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Title: psy a: Chan Shuk Wa B: Ho Wing Kei C: Wong Yuen Lee

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F. D. B. W. A. Szeto Ho Secondary School

22nd November, 2012

Morning Assembly by F.6C

Title: PSY

A: Chan Shuk Wa B: Ho Wing Kei C: Wong Yuen Lee
A: Hey, what are you watching here? The dancing steps of this man look so funny and freaky (古怪).

B. Don’t you know about it? Well……we are just watching a music video of a pop song called ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY. It’s really a big hit. So I’m very stuck on it.

C. Hey there! Good morning, are you talking about PSY? I know that he is a South Korean. PSY is his nickname which comes from the word ‘psycho’ (與精神、心理分析有關的). This song and his horse-riding dance are so appealing to Koreans and people around the world.

B: His song is so popular that it hit No.2 on US Billboards. On Youtube, his video has had almost 540 millions views.

A: Really? This music video starts with PSY daydreaming in a beach chair at a children’s playground. He longs for a ‘radiant, electrifying girl’ (光芒四射、令人心動的女子) who is ‘tender and big-hearted’ (溫柔和有善的) by day, but turns wild and fiery by night.

C: You may not understand why it is so hot. Out of curiosity (好奇), I also searched the Internet to find out why it was a great hit. Some say his song is special. It’s comic, easy and exciting. It’s not pretentious(矯飾做作).

A: I totally agree with you. After hearing the song, I do think that people can sing along with the song easily, which means they are not repulsed (抗拒)by it.

B: His comic dance is also one reason for his global popularity. The 'Horse Dance' with 'Gangnam Style' is the latest fashion all around the world. Many people do spoofs of the horse dance. We can watch people from diverse (不同的) cultures dancing the horse dance on Youtube.

A : I saw on the news that even students in Cambridge University are mimicking (模仿) the dance. Added to this, PSY was also invited to give a speech at the Oxford Union to discuss the inspiration behind "Gangnam Style" and his next album.

C: I saw that too. According to the news report, he told the audience that because of the success of "Gangnam Style", he is now living in both a dream and a nightmare at the same time. He added that it will be difficult for his next song to surpass (超越) the success of "Gangnam Style".

B : To quote Andy Warhol, everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. PSY called himself a clown as he rose to fame due to the success of entertaining people.

C: We should be more hard-working and optimistic then! We might become successful one day. Who knows?

B: Let’s concentrate on our studies and work harder!

Useful Vocabulary or phrases


1. a big hit (受歡迎)

‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY is a big hit.

2. do spoofs of (滑稽地模仿)

Many people do spoofs of the horse dance.

3. Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. (每人總有成功的時候)

Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. We

might be successful one day.

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