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This man once murdered an owner of a shrimp stand named Frank and revealed that he watched nothing but

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TERP (Trash Everyone Really Prefers) 2010

Round 12: Brought to You by aw who cares it's the finals

Edited by Logan Anbinder, Paul Marchsteiner, Chris Ray, and Jeff Amoros with assistance from Jeremy Eaton, Margo Kirzner, Jack Kennedy, Monica Remmers, Isaac Hirsch, Gary Weiser, Ozzie Fallick, SteveJon Guth and Shantanu Jha

1.This man once murdered an owner of a shrimp stand named Frank and revealed that he watched nothing but Little House on the Prarie while sick with the mumps. This character reveals the existence of his daughter with Cassidy to another love interest before jumping out of a fuel-less helicopter headed for the Kahana. A recurring event focusing on this character has him state "You weren't exactly supposed to see that" after revealing a (*)briefcase full of money. This character vigorously strangles an apparition of Anthony Cooper, the man who is responsible for his parents' deaths when he was eight -- an event which led him to write a letter to a man from which he took his current alias. He becomes romantically involved with Juliet Burke while working under the alias "LaFleur" for the Dharma Initiative. FTP, identify this nickname-bestowing survivor of the Oceanic plane crash, a smooth-talking Alabaman con-artist on Lost.

ANSWER: James "Sawyer" Ford [accept any of the three]
2. One team with this name is coached by Scott Sutton, and it was also the first school to hire Bill Self as a head coach. Another school with this name produced the Rudy Tomjanovich-hating  Kermit Washington, while yet another with this moniker reached the 1972 NCAA Final Four behind the play of George Gervin; that program would later produce Earl Boykins. In addition to Oral Roberts, American and Eastern Michigan, this animal serves as the mascot for the school that produced Matt Hasselbeck and Matthias Kiwanuka, whose NFL coach, Tom Coughlin, had previously served as head coach at that school, Boston College. Yet another school with this animal as part of its name name won the 1977 NCAA men's basketball title under Al McGuire and has produced Maurice Lucas, Doc Rivers and the Tom Crean-coached Steve Novak, Travis Diener and Dwayne Wade. The name of the sports teams at Marquette, for ten points, name this bird that also names the former team of Vince Papale and Donovan McNabb.

ANSWER: Eagles

3. At one point in this music video, the male protagonist is surrounded by four creatures performing ballet leaps while wearing clothing made from nets and later in the video, a man whose chest is painted like a referee's uniform judges an interpretive wrestling match between the protagonist and the singer. One verse in this song mentions "eyes that touch me physically" and also asks to "stay with passion takes another bite". On an episode of Family Guy(*), this song is present in the background during Stewie's iPod commercial. The song begins claiming that "you run, run, run away" and the singer, Patty Smyth, says she "doesn't want to tame your animal style" shortly before the chorus. "Shooting at the walls of heartbreak, bang bang", FTP, this is what 1984 single from Scandal in which the singer claims that she is the titular fighter.

ANSWER: “The Warrior

4. In an alternate timeline, this man kills Nadia, who had just assasinated Stalin in Buckingham Palace.  This man says "a new age is upon us" moments before launching a chemical missile that turns the Earth green, though in another instance he captures Umagon to "enhance" her.  Though he was apparently killed in (*) Sarajevo, this man returns to oversee the execution of Hassan, and it is implied he might really be CABAL.  After discovering an unauthorized move against the United States military, this man kills his lieutenant Seth, but in a more recent appearance he deliberately let an ion cannon detonate his tiberium bomb to attract the Scrin to Earth.  For 10 points, name this messianic leader of the Brotherhood of Nod from the Command & Conquer series.


5. One character in this movie who is often seen throwing wadded paper balls into a fan at one point impersonates James Cagney. An advertising agent in this film is seen sketching ideas for Rice Pops cereal and yet another character relates attempting to "make a man" out of his son only to end up being punched in the jaw. At the end of this film, two characters reveal their names to be McCardle and(*) Davis while another character was earlier given the nickname "Baltimore" due to his being a massive Orioles fan. Notable discussions in this movie include whether an old man can accurately count out fifteen seconds or whether screams could be heard over the din of an El-train by the lady across the street.  Taking place almost entirely in a single room, FTP, identify this 1957 Sidney Lumet directed film in which a lone dissenter played by Henry Fonda wins over a hung jury to unanimity.

