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Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk

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Ul. Kommunarovskaya, 5 - 242 
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk 
Tel:             +38 (093) 618 04 95


OBJECTIVE Translator\interpreter, salary from 3000 hrn., part-time or a flexible time-table position

I would apply my educational and work experience as a translator and interpreter from English and German fort he benefit of your company. Moreover I would use my consequent Interpretation skills (per telephone), Secretary work experience and my computer skills and get new the new one in these fields. Mostly I would appreciate to take part in the Firm Conference or other event where interpreter is needed; would also like to have business trips abroad or in the country as an interpreter but not very often.


Date of birth: 26 August 1984

Marital status: not married


2001- 2006: Dnepropetrovsk University of economics and law

Translator\interpreter from English and German, Dnepropetrovsk


August 2007- June 2008: au-pair in Germany

Dec 2005 – August 2007: Translator\interpreter by Vladislav (Automobile Spare parts Dealer), Dnepropetrovsk
- translation: business correspondence, fax messages, customs documents, catalogs, automobile

spare parts journals and instructions

- business telephone talks with partners from Germany, Italy, Great Britain and France.
2004: Secretary by Lingva, Dnepropetrovsk



English – Advanced Level

2003 - English language for Businessmen at the Distance Learning School

German – Intermediate Level

2008 – The Public School Certificate: German - Advanced, the Public school, Wangen in Allgau, Germany

2005 - Interuniversity Student Conference. The language is German

Computer skills:

Experienced with MS Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, Skype, Internet Search:Yandex, Google

Driving Licence:

Driving Licence Category B 

Qualified and highly-professional; highly-motivated; enthusiastic; good communication skills; eager to experience and learn new skills.

Countries visited: Bulgarium, Turkey – vacation, Germany – au-pair

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