

Jean received a letter with a beautiful stamp. From that day on, she became a stamp collector.

3. according to 根據

According to the TV news, Taiwan will be struck by a typhoon next week.

4. be good at 擅長

Jeffrey is good at geography; he knows every place on earth.

Grammar and Sentence Patterns

II. S, N, V....
(N S)

e.g. Harry Potter has to survive an encounter with Voldemort, the most wicked wizard.

II. S1 Aux. V, and so Aux.S2 .

e.g. Harry often breaks the school rules, and Rowling did, too.

=Harry often breaks the school rules, and so did


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