ANSWER: Twelve Angry Men

6. A spin-off starring an older, teenage version of this character in which her former love interest had moved to San Lorenzo was planned in 2000 but was rejected by MTV for being to similar in premise to Daria. This character once purposely lost a spelling bee by adding an 'x' into the world 'qualm' and in another episode she believes she is going to die from Monkeynucleosis after seeing an organ grinder's performance. In later seasons, this character became rivals with a red-headed farm girl who overuses the phrase(*) "ever so much," and throughout the show's  run she is seen as neglected by her beeper emporium-owning father, Big Bob. A common action of this character has her punching a weezing Brainy in the face after she recites a love soliloquy to a boy whom she has constructed a shrine to in her closet. Perpetually living in the shadow of her older sister, Olga, FTP, identify this unibrowed student of P.S. 118 [one-eighteen] who worships her football-headed love on Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!

ANSWER: Helga Pataki

7. A 1974 album by this musical act contains four tracks titled Movements I through IV and have names such as "Maglomania", "South Mountain Shuffle" and the album's namesake, "Mirror Image". An early single from this band has the singer seeing the titular woman's face "in the city streets" and "in the country fields" while another single by this group mentions in the chorus "one child born in this world to carry on". In addition to "I Can't Quit Her" and (*)"And When I Die", another song by this group concludes with a flute playing "The More We Get Together" ad nauseum and begins with the lyrics "What goes up/must come down..." A 1969 single by this group is a cover of a Brenda Holloway song with a chorus that ends: "I'm so glad you came into my life". Originally consisting of such members as bassist Jim Fielder, guitarist Steve Katz and songwriter Al Kooper, FTP, identify this jazz-rock band known best known for their singles "Spinning Wheel" and "You've Made Me So Very Happy".

ANSWER: Blood, Sweat and Tears

8.A minor character in this work is ask to punctuate her statement of "No thank you! Ooblee-oo!" and at another point the protagonist asks his friend if the words he painted on a sign look like skywriting. Minor characters in this play include the friendly owner of a neighborhood candy store and a tomboy who wants be a telephone call girl; they are Doc and Anybodys, respectively. One song in this musical has the singer claiming that "Miss America should just resign" while another song sees the progression of visits to a judge, shrink and social worker after being accosted by the titular dim-witted cop. In addition to(*)"I Feel Pretty" and "Gee, Officer Krupke!", this musical boasts that "Life is alright...if you are white" in "America" and the male and female leads sing that "there will be no morning star" in "Tonight". Following the lovers Tony and Maria, FTP, identify this Leonard Bernstein-composed musical retelling of Romeo and Juliet which concerns the rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks.

ANSWER: West Side Story

9. After winning its only WAC championship, this school made its first elite eight appearance in 1976 coached by Fred Snowden. After a change in conference in 1978, the first of this team’s four final four appearances came in 1988, behind 1989 Wooden Award winner Sean Elliott, future major league baseball star Kenny Lofton, and Steve Kerr. Its most recent appearance was in 2001 with All-Americans Loren Woods and Michael Wright, losing in the final game to (*) Duke. The school’s first and only national championship came in 1997 with a victory over Kentucky, led by such players as Jason Terry and Mike Bibby. Other current NBA stars calling this school their alma mater include Luke Walton, Andre Igoudala and Gilbert Arenas, all of whom were coached by, Lute Olsen, the all-time wins leader, at, FTP, this Pac-10 university based in Tucson, nicknamed the Wildcats.

