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Tourismusverband Paznaun - Ischgl

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A-6561 Ischgl


Bohlen gets cold feet

At the snow sculpture festival "Shapes in White", international artists sculpted the theme of "Casting Show" in snow on the slopes of Ischgl. The new DSDS (Germany Seeks the Superstar) jury personally rated the art works.
Powdering, downhill turns and selfies with icecold Bohlen: In Ischgl, winter sports fans can admire the originators of music contests in Dieter Bohlen, Simon Cowell and Co. as larger than life-sized snow figures right in the centre of the slopes. At the 22nd snow sculpture festival "Shapes in White", ten international artists sculpted the theme of "Casting Show" in snow from 12 to 16 January. They created artworks up to seven meters high from more than 500 tonnes of snow. Not even the celebs of the showbiz scene want to miss out on such a sight. The sculptures were rated by noone less than the DSDS jury in person: Mandy Capristo, DJ Antoine and Heino, together with ten judges from Ischgl, elected Flavio Prinoth and Günther Runggaldier from South Tyrol with their faithful reproduction of Mark Medlock (winner of DSDS 2007) as winners. DJ Antoine was impressed with the participants' feats: "Unbelieveable what the snow artists have created here in just one week. Having had the chance to view sculptures on skis today, the decision was not an easy one at the end of the day. But the winning team deserved their victory". Second place went to the sculpture "Sieg?" (Victory?) by last year's winners Ivo Piazza and Reiner Kasslatter, also from South Tyrol. Third place was taken by Lorenz Demetz and Thomas Mussner from South Tyrol with their snow-white interpretation of "Dieter Bohlen – the King of Casting", thus completing a winners' podium made up solely of South Tyroleans. But the real winners of this competition were the guests to the Silvretta Skiarena Ischgl, having been awarded a truly unique outdoor gallery to be admired in the heart of the ski area until the snowmelt in May.
DSDS (Germany Seeks the Superstar) jury rates sculptors in Ischgl

The team from DSDS had really planned to come to Ischgl to record their TV show in April. But now they surprised winter sports fans already in January for the snow sculpture contest "Shapes in White". Together with judges from Ischgl, the rated the works of the artists and with that already got a taste of what it's like being a jury in the alpine lifestyle metropolis. Because on 11 April 2015, they will be judging the top ten of the current DSDS-season during a great open-air show on the Idalp stage in Ischgl. What that looks like is illustrated by the leading sculpture of the competition. Not competing, last year's winners Ivo Piazza and Reiner Kasslatter created an icecold portrayal of the jury: Dieter Bohlen, Mandy Capristo, Heino and DJ Antoine made from snow. What the four musicians look like as larger than life-sized snow figures can be witnessed in person by all skiers until the beginning of May.

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