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Title: The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook Year Published

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English 12 PowerPoint


Story Map

Title: The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook

Year Published: 2009

Author: Ben Mezrich

Setting: Facebook was founded in California, but originally started at Harvard University. The creators of Facebook attended Harvard, Mark Zuckerburg and Eduardo Saverin. They had an idea and they made it come to life. Early in their college years, everything spun around and everyone knew who they were. Then Mark was soon to be off to California to make a deal for Facebook. Today Facebook is the most popular social networking.


Mark Zuckerburg

  • Age: 26, Born May 14th 1984

  • Curly short hair, tall, thin, hazel eyes, smart.

  • Main character, the creator of Facebook. He is best friend’s with Eduardo Saverin, another partner of Facebook.

Eduardo Saverin

  • Age: 26 (couldn’t find the date), Born in: Sao Paulo,Brazil.

  • Dark skin, dark hair and eyes, tall, thin, smart.

  • The second most important character, friend of Mark’s who ends up in a feud with him.

Cameron Winklevoss

  • Age: 29, Born August 21st 1981

  • Tall, rows at Harvard, intimidating, smart, blonde short hair.

Tyler Winklevoss

  • Age: 29, Born August 21st 1981

  • Tall, also rows at Harvard, smart blonde short hair.

  • Cameron’s twin brother. They paid Mark to make codes for them to make a dating website. The sued Mark because they claim that he stole their idea of a social network site.

Sean Parker

  • Born in 1979

  • Short, curly light brown hair, glassed.

  • He does all the public relations for Mark, and convinces Mark to move to California cause that’s where dreams come true.

Plot Summary: Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook, may be living the life that everyone dreams. Money, car’s, anything he has ever dreamt of, but he never wanted his friends to hate him. You will discover the challenges that Mark has been through.

Only twenty-six years old, has been through more experience’s than most people will go through in a life time. From finding a social network that over 600 billion people use on a daily basis, to being kicked out of a Ivey league college. He has changed the internet into something more than just a search bar. He made a person reconnect with one another and that, is history.

Solution: Mark ends up making new friends and settles the law suits between Eduardo and the Winklevoss twins. He learned not to lie and not to use his friends just to become successful.


  • p. 126

  • Sean Parker

  • Drop the "The." Just "Facebook." It's cleaner

  • Sean Parker was going to put Facebook out there. He was doing the public relations for Mark. When they met up the first to time to talk about joining a partnership together, the last thing Sean said was to drop “the” and make it just Facebook. I think this is interesting because Mark originally called it The Facebook, and to just meet someone and to have them have that much of an influence on you.

Recommendation: I would give this book five stars. I love it, and its interesting to see what these people go throw who make things on the internet.

Movie Differences: The movie says that Mark has a girlfriend, and that she was the main reason he created the site Facemash. In the book, there was never a girlfriend or any specific reason he made the site. He was bored in his dorm room and drunk.

There are not any details about the actual history of Mark or any of the characters in the movie.

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