ANSWER: University of Arizona

10. One character in this movie laughs at his rival when he catches on fire while baking and in another scene a clown sings that he suffered a broken leg and head hemorrhage. The end of this film sees the lipstick-wearing madman, Danny Mcgrath shoot the villain in the buttocks and that antagonist is earlier attacked by an ex-wrestler known as "The Revolting Blob".  This movie's main character likes eating Snack Packs, has trouble writing cursive 'Z's and hangs out with his friends Jack and Frank who are played by (*)Mark Beltzmann and Norm MacDonald. The protagonist of this film befriends Ernie after standing up for him by feigning that he wet his pants. This film sees an entire family of redheads meet their demise when their car slips on a banana peel and also has an imaginary penguin fall in love with a bus driver played by Chris Farley. Featuring the third grade teacher, Veronica Vaughn, as a love interest, FTP, identify this 1995 movie which stars Adam Sandler trying to inherit his father's business by going back to school.

ANSWER: Billy Madison

11.Note: Team and Position Required

One man who primarily played this position for this team forced four turnovers during a Monday Night game against Houston despite registering a fever of 102 during the game; that player, Seth Joyner, also took part in both the “Bounty Bowl” and “Body Bag” games. The first one to make the Hall of Fame was also an All-Pro center and is often called “the last of the 60-minute men,” though is better known by a nickname derived from his off-season employment, “Concrete Charlie.” Chuck (*) Bednarik played this position for this team four decades before a player who was once ejected for brawling during pregame warmups, Jeremiah Trotter, who was deployed unusually close to the line of scrimmage by defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. In a 2010 game against the Packers, the current one fell down several times after suffering a concussion but was horrifyingly put back into the game by Andy Reid. Stewart Bradley normally starts at, FTP, what central defensive position for an NFL franchise based in the City of Brotherly Love?

ANSWER: (Middle) Linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles [obviously, you need Linebacker, but either city or team name will do for the second part)

12. One temporary employee of this location claims to have time-traveled back to the 1920s and later says that he is off to battle aliens on a faraway planet. A song concerning this place leads things to wrap up "much quicker than usual" but later a sad reprise of said song reveals that this location's owner lied through song.  It once housed items such as "The Offensive Baseball Cap", a "Haunted Cash Machine" and the frozen body of an old man dubbed(*) "Frostillicus". An organic garden found on this establishment's roof is often visited by the McCartneys and can be reached from a secret staircase behind the non-alcoholic beer. There is only a one-hundred dollar fine for shooting the owner of this place who fathered octuplets with his wife, Manjula. The home of "surprisingly expensive" penny candy and Squishees, FTP, name this popular convenience store owned by Apu on The Simpsons

ANSWER: Kwik-E-Mart

13.This artist sings that he "loves it when" and "she's sexy when she's" the titular adjective in his featured appearance on Birdman's track "Bossy." One song on this artist's namesake album says that "three drinks turned into dancing" and that song's chorus mentions "I'm smilin'/and I'm barely sober". A music video from this artist begins with the artist reversing time after his girlfriend is hit by a car and that song transcends lyrical mastery with the phrase "What if we could all say Dududodu?". In addition to "Love Hangover" and "What If", this artist's singles include a song  in which the singer puts on his(*) shades to cover up his eyes and another in which he states that "I'll be your teacher/I'll show you the ropes". His most notable single has the "roof cave in and the truth come out" after the singer is caught cheating on his girlfriend. With his first single notably sampling "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap, FTP, identify this singer and songwriter of such songs as "In My Head" and "Whatcha Say".

ANSWER: Jason Derulo

14. One announcement that this character was taking another to visit the former's family was met with the response, "well, stomp on frogs and shove a crowbar up my nose!" and that family of this character includes his brother Doc Boy. One relationship sustained by this man was with a fat woman named Bertha. Games played by this man include "fun with tape" and "guess the burp," and this man and his companion often frequent a diner run by the waitress Irma. This character's roommate was the mustachioed (*) Lyman, and he has recently developed a relationship with a woman named Liz Wilson. A re-imagining of the work with which this man is associated is designed to reveal his "existential angst," because this man appears to talk to himself once his strip's titular character has been removed. FTP, name this geeky owner of the lasagna-loving cat Garfield. 

ANSWER: Jon Arbuckle

15. A little girl in this film tells how a naked bathing woman once appeared to her father as a coon dog and another character relates how he had a dream in which a crow told him his "daddy's gonna die." Another scene in this movie has a man read his poem of twelve years' labor only to be lampooned because that poem had only three lines. The protagonist of this film is later roped into robbing a bank by the aforementioned poet only to learn that the bank was robbed earlier by Texas real estate speculators.  In lieu of pay, this film's protagonist works for monthly information about Sandra(*) Templeton which is given to him by his boss: a circus ringmaster and werewolf played by Danny Devito. In addition to befriending a giant named Karl and witnessing his own death in an old swamp witch's eye, the main character makes plentiful references to how he finally captured the titular figure using his wedding ring. Directed by Tim Burton, FTP, identify this 2004 film starring Ewan McGregor in which Ed Bloom discovers the truth behind his dying father's tall tales.

ANSWER: Big Fish

16. A 1981 animated spin-off of this show places the titular characters in army under the anthropomorphized pig general, Seargant Squealy. One episode of this sitcom features one of the protagonists convincing her friend to pretend that she is dying in order to make a move on Stan the mortician. Later seasons saw the introduction of the stuntman, Sunny St. Jacques who doubled as a landlord in the show's new setting of Burbank, California. One character in this sitcom commonly drinks a combination of milk and Pepsi and another character sleeps with the stuffed animal (*)Boo Boo Kitty near her bed. Supporting characters include a dancer who is cast in a Broadway production of Hair in the series finale and goes by the moniker "The Big Ragu" as well as the dimwitted neighbors, Lenny and Squiggy. With its theme song notably containing the phrase "Schlemiel, Schlmazel", FTP, identify this spin-off of Happy Days that features the two titular female Milwaukee brewery workers.

ANSWER: Laverne and Shirley

17. The winning team from this series was the first NL team since the 1981 Dodgers to win the World Series without having home field advantage. In the first game of this series, one player tied the postseason home run record shared by Mickey Mantle and Reggie Jackson; that player, Bernie Williams, broke the record two games later. The other team involved in this series began the year 16-22 before firing Jeff Torborg and replacing him with (*) Jack McKeon. McKeon made a key decision after Game 5 of this series, when he went to Josh Beckett on three days rest for Game 6. Beckett's squad made it to this series after the Curse of the Billy Goat may have played a role in Moises Alou failing to catch a foul ball when Steve Bartman interfered. Ending in the Marlins win their second World Series without winning a division title, FTP, name this World Series that was preceded by the Yankees winning the AL pennant on a dramatic home run by Aaron Boone.

ANSWER: 2003 World Series

18.After sipping from a goblet, this actress asks another character if they want to drink goat urine in her role as the Satanist Raven. This actress also voiced an Olivia Newton-John and heavy metal loving baby sitter of DJ Walters, Elizabeth. In addition to her roles in Cecil B. Demented and Monster House, she also plays a reporter who interviews the alcoholic, former country star, (*)"Bad" in Crazy Heart. She also portrayed a lover of Bill Dunbar and Jewish student at Wellesley under Katherine Anne Watson, Giselle Levy in Mona Lisa Smile. In another movie, this actress plays a Harvard law student turned baker who acts as the love interest of quasi-literary character, Harold Crick in Stranger Than Fiction. More recently, she acted in a role earlier played by Katie Holmes where she dies in an explosion incident that also disfigures the face of Harvey Dent. FTP, identify this actress who starred as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight and played the older sister of her real-life brother in Donnie Darko.

ANSWER: Maggie Gyllenhaal

19. A 2003 official remix of this song places this song's chorus over a cover of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and can be found on this song's act's "Best Of" album. Dance sequences in this music video for this song take place on a wet asphalt road with limousines parked in the background and the video also features a sunglasses and baseball jersey-wearing wooden puppet  playing the piano. A rapper in this song exclaims that she is wearing an "icy, gleaming diamond pinky ring" and an earlier rap verse in the song has the speaker claim that he is "givin' em eargasms with his mellow accent"; these raps are performed by (*)Queen Pen and Dr. Dre respectively. The third sung verse in this song states that "curves the word/spins the verbs" while the second includes the lyrics "She got tricks in the stash/stacking up the cash". With a chorus that begins "I like the way you work it", FTP, identify this song which has its title spoken before the phrase "no doubt", a 1996 R&B single from Blackstreet.

