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The Hobbit Packet

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The Hobbit Packet

In this packet is all the expected work for each chapter read. Refer to class and website for final due dates.

The Hobbit: Chapter 1, “An Unexpected Party”
Blundering (2)
Fabulous (2)
Discreetly (3)
Depredations (9)
Throng (9)
Porter (9)
Fender (12)
Audacious (16)
Conspirator (16)
Flummoxed (16)
Ingenious (16)
Intricate (20)
Answer the following in complete sentences:

  1. Characters are developed by what they think, say, and do, and by how others in the book react to them. In this chapter, what do we learn about Bilbo? Complete the attribute web attached.

  2. Discuss the appearance of the hobbits

  1. What information did you learn about the hobbit homes?

  1. What kind of character is Gandalf? What do we learn about him?

  1. Why do the dwarves gather at Bilbo’s house?

  1. How many dwarves come to tea? Who is their leader? Begin an attribute web for the dwarves. It is attached with these questions.

  1. How did Bilbo Baggins react to the plan of the dwarves? Why do you think Gandalf chose Baggins to be the burglar?

  1. How did Bilbo manage to keep from disclosing his amateur rating as a burglar?

  1. What changed Bilbo’s mind about the adventure? What awakens his “Tookish” side?

  1. Why did the dwarves question Gandalf’s choice?

  1. What does Gandalf give Thorin?

  1. How did the dwarves lose their treasure and kingdom?


How will Bilbo get started on his adventure? Will he become a brave and confident character?

The Hobbit: Chapter 2, “Roast Mutton”

Defrayed (29)
Esteemed (29)
Requisite (29)
Paraphernalia (30)
Ambling (31)
Inquisitive (33)
Cavalcade (34)
Purloined (36)
Plunder (38)
Incantations (42)
Replenishing (44)

Answer the following in complete sentences:

  1. How did Bilbo feel about the adventures the next morning?

  1. Why didn’t Bilbo find the note which the dwarves had left for him until Gandalf appeared?

  1. Why do you think the wizard disappeared? Would the story have been different if Gandalf had been a part of the group when they might the trolls?

  1. Discuss the troubles of the first night and the adventure with trolls.

  1. Did Bilbo prove to be a good burglar in his attempt to pick the pocket of the troll? Would he have been successful if the purse hadn’t squeaked?

  1. What kind of characters are trolls? How does Bilbo know they are trolls?

  1. Discuss the fight and the wizard’s reappearance


What dangers might Bilbo and the adventurers encounter?

The Hobbit: Chapter 3, “A Short Rest”

Bannocks (48)
Parapet (50)
Palpitating (51)
Gruesome (51)
Runes (52)
Vexed (53)

Answer the following in complete sentences:

  1. Why was the Rivendell hard to find?

  1. Who was Elrond?

  1. Elrond could read the runes on the swords of the trolls. Why was this important? What did Bilbo and the dwarves learn?

  1. What are moon-letters?

5. Elrond read the map for Gandalf and Thorin. Do you feel that the message will be of any value? How would you interpret it if all the message that was read said, “None to be seen by this moon”?

What will the next adventure be?

The Hobbit: Chapter 4, “Over Hill and Under Hill”

Deceptions (55)
Uncanny (55)
Astray (56)
Shirk (61)
Quaff (61)
Gnashed (63)
Rage (65)
Hordes (66)
Realm (67)

Answer the following in complete sentences:

  1. Why was this part of the journey apt to be very dangerous?

  1. How was the storm different from storms you may have been in?

  1. Why did Fili and Kili go to look for better shelter? Why did the wizard ask them if they had thoroughly searched the cave?

  1. Why was it a good thing that Bilbo was with the adventurers the night of the storm?

  1. The goblins captured Bilbo and the dwarves but Gandalf escaped. Why wasn’t he captured?

  1. How did the Goblins treat their captives?

  1. To this point, what have we learned about the goblins?

  1. How did the great goblin react when he discovered the sword?

  1. What do you think happened to make Bilbo and the dwarves’ escape possible? What part did Biter and Beater play in the escape?

