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Through My Eyes Character List

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Through My Eyes
Character List

Main Character: Erika

Erika’s Boyfriend: Jacob

Erica’s Best Friend: Jessica

Jessica’s Boyfriend: Josh

Jacob: Hey baby, are you going to da party tonight wit me?
Erika: Umm, I don’t know. I have a lot of homework to do and…

(Jacob grabs Erika’s arm and yanks her towards him)
Jacob: So you are saying your homework is more important than me?
Erika: I’m sorry. Um, yeah, I will be at the party, what time are you going to pick me up?
Jacob: I will pick you up when I feel like it, just be ready after 6, and you better dress nice!!
Erika: Okay, I will. I love you.
Jacob: I love you too.

(They walk away in separate directions.)
PART II-The Party
Jessica: This party is hype!
Erika: Yeah, I know. Too bad I can’t really have that much fun.
Jessica: Why?
Erika: Because everywhere I go Jacob is watching me, and if I do anything wrong he will hit me.
Jessica: What? Are you serious? It’s time to call up my cousins, and you don’t play.
Erika: NOOO! Don’t do that. He is so sweet. He just does it when I make him mad.
Jessica: Pshh, my man would never lay a hand on me like that because he knows that I don’t play dat!
Erika: Well, yeah, but it is kinda strange-last Thursday I told him that I couldn’t go to the movies because I was going to have company over. He got mad but said it was okay.
Jessica: Ok, what’s weird about that?
Erika: Let me finish, I haven’t got to it yet!
Jessica: Ok, ok, ok go on then…
Erika: Ok, so when I walked Patrick, my guy friend, out to his car after his visit, I saw Jacob in his car down the street. When I saw him he jumped out the car and started going crazy!
Jessica: What did he do?
Erika: He charged at Patrick and tried to punch him, but Patrick drove away before he could do anything.
Jessica: So after he did that, did he do anything to you?
Erika: He, like, went crazy. There was a shovel in the garden and he tried to hit me with it but my brother and his friends jumped him.
Jessica: DANNNGGG. (laughs) That’s why your brother is my boy. He knows how to handle his stuff.
Erika: (laughs) Yeah, well, I love him and he loves me. He said that he was sorry and I forgave him.
Jessica: Why the… (starts to get angry)

(Yelling) Why would you forgive him for doing something like that to you? I know you are smarter than that. Oh my gosh-I wish Josh would hit me. He would be dead (laughs), but he knows better.
(Jacob comes over, grabs Erika and pulls her away from Jessica)
Jacob: I overheard you and Jessica talking. Are you telling her our business again?
Erika: I’m sorry. I just needed to talk to someone and she’s my best friend…
Jacob: (Grabbing Erika’s face) Our business is our business and nobody else’s, and you don’t have the right to talk to other people about our business. Next time you do it there will be consequences!

(Slaps Erika and she falls to ground)

(Jessica runs over to Erika and starts yelling at Jacob. Josh comes over to Jacob and pushes him.)
Josh: Man, you know better than to hit a girl!
Jacob: Stay out of this. It’s none of your business.
Josh: Now it is. If you ever talk to her again, I will hurt you.
Jacob: Whatever, it’s her choice not yours. Erika do you not want to see me again?
Erika: Umm, not it’s okay. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have said anything to Jessica.
Jessica: Erika, it is not your fault. Stop thinking like that.
Jacob: (Jacob grabs Erika by her shoulders and walks over to the bar and sits down, and orders two sprites) I know that sometimes I overreact but it just kills me when things between us are spread around to other people.
Erika: I know it was my mistake. As long as we’re together, I will be okay.
Jessica: (Pulls Erika aside) You’re losing it. Why are you forgiving him?
Jacob: (Drops a pill into Erika’s drink)
Erika: Because I know that he has a bad temper and I know that it was my fault for telling you that stuff. And it is just-I love him so much that I can’t stay mad at him. Listen, I need to talk to Jacob so please as a friend just understand.
Erika: (Walks back to Jacob) Jacob, I’m sorry. I will never do it again. (Hugs Jacob)
Bartender: (Jessica watches in disbelief while the bartender whispers to her) Is that your friend?
Jessica: Yes, why?
Bartender: Just asking.

Jessica: No, tell me why you want to know if that is my friend or not.
Bartender: Well that guy that she is hugging put something into her drink.
Jessica: Are you kidding me?
Bartender: Nope, I’m not.
Jessica: Oh my gosh! (Runs out the door to catch up to her boyfriend)
Jacob: Let’s have a toast to love!
Erika: To love. (They both take a sip of their drinks) This sprite tastes different.
Jacob: Yeah, but let’s just finish them so we can get out of here. (They finish their drinks.)
Erika: I feel strange.
Jacob: Are you okay?
Erika: I feel dizzy and like I’m just about to go to sleep or something.
Jacob: My house is closer than yours. Let’s go there so you can rest.
Erika: Okay. Thank you.
Jacob: (Puts his arm around Erika and starts to walk her out of the bar.)
Josh: I don’t think so. She is not going anywhere. (Pushes Jacob and puts Erika in a chair.)
Jacob: What, why not? She is feeling sick and we are going…
Josh: No, I know what you did to her and I know that you drugged her.
Erika: What? How did he drug me?
Josh: He put a pill in your drink to make you pass out.
Jacob: I don’t know what you are talking about. I need to get her to my place so she can rest.
Jessica: I know that you put something in her drink because the bartender saw you do it and told me.

Jacob: Well the bartender must have been seeing things because I didn’t do anything!
Jessica: Well, let’s ask the bartender then. (Goes to counter and pull the bartender over to the action.)
Bartender: Did you guys want something?
Jessica: Tell them what you told me over at the bar about my friend.
Bartender: Oh….yeah, well that guy (pointing out Jacob) put something in your friends drink and it looked like a pill.
Jessica: Oh, now with a witness you can’t say nothing Jacob so just leave Erika alone.
Jacob: You know what… (Puts his finger in her face)
Josh: It is one thing when you hit Erika but it is another if you try to hit mine. Don’t you ever think about laying a hand on Jessica or hitting her, and if you hit Jessica or Erika again I will hunt you down and no boy will find you! You got me?
Jacob: Yeah, whatever… (Tries to pull Erika away from her friends but Jessica hangs on to her and pulls her back.) But Erika, you and me are going to need to talk okay?
Erika: (Unresponsive)
Jessica: (Concerned, tries to find Erika’s pulse.) Oh my gosh!!! She’s passed out. Call 911!! (starts to cry)
Josh: We need to get her to a hospital NOW!
Jacob: Okay, I will meet you guys there.
Josh: No, you have done enough damage! You stay away from me, Jessica, and Erika. It is your fault that she is almost dead. You probably put too much in her drink and poisoned her!
Jacob: I was just trying to…
Josh: No, just stop it Jacob! I’ve had enough of you! (Josh and Jessica carry Erika out)

Created 2007

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