ANSWER: “No Diggity

20.A Canadian-only item from this company once existed in cherry-flavored fruit gels though those Glosettes were phased out for raisin and peanut-centered versions. A health-emphasized "Wellness" line of items from this company includes versions of its standard fare in Blueberries and Almonds and Macadamia varieties. This company marketed potato-chip shaped versions of its more well-known products in its 'Swoops' line and it also releases a sampler known as this company's (*) Pot of Gold. This company currently owns the US Division of Cadbury and it has sold both the Twerpz and Pull N' Peel varieties of its Twizzlers candy. Other items made by this company include York Peppermint Patties, the puffed rice filled Krackel as well as the many varieties of Reeses' Peanut Butter candies. Possessing a namesake theme park in Pennsylvania, FTP, identify this American candy manufacturer; best known for their foil-wrapped chocolate 'kisses'.

ANSWER: Hershey's Chocolate

21. One song by this band contains the lines, "Uh oh, I've touched your star," "Touch and Go." Todd Rundgren joined a "new" version of this band in 2005 after the death of Benjamin Orr. One more famous song by this band proclaims, "It's an orangey sky/ Always it's some other guy" and another song by this band notes, "She likes the nightlife, baby." In addition to "Bye Bye (*) Love" and "Let's Go," this band has a song claiming, "Life's the same, except for my shoes," and another says, "I don't mind you coming here, and wasting all my time." Other famous songs by this band have lines like, "And she used to be mine," "let the stories be told," and "who's gonna pick you up when you fall?" Performers of the songs "Moving in Stereo" and "Just What I Needed," for ten points, name this Ric Ocasek-fronted band, most known for "My Best Friend's Girl," "Good Times Roll," and "Drive."

ANSWER: The Cars


1. After falling ill, a character known only as "the boy" is visited by his grandfather who reads him a book rather than allowing his grandson play video games all day. FTPE:

[10]Name this movie directed by Rob Reiner that sees Cary Elwes play Wesley, the poor farmhand who becomes the love interst of  Buttercup, played by Robin Wright.

ANSWER:  The Princess Bride

[10] Though Buttercup is the woman of the title, the movie's most famous character is probably this man played by Mandy Patinkin. At the end of the film, he is finally able to introduce himself, "Hello, my name is " this, "you killed my father. Prepare to die."

ANSWER: Inigo Montoya

[10]This word is frequently shouted by the Sicillian criminal Vizzini as his plan are repeatedly foiled by the mysterious man in black. At one point, Inigo comments, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

ANSWER: "Inconceivable!"

2. This team recovered from a slow start through early July to take the N.L. pennant in 1914. For ten points each:

[10] Name this team that rallied behind the pitching of Dick Rudolph and Bill James to defeat Connie Mack's Philadelphia A's to win the World Series, earning the nickname "Miracle."

ANSWER: Boston Braves [Prompt on "Boston," do not accept just "Boston"]

[10] This Braves' shortstop served as the heart of the team, due in part to his prank-playing nature and in part to his diminutive stature, a David Eckstein of yore. His role on the 1914 Braves helped catapult him to the Hall of Fame on his fourteenth attempt, gaining entry in 1954.

ANSWER: Walter James Vincent "Rabbit" Maranville

[10] This man, Maranville's double play partner, was nicknamed "the Crab," a nickname he helped by getting ejected 9 times in 1914. As a part of the Cubs powerhouse of the previous decade, he brought Fred Merkle's base-running error to the attention of the umps while forming a keystone combo with Joe Tinker.

ANSWER: Johnny Evers (Should be pronounced like "Beavers," but will probably be pronounced like "severs")
3. After claiming that a bag of weed was his, to protect his little brother, he was kicked out of his parents house. FTPE:

[10]Name this addict who sells methamphetamine to people like Tuco and Gus. He was a former chemistry student of his partner in the drug business.