  1. How was it possible for the goblins to sneak up on the dwarves again?

The Hobbit: Chapter 5, “Riddles in the Dark”

Groped (68)
Breeches (69)
Subterranean (70)
Unbeknown (71)
Antiquity (79)
Galled (81)
Venture (81)
Shambling (85)
Menacingly (86)
Splayed (86)
Scuttling (87)
Smote (88)

Answer the following in complete sentences:

  1. Near page 70, how would you feel in the hobbit’s place – lost in ther dark, and trotting into ice-cold water?

  1. How does Bilbo know his sword was made by elves (69)?

  1. Why is it good that Bilbo lost his matches (69)?

  1. Compare Gollum and Bildo by using a Venn Diagram (attached)

  1. Are the riddles hard? Are they good riddles? Why or why not?

  1. When Gollum loses the riddle game, how did he pay his debt (79-80)? What skill does Bilbo show in dealing with Gollum. Add to the Venn Diagram.

  1. How did Gollum react when he couldn’t find the ring (80-81)? What was he afraid of?

  1. How did Gollum guess that Bilbo had the ring (83)?

  1. How did Bilbo find his way out of the cave (85)?

  1. Why didn’t Bilbo kill Gollum when he had the chance (86)?

  1. Why do the goblins know that someone is at the gate (89)?

The Hobbit: Chapter 6 “Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire”
Abominable (91)
Benighted (94)
Sorrel (96)
Marjoram (96)
Bracken (97)
Fronds (97)
Glade (100)
Clamor (100)
Uncanny (102)
Pinnacle (103)
Reek (105)
Smote (106)
Talons (106)
Tumult (107)
Giddy (107)
Eyrie (107)

Answer the following in complete sentences:

  1. How does Bilbo know he is on the east side of the mountain? (91)

  2. Bilbo overhears his friends. How did the wizard feel about Bilbo? (91)

  3. Why do you think that Bilbo did not tell his friends about the magic ring? (93)

  4. Why did the dwarves, having a wizard with them, get into the trouble with the goblins? Didn’t the wizard know about the goblins? (95)

  5. What did the wizard think about the rock slide that carried them down the mountain? (97)

  6. “Escaping goblins to be caught by wolves,” said the hobbit. How does this help to explain the chapter title? (98)

  7. How did the party manage to escape the Wargs, the evil wolves? (102)

  8. Why were the wolves meeting in this places in the forest? (101)

  9. Why and how did the eagles help the adventurers to escape? (106-107)

10. How does Bilbo feel about Gandalf’s rescue? (106-108)

The Hobbit: Chapter 7 “Queer Lodgings”

Plight (113)
Appalling (114)
Furrier (114)
Tippet (115)
Dale (116)
Tunic (117)
Unimpeachable (118)
Mead (125)
Impassable (133)
Gnarled (134)
Expedition (136)

Answer the following in COMPLETE SENTENCES:

  1. How did Gandalf plan the arrival at Beorn’s house? How had he planned the arrival of all the dwarves at Beorn’s house?

  1. What have we learned about Beorn? List some of his attributes.

  1. Where and why did Beorn go the night that the adventurers were with him? (130-131)

  1. What was Beorn’s advice for the journey? (132)

  1. What was the most important advice that Beorn and Gandalf gave the adventurers about Mirkwood? (118; 132)

  1. Why was it necessary for Gandalf to leave the adventurers ? Were the dwarves happy to have the hobbit help them instead of having the wizard with them?


  1. Will they leave the path? Why or why not? What could lead them astray?

The Hobbit: Chapter 8 “Flies and Spiders”

Inquisitive (139)
Bulbous (140)
Taut (143)
Fend (143)
Hart (145)
Fungus (146)
Hoist (147)
Tuppence (148)
Loathsome (156)
Warrant (156)
Quoits (157)
Commotion (158)
Scuttle (159)

Answer the following in COMPLETE SENTENCES:

  1. What was there about the forest to fear? (139-140)

2. Do you think that Mirkwood was evil?

  1. Why is the enchanted river dangerous? How was the hobbit helpful in crossing the river? (142-143)

  1. Why do you think the dwarves and Bilbo disregarded Beorn’s warning and strayed from the path? (150)

  1. After Gandalf left, who became the leader of the expedition? (142)

  1. Why did the elvish-looking folk disappear when the dwarves went running into their camp? (151)

  1. How did Bilbo get separated from the dwarves? (153)

  1. How did Bilbo manage to escape the giant spiders? Was Bilbo of any help to the dwarves? (157-163)

  1. What heroic acts does Bilbo perform?

  1. Why does Bilbo tell the dwarves about the magic ring? (162-163). Why did he hesitate to tell them?

  1. Why was Thorin captured by the Wood-elves? (167)


What adventure will Bilbo have next? How will he free Thorin?

The Hobbit: Chapter 9 “Barrels Out of Bond”

Realm (172)
Nimble (173)
Portcullis (175)
Flagons (177)
Potent (177)
Vintage (177)
Astride (184)

Answer the following in COMPLETE SENTENCES:

  1. Why did the Wood-elves capture the dwarves and not Bilbo ? (170)

  1. How did Mr. Baggins get in and out of the closely guarded palace? (172)

  1. Why was it necessary for Bilbo to continue burgling (173)

  1. Why didn’t Thorin and the dwarves tell the king why they were in th4e woods? (167 and 174)

  1. How did Bilbo plan to help his friends escape? (176-178)

  1. How did Bilbo escape? (183)

  1. How was the magic ring valuable to Bilbo in this part of his adventure?


The dwarves and Bilbo have escaped, but what troubles could they now meet up with ?

The Hobbit: Chapter 10 “A Warm Welcome”

Bickerings (189)
Attribute (189)
Allude (189)
Ominous (189)
Solemnity (194)
Quay (195)
Molest (195)
Waylay (195)
Hinder (195)
Enmity (196)
Obscure (197)
Fraud (199)
Circuitous (199)

Answer the following in COMPLETE SENTENCES:

  1. How had the dwarves survived the escape3 and the trip in the barrels? Why was it important that Bilbo was not in a barrel? (192)

  1. How were the dwarves received in Lake-town? (196-97)

  1. What is the attitude of the dwarves about Bilbo? (193, 198)

  1. Why wasn’t Bilbo happy? (198)

  1. How do you think the elf-king learned the reason for the dwarves’ adventure?

  1. Why do you think the Master believed Thorin was a fraud? What changed his mind? (199)

  1. Why was the Master not sorry to see them go? (199)


What is worrying Bilbo? What troubles await them?

The Hobbit: Chapter 11 “On the Doorstep”

Desolate (201)
Waning (202)
Reek (203)
Marauding (204)
Crevice (205)

Answer the following in COMPLETE SENTENCES:

  1. How did the party feel now that they were nearing the end of their journey? (205)

  1. Could they see signs of the dragon? (202)

  1. What had happened to the village near the mountain? (203)

  1. Why was it dangerous to search for the secret door to the dragon’s den? (204)

  1. How did they find the secret door? (208-209)


What is going to be in the “deep darkness in which nothing could be seen … a yawning mouth leading in and down”? (209)

The Hobbit: Chapter 12 “Inside Information”


  1. dire (214)

  1. menace (214)

  1. cower (215)

  1. lair (218)

  1. surpass (219)

  1. skulking (222)

  1. cartage (223)

  1. wily (223)

  1. devastating (224)

  1. ghastly (225)

  1. proverb (225)

  1. foreboding (227)

  1. marrow (229)

  1. smite (230)

  1. stealth (230)

Answer the following in COMPLETE SENTENCES:

  1. How ahs the hobbit changed since the beginning of the book?

  1. Why was Bilbo Baggins taking such risks when he had absolutely no use for the dragon-guarded treasure? (212). Was Bilbo courageous?

3. Why did Bilbo steal the cup? (214) Was it a wise thing to do?

  1. How would you explain Bilbo’s father’s proverb, “Every worm has his weak spot”?

5. How was Bilbo able to talk to Smaug without getting hurt? (221)

  1. Why is it wise to use riddles with dragons? (221)

  1. Fill in the character web for Smaug attached

  1. Was the dragon likable in any way?


The dwarves had not planned a way to get rid of Smaug or remove the treasure. What plan will they develop?
The Hobbit: Chapter 13 “Not at Home”

  1. stealth (233)

  1. tinged (235)

  1. absurd (238)

  1. wary (238)

  1. moldered (239)

  1. furtive (239)

  1. prosperity (243)

  1. perpetual (243)

Answer the following in COMPLETE SENTENCES:

  1. What characteristics did the treasure bring out in the dwarves? (237)

  1. Why did Bilbo slip the Arkenstone into his pocket? How did he justify this< (235)

  1. How do you think Baggins “kept his head more clear of the bewitchment of the hoard than the dwarves did”? (238)


How and why do you think the dragon allowed the adventurers to leave the dragon’s hall?

The Hobbit: Chapter 14 “Fire and Water”


  1. prophecy (246)

  1. unquenchable (247)

  1. aroused (251)

  1. recompense (251)

Answer the following in COMPLETE sentences:

  1. Why did Smaug go off to the lake town of Esgaroth? (231)

  1. What kind of leader was the Master? (248)

  1. Use the T-diagram to compare Bard and the Master:



  1. How did the thrush know about the dragon’s most vulnerable spot? (225-226)

  1. How did Bard act after the defeat of the dragon and the destruction of the town? How did the Master act? (252)

  1. Why did the Bard go to the elves for help? (252-253)

Prediction: What will the towns’ people and the Elvenking’s men do when they discover that Bilbo and the dwarves are still alive?

The Hobbit: Chapter 15 “The Gathering of the Clouds”

  1. carrion (255)

  1. decrepit (256)

  1. caper (257)

  1. fortify (159)

  1. kindred (264)

  1. besiege (265)

Answer the following in COMPLETE sentences:

  1. How were Bilbo and the dwarves warned about the approaching treasure hunters? (257)

  1. What other advice did Roac give? (258)

  1. Why do you think that Thorin would not listen to Roac? (258)

  1. How did the Lake-men and the Bard approach Thorin and the dwarves? (262)

  1. What argument did Bard present? (263)

  1. What response did Thorin make? (264)

  1. How did Bilbo feel about the treasure and the dragon’s den? (265)


Bilbo has saved the dwarves before. How will he help them get out of this trouble?

The Hobbit: Chapter 16 “A Thief in the Night”

Beset (266)
Answer the following in COMPLETE sentences:

  1. How did Bilbo manage to escape from the cave? (268)

  1. What was Bilbo’s mission? (269)

  1. What did Bilbo have that made it possible to deal with Bard? (270)

  1. Why was Bilbo willing to give up the Arkenstone? (270)

  1. What unexpected friend or acquaintance did Bilbo find in Bard’s camp? (272). What did that person say to Bilbo?


How will this story end for Bilbo?

The Hobbit: Chapter 17 “The Clouds Burst”


  1. alter (273)

  1. hauberk (276)

  1. mattocks (277)

  1. reconciliation (278)

  1. scimitars (282)

Answer the following in COMPLETE sentences:

  1. Why was Thorin so angry at Bilbo? (274)

  1. What terms did Thorin and Bard come to? (275)

  1. In the Battle of the Five Armies, who were the participants? (279)

  1. What stopped Thorin’s advance? (283)

  1. What sight made Bilbo’s heart leap? (284).


Bilbo is hit by a stone and is unconscious. What will happen to him?

The Hobbit: Chapter 18, “The Return Journey”


  1. helm (287)

  1. mustering (289)

  1. wrath (289)

Answer the following in complete sentences:

  1. Why wasn’t Bilbo found until the day after the battle? (287)

  1. Who helped to win the battle (289)

  1. What lessons had Thorin learned? Why do you think Thorin and Bilbo parted as friends?

  1. Was it necessary for Thorin to die in this story? If you were the author, what other ending might there have been?

  1. How has Bilbo changed in the novel?

The Hobbit: Chapter 19 “The Last Stage”

Answer the following in COMPLETE sentences:

  1. How was Bilbo received when he reached his hobbit-hole? (301)

  1. What do you think Gandalf meant when he said “You are not the hobbit that you were”? (300)

  1. How did Bilbo bring luck to the expedition? Give specific examples.

4. What do you think Gandalf meant when he said, “Surely you don’t disbelieve the prophecies, because you had a hand in bringing them about yourself. You don’t really suppose, do you, that all your adventures and your escapes were managed by mere luck, just for your sole benefit”?

Independent Assessment Choices for The Hobