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Vauxhall motors bowling club bowl on the Summer – 1st August 2010 – 12. 00pm till 00pm Brick Lane, London, E1

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- Bowl on the Summer –
1st August 2010 – 12.00pm till 6.00pm

Brick Lane, London, E1
Dust off your flat cap, don your best white trousers or pleated skirt and slip on your slip-ons, because on 1st August for one day only Brick Lane in London will undergo a major transformation into a professional standard bowling green, courtesy of Vauxhall Motors.
After the hugely popular roller disco extravaganza that was Vauxhall Skate and the cool Vauxhall Ice Skate comes something a little different. Traditional bowls takes a trip - Mary Poppins meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and goes on a colourful, summery Sunday adventure complimented with top bands, dancing, lounging and stylish 4-wheeled art commissions - all inspired by the Vauxhall Motors Bowls Club of past decades.
We’ll have two very special masters of ceremony; comedian Matt Horne (who will be playing some lovely summer tunes) and t4 presenter Rick Edwards, who will be on site all day to eat ice cream, feel the grass between his toes, have a potter on the bowls lawn and possibly adjudicate any tricky games.
If you’re no expert DO NOT FEAR, some old pros will be on hand to show you the bowls ropes and help perfect your delivery with skill and finesse.
Want to be a member of our club? Join us for a laid back Sunday afternoon of draws and fades, cream teas, music by one of the UK's most exciting live bands and top celebrity DJ sets, all to be confirmed when the time is right. It’s not right now, but it will be soon.
So whether you fancy aiming your woods at our Jack, or simply hanging out with the band, apply for tickets now to make sure you don't miss out on the hottest (hopefully) and laziest event of the summer.
To apply for your exclusive FREE ticket visit or for more information visit; or follow us on Twitter @vauxhallbowling to keep up to date on fixtures and meet details.
Vauxhall Motors continue their long-standing relationship with up-and-coming design talents for their latest event. Having teamed up with British fashion designer Emma Bell, artistic talent Kate Moross and illustrator extraordinaire Si Scott for the last three successful events, Jamie Cullum has been added to the logo designer hall of fame. Well known for his bright and bold designs which incorporate layers of visual discovery with emerging hidden elements, Jamie has created the ultimate retro-inspired event crest for the Vauxhall Motors Bowling Club.
Additional Information:
Dress code: Please note, dress should be styled for comfort and action.

Remember: Vauxhall Motors Bowling Club is only as good as the members within it, so please play your part by making the club one of the best that there is and somewhere that other new recruits will wish to join.

About Vauxhall Motors:

Vauxhall Motors is a keen supporter of style and design initiatives in the UK, driving excitement in visual fields including the Vauxhall Fashion Scout, the Vauxhall Collective, and the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair.

Championing the arts is important to Vauxhall, and the Vauxhall Collective initiative sees the car company working with a Style Council of opinion formers identifying creatives to undertake commissions under a central theme. Vauxhall Fashion Scout encourages innovative and emerging British trained designers so as to allow the talent base of tomorrow to grow ‘en collective’ and express their creativity through a ready – to – wear venue without the cost concerns of a stand – alone show.

As one of the UKs leading car brands, the latest addition to the range is the stylish New Astra and the New Meriva with its unique-in-class FlexDoors.

Press Contacts:

Wendy Towler 01582 42 6603

Stephanie Lucas 01582 42 7108

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