ANSWER: Jesse Pinkman

[10]Jesse is in this AMC series about Walter, a high school chemistry teacher who turns to making drugs once he discovers that he has lung cancer. 

ANSWER: Breaking Bad

[10]Breaking Bad takes place in this city. Bugs Bunny often claims that he should have taken a left at this location when travelling underground. 

ANSWER: Albuquerque, New Mexico
4. Name some Rush songs that are somewhat tied to academia, FTPE:

[10]Name this seven part song about a space empire with headquarters at the Temple of Syrinx. The guitar part in the overture was an adaptation of the theme of a similarly titled Tchaikovsky work about the Napoleonic wars.

ANSWER: 2112

[10]This opening track of Caress of Steel states "La guillotine will claim her bloody prize" on the titular day that happened on July 14, 1789.

Answer: Bastille Day

[10]In this other song, the singer declares "I scaled the frozen mountain tops of eastern lands unknown, time and man alone, searching for the lost" title location. Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote a poem about a ruler of this location.

ANSWER: Xanadu
5.The theme song for this show declares that there are “104 days of summer vacation” and that the “annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it.” FTPE:

[10] Name this show about the titular stepbrothers who build crazy contraptions in their backyard.

ANSWER: Phineas and Ferb

[10] Phineas and Ferb’s sister, Candace, is voiced by this actress who also portrayed Maddie on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Sharpay in the High School Musical series.

ANSWER: Ashley Tisdale

[10] Name this network which also airs such shows as Kim Possible and That’s So Raven.

ANSWER: Disney Channel
6. Name some songs that are titled with one twice-repeated word, FTPE:

[10] This Smashing Pumpkins single from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness declares, "Believe in me" and "Time is never time at all" and says that the titular time is "so bright." 

ANSWER: "Tonight, Tonight"

[10] This song about two feuding groups begins with "My grandma and your grandma sitting by the fire." It was originally recorded as "Jock-A-Mo" by James "Sugar Boy" Crawford.

ANSWER: "Iko Iko"

[10] The music video for this Fall Out Boy song shows the band performing at a high school dance while dorkier versions of themselves cheer in the audience. It declares, "We're falling apart to half time," and "these are the lives you'd love to lead."

ANSWER: "Dance, Dance"
7.Answer the following about movies based on works by Shakespeare, FTPE:

[10] This loose adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew costars Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles, though the titular list read by Kat in this film actually comprises some 14 items. 

ANSWER: 10 Things I Hate About You

[10] The Tempest was the basis for this 1956 sci-fi film costarring Walter Pidgeon and Anne Francis. The movie's character of Robby the Robot is based on the play's Ariel.

ANSWER: Forbidden Planet

[10] Rather than ask about the upcoming animated garden-ornament romance Gnomeo and Juliet, instead name the actress who costarred in a different, live action modernization of Romeo and Juliet opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. She recently played the titular autistic woman in the biopic Temple Grandin.

ANSWER: Claire Danes
8. Who does not love wasting all their quarters? Answer some questions about the unforgiving shoot 'em up genre FTPE:

[10]In this SNK series, Marco, Tarma, and others wage war against the world conquering armies of General Morden. Characters can hop in this series' namesake cartoonish tanks to help fight off Martians, Mummies, and other strange foes. 

ANSWER: Metal Slug

[10]This run and gun game for the NES and other platforms featured the Konami code which let you start with 30 lives instead of the usual three. The commandos in this game often got weapon upgrades, like the spread gun, from pill boxes. It spawned a big series that includes Hard Corps and Shattered Soldier sequels.

ANSWER: Contra

[10]One of the highest rated 2D shooters is this spiritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun. The player can reverse the polarity of his ship from black to white in order to absorb enemy attacks and gain their energy to shoot out homing lasers.

ANSWER: Ikaruga
9.Answer these questions about the most reliably poor decision in the NFL, the first round draft selection of the New York Jets, FTPE:

[10] Although this USC star – the only wide receiver taken with the top overall pick in the last 25 years – had a productive NFL career, most of it came with the Buccaneers and Cowboys. The Jets also passed up Jonathan Odgen, Marvin Harrison, and Ray Lewis to take this current ESPN analyst.

