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Unit 3 The Story of Helen Keller I. Goals

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Unit 3 The Story of Helen Keller

I. Goals

  1. Learn and talk about the story of Helen Keller

  2. Understand and retell the text

  3. Learn something from Helen’s experience

II. Getting Ready

  1. Understand the pictures (take out a 2-yuan and 10-yuan note and let the students understand Braille alphabet)

  1. Enjoy the exercises. (Read the Braille alphabet and do the exercises to arouse the students’ interest to the text. Answers: 1. How are you? 2. Helen Keller)

  1. Check your knowledge (look at the picture in the text, it shows Helen Keller reading a Braille book with her right hand)

Do you know Helen Keller and her story?

(let the students say something about Helen Keller and give a brief introduction to the text.)

III. Reading

(I) Fast reading True or false questions

1. Helen likes a ship in a heavy fog.( )

2. Miss Sullivan spelled “d-o-l-l”into Helen’s hand and she suddenly understood.( )

3. At first, Helen just imitated the spelling of words without understanding them .( )

4. When water flowed over one of Helen’s hand, Miss Sullivan spelled the word “w-a-t-e-r”into the other hand.( )

5. Helen began to know that everything had a name.( )

(II) Intensive reading Choose the best answer

  1. The reason why Miss Sullivan gave Helen a doll is that _____.

A. she wanted to please Helen B. she gave it as a present

C. she wanted to spell the word “d-o-l-l”into Helen’s hand

D. she just wanted Helen to play with it

  1. When did Helen understand that everything had a name?

    1. After Miss Sullivan spelled the word “w-a-t-e-r”into her hand.

    2. After she learned to spell a great many words.

    3. Before Miss Sullivan spelled the word “d-o-l-l”into her hand.

    4. The text doesn’t mention it.

  2. From which day did Helen long for a new day to come?

    1. From the day on which Miss Sullivan came.

    2. From the day when Miss Sullivan gave her a doll.

    3. From the day when she understood that everything had a name and each name gave birth to a new thought.

    4. From the day when she began to learn to spell words.

  3. According to the text, which of the following about Miss Sullivan is NOT right?

    1. She was warm-hearted and friendly.

    2. She didn’t want to be a teacher before she met Helen.

    3. She had a special way to teach the deaf and blind child.

    4. She was a patient (耐心的) and excellent teacher.

(III) Answer the following questions: (master the text in detail)

    1. Before her teacher came, what was Helen’s life like?

    1. After she was interested in the finger play, what did Helen do?

    1. How did Helen describe (表述)“water” for the first time?

    1. Later, why did Helen think every object she touched seemed to be with life?

    1. Two different days can be regarded as “the most important day ”in the text, what are they?

IV. Exercise Fill in the blanks with words from the text. (master the main events of the text)

Helen’s life

Before Anne Mansfield Sullivan Came

After Anne Mansfield Sullivan Came

V. Retelling ( Practice the students’ oral English and the skill to master the general idea of the text)

Part I: like a ship no way of harbor important teacher light of love shone

Part II spelled word at once interested finger play imitate not know spelling simply following

Part III: one day well house water flowed spell the word the mystery revealed

Part IV: left eager everything name gave birth to

Part V: many new words for the first time…longed for

VI: summary (encourage students to learn from Helen Keller, and try to study hard)

What can we learn from Helen Keller?

VII. Assignments

  1. Retell the text.

  2. Preview the language points in the text.

The Story of Helen Keller



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