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The Last of the Mohicans

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The Last of the Mohicans, by James Fenimore Cooper Mr. Flood

Film Version Writing Activity Hand Out Jr. English

You will be viewing the film version of Cooper’s book. Your task is to actively view the film so that you will be able to write intelligently about two of the following writing prompts. I will choose one topic for an in class timed essay test. You will choose one topic from the remaining three to write a take home paper.

1. In the Romantic Period the main writing subject was Nature. In the film Nature acts as a character. Show how the film reveals the Romantic Period’s conception of Nature.

2. Natty Bumppo is the protagonist. He fits the definition of American hero found in our text and defined in our class discussions. Show how the film reveals him as such.

3. Many immigrants were “transformed” by their experiences here in the new world. Trace Cora Munro’s transformation from British subject to American.

4. Cooper was attempting to tell the world about America’s new ideas and values. What values does Cooper admire as revealed in the film?

1. Take notes - a dual entry log would be the best.

2. Actively view - do not sleep through the film or do homework for other classes.

3. Rent the video or take it out from the library and view it several times.

4. Reread the Cooper information supplied in our text.

While everything is explained in the film, it might help you to know who the main characters are. You basically have several groups:

a. The Europeans, consisting of the French and the English who are at war.

b. The Colonists who to varying degrees are loyal to the British while starting to rebel for independence.

c. The native American Indians who split their loyalty between the French and the English. The main tribes are the Mohawks and Mohicans - loyal to the English, and the Hurons, loyal to the French.

The time period is during the French and Indian wars.

The main characters are:

a. Nathaniel “Natty” Bumppo - also known as “Hawkeye” and “La Long Carbine” (long rifle).

b. Chingatchgook - Natty’s adoptive father; he is a Mohican chief.

c. Uncas - Natty’s blood brother and real son of Chingatchgook.

d. Col. Munro and his two daughters. He is commanding the fort. His daughters have arrived form England and are attempting to see him under the protection of Captain Duncan. Duncan has proposed to Munro’s eldest daughter Cora, but she has declined to answer.

e. Magua - a renegade Mohawk, the antagonist.

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