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Урок экскурсия по теме «The Tretyakov Gallery»

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Урок – экскурсия по теме «The Tretyakov Gallery» в 9 классе.
Предварительная работа: ознакомление с темой «Третьяковская галерея», с жизнью и творчеством русских художников; обсуждение тем в диалогах; изучение лексики и выражений, необходимых для описания картины и высказывания своего отношения к ней.

Ситуация: несколько английских школьников находятся в гостях у наших девяти-

классников на уроке. Они приглашены на заочную экскурсию по Третьяковской галерее.

Задача урока: проверить уровень сформированности навыков и умений в монологичес-кой и диалогической речи по изученной теме, а также навыки и умения в чтении с извлечением необходимой информации.

Оборудование: слайды, репродукции картин, тексты для чтения, раздаточный материал.
План урока
1. Объявление целей и задач урока.

Some English students are at our lesson today. They would like to know about one of the greatest museums in the world «The Tretyakov Gallery».So we invite them to the Tretyakov Gallery.

2. Фон.зарядка. Let s remember words and word combinations to this topic.
The founder of the gallery landscape

To be situated to donate

To be named after a favourite artist

To collect paintings to be connected with

To be devoted to a talented painter
3. Речевая зарядка. Make up the sentences with these word combinations.
4. Вводное слово ученика-гида о Третьяковской галерее:
« Moscow is the largest cultural centre of Russia. There are more than 80 museums in Moscow. One of the largest museums is the State Tretyakov Gallery. Founded as a private collection in 1856 by Pavel Tretyakov, a patron of the arts, it was donated to the city of Moscow in 1892.

The Gallery contains more than 55 thousand works today, including the rich collection of ancient Russian icons of the 12th – 17th centuries, paintings and sculptures from the 18th to 20th centuries.

3. Ребята задают вопросы гиду о Третьяковской галерее, включая ту информацию

которая не прозвучала в рассказе гида, в режиме: G (guide) – P (pupils).

P: When was Pavel Tretyakov born?
G: Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov was born in 1832.
P: Was he a rich man?
G : Yes, he was a sugar manufacture.
P: Why did he begin to collect Russian paintings?
G: He wanted to help poor Russian painters, to support them and to bring art close to the people.
P: What were the first paintings?
G: Tretyakov began his collection with thе works of the « Peredvizhniki» , so the gallery has an excellent collection of the best works by Shishkin, Surikov, Vasnetsov and Kramskoy.
P: Shishkin s landscapes are known all over the world. Do you admire his canvases?
G: Sure. In his best canvases he showed the power and beauty of nature. Shishkin s most important canvases are « Rye”, «Morning in the Pine Wood», «The Oaks”and others.
P Are any of Repin s works kept in the gallery?
G Yes, of course. Repin is a great master whose canvases reflect the history of Russia and the life of its people. For example, everybody knows his picture « Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan».
4. Работа с текстами.

Now, students, look at the blackboard. There three texts with some facts of the painters lives. Read the text and try to guess which painter is meant, then add a few more sentences.

1. He is one of Russia s outstanding landscape painters. He was born in 1832, in Yelabuga, a small town on the banks of the Kama River.
2. He was a talented artist, an outstanding art critic and public figure. He was born in 1837, in Ostrogorsk, Voronezh Gubernia.
3. He is one of the best – known Russian painters. He was one of the famous Peredvizhniki . He was born in the small town of Chuguev in 1844.
Учащиеся выполняют задание.
P1 I think that the first sentences are about Shishkin. In his best canvases he showed the power and beauty of nature. Shishkin s most important canvases are « Rye”, «Morning in the Pine Wood», «The Oaks”and others.
T Good! Who will tell us something about the second painter?
P2 It seems to me that the second painter is Ivan Kramskoy. He was the leader of the «Peredvizhniki” group. Kramskoy has left us many great paintings. Canvases such as «The Stranger» , «Moonlight Night» , « Christ in the Wilderness” are among the treasures of Russian culture.

T Well done. Who will talk about the third painter?

P3 In my opinion, it is Ilya Repin. His first large canvas was «Volga barge Haulers”. He also рainted «Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan”, « Unexpected arrival» and others.

T You are right. Thanks.

5. Беседа о творчестве чувашских художников в режиме G – P ( Guide – Pupils).

There are a lot of famous painters in our republic. For example, Kokel A.A., Nemtsev V.L., Spiridonov G.S., Ovchinnikov N.V., Yuryev E.M. and others.

Ученики рассказывают о творчестве Н.В. Овчинникова и Э.М. Юрьева.

6. Гости из Великобритании благодарят российских школьников за экскурсию в Третьяковскую галерею.

P Thank you very much. We have learnt a lot about the Tretyakov Gallery. It s worth visiting. We would like to visit it when we are in Moscow.

7. Российские и британские школьники обсуждают значение роли искусства в жизни людей. Работа в режиме P1 – P2, P3 – P4.

Question: What is the role of art in our life?

-to reflect life;

-to reflect people s ideas and emotions;

-to help to understand life better;

-to teach us to love our Motherland;

-to understand our past;

-to teach us to keep the environment clean;

-to evoke the feeling of joy, happiness;

-to learn a lot by seeing the world through other people s eyes.
8. Подведение итогов урока.

9. Д/з: написать сочинение о роли искусства в жизни людей.

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