ANSWER: Keyshawn Johnson

[10] Despite deafening chants of “we want Sapp,” the Jets used their 8th overall pick in 1996 not on future Buccaneers star Warren Sapp, but on this blatantly Caucasian Tight End from Penn State, who had a few productive years – with Jacksonville.

ANSWER: Kyle Brady

[10] This Ohio State hybrid Defensive End/Linebacker wasn't even on the draft boards of some teams, due to his public proclamations that he was much more into bodybuilding than football. He was still taken 6th overall in 2008 by the Jets, for whom he has recorded a staggering 34 tackles in three years.

ANSWER: Vernon Gholston
10.Its columnists include Jean Teasdale and Dept. Head Rawlings, FTPE:

[10] Name this newspaper whose features include STATshots and editorial cartoons drawn by Kelly.

ANSWER: The Onion

[10] One columnist with this last name writes only about being dead. Another, the founder of the Onion, writes mostly about business decisions and being very old.

ANSWER: Zweibel

[10] Larry Groznic, the Onion's "nerd" columnist, once claimed that he appreciated this group on a much deeper level than you. This group contains members like Rolfe and Fozzie Bear.

ANSWER: The Muppets
11.Though he doesn't get as much screentime as his three friends, he does have the distinction of being the first to join Alan's wolfpack. FTPE:

[10] Name this fiancee of Tracy and best friend of Phil and Stu whose disappearance is the central plot point of The Hangover.

ANSWER: Doug Billings (accept either underlined part)

[10] Doug is played by this actor, who also notably costars in the National Treasure series as Ben Gates's techno geek friend Riley Poole.

ANSWER: Justin Bartha

[10] In The Hangover, Phil, Stu, and Alan watch surveillance footage of themselves and Doug kidnapping this animal from Mike Tyson's house. A "crouching" one of these animals features prominently in the title of an Ang Lee film. 

ANSWER: tiger
12. In a 2009 snafu involving former GM Dale Tallon, this team nearly lost the right to sign free agent Kris Versteeg. For ten points each:

[10] Name this team that still acquired Tomas Kopecky and John Madden during the summer of 2009 en route to defeating the Flyers the following season to win the 2010 Stanley Cup.

ANSWER: Chicago Blackhawks (accept either underlined part)

[10] Chicago defeated Philadelphia in overtime in Game 6 of the finals when this 21-year-old scored the game-winning goal. He also starred on Team USA at the Vancouver Olympics, with five points in six games.

ANSWER: Patrick Kane

[10] The Blackhawks spurred their Stanley Cup run by signing this former Red Wing and Penguins winger to a massive 12-year deal. He had previously lost to Detroit in the finals as a member of Pittsburgh before switching teams, and then repeating the outcome - losing in the finals with the Red Wings to the Penguins.

ANSWER: Marian Hossa
13.This concept is illustrated in a series of namesake "Discussions." FTPE:

[10] Name this concept that is often illustrated at gatherings such as barbecues with white drawings in the air, and is defined as the property of a certain beverage brand to refrain from filling you up.

ANSWER: "drinkability" (do not accept or prompt on word forms)

[10] The concept of "drinkability" is propounded in recent ads for this "light" beer brand that in other ads has been promoted by Will Ferrell's Jackie Moon.

ANSWER: Bud Light (prompt on Budweiser)

[10] Commercials for the regular Budweiser brand often include this breed of horse, one of which trained in a "Rocky"-style montage to be able to join his fellows in one of the hitches.

ANSWER: Clydesdales
14.This song laments "I'm a little bit rusty, and I think my head is caving in." FTPE:

[10] Name this 1997 song from its band's debut album Yourself or Someone Like You, whose chorus asserts "I wanna take you for granted," in addition to a reiterating that "I will, I will" perform the titular action.

ANSWER: "Push"

[10] "Push" is by this Rob Thomas-fronted rock band, who more recently had a hit with a song that warns, "hold on, feeling like I'm headed for a breakdown," "Unwell." 

ANSWER: Matchbox 20 (accept MB20

[10] This lead single from MB20's retrospective album Exile on Mainstream begins, "I'm waking up at the start of the end of the world" before declaring "I believe the world is burning to the ground, oh well, I guess we're gonna find out." ANSWER: "How Far We've Come"

15.Identify the following TV shows from their opening narration, FTPE.

[10] “Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together…”

ANSWER: Arrested Development

[10] “There is nothing wrong with your television set.  Do not attempt to adjust the picture.  We are controlling transmissions…”

ANSWER: The Outer Limits

[10] “On November 13, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence.  That request came from his wife.”

ANSWER: The Odd Couple
16.Name some things about Old Spice commercials FTPE:

[10]This football player starred in two recent Old Spice commercials where he blows up Saturn and talks to a bear. He wears number 52 as a middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens.

ANSWER: Ray Lewis

[10]Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy, recently had an appearance on an episode of this ABC series in which Nathan Fillion plays the titular mystery novelist-turned crime solver.

ANSWER: Castle

[10]In one interview, Isaiah Mustafa claimed to be interested in playing this black Marvel hero who cares about cleaning up his neighborhood. He sometimes goes by Power Man.

ANSWER: Luke Cage
17. This project's most famous song's hook is taken from the 1984 Commodore 64 game Lazy Jones. FTPE:

[10] Name this act, whose name is repeated in that song, "Kernkraft 400," a tune that is notable for its popularity at college sporting events.

ANSWER: Zombie Nation

[10] The unrelated track "Zombie" is song by this Irish rock band led by vocalist Dolores O'Riordan, who also released a song that begins, "Oh, my life is changing every day, in every possible way," "Dreams."

ANSWER: The Cranberries

[10] The artist Rob Zombie achieved a charting single with this song that depicts "a rat on the scraps, jaws to the fossil." Its name is similar to a Linkin Park song in which the titular action is performed "digging deeper just to throw it away."

ANSWER: "Let It All Bleed Out"
18.In this movie, the titular talk show host returns to his birthplace with his fiancee, Survivor contestant Bianca Kittles. FTPE:

[10] Name this 2008 comedy which also stars James Earl Jones as the protagonist's father, and Cedric the Entertainer as his car salesman cousin/rival.

ANSWER: Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

[10] Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins stars this comedian as the protagonist. He also played Raven Symone's father in 2008's College Road Trip and starred alongside Tim Allen, John Travolta, and William H. Macy in Wild Hogs.

ANSWER: Martin Lawrence

[10] Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins also features actress Mo'Nique, who received critical acclaim for her role alongside Gabourey Sidibe in this film, whose subtitle declares that it is based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

ANSWER: Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire
19. FTPE, answer some questions about one of the most dominant basketball teams ever assembled, the original US Olympic dream team.

[10] The team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, featuring such stars as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, was coached by this man who had previously led the Detroit Pistons to back-to-back NBA championships.

ANSWER: Chuck Daly

[10] While the Dream Team was loaded with NBA talent, this forward was the only collegiate player at the time to make the team. Earlier in 1992, he made a pretty famous shot against Kentucky in the NCAA tournament.

ANSWER: Christian Laettner

[10] The United States steamrolled all opposition during the Barcelona games, with the closest margin of victory still 32 points, achieved in the final against this European nation, featuring a few notable players such as Drazen Petrovic and Tony Kukoc.

ANSWER: Croatia
20. This character initially claimed that his superhero counterpart was actually his bodyguard. FTPE:

[10]Name this Marvel superhero with a drinking problem who flies around in a self-made red and yellow robotic suit fighting crime.

ANSWER: Iron Man or Anthony "Tony" Stark

[10]One of Iron Man's major antagonists is this Chinese businessman and inventor. He created the Extremis virus and fights Iron Man by using ten rings which each give him a different power.

ANSWER: The Mandarin

[10]The Mandarin's rings come from this alien race also known as the Kakaranatharians. These dragon-like extra-terrestrials include Fin Fang Foom who tried to invade Earth, but was stopped in an action that destroyed the Mandarin's hands.

ANSWER: Makluans

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