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Towing Companies with impound yards around Fairbanks

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Towing Companies with impound yards around Fairbanks

Sometimes, you may given the wrong information about who impounded your vehicle. This can happen for several reasons, but if your vehicle is not where you expect it to be, another tower on this list may have your vehicle.
When you call, explain to the person on the phone that you are looking for your vehicle, and tell them where it was impounded. Give them the year, make, model, and color of your car. Often, small owner/operators are in their tow trucks, and cannot identify your vehicle by license plate number or police impound # while they are on the road.
Nearly all towers can tell you whether or not they towed a vehicle matching your description, though, and if they have it in their impound yard, even if they don’t have the paperwork for your vehicle in their hands.

Alaska Highway Services – 474-0170

A & C Towing—699-1032

Arctic Thunder Towing & Recovery—451-8700
Badger Towing— 457-4357
Borealis Towing—451-8697
Dirty Deeds Towing—978-7420
Lloyd & Sons Fairbanks I-Tow—479-0076
Gabe’s Towing—456-6767
Interior Towing & Salvage—479-4266
S & S Towing—322-6274

*Phone numbers current as of 1/1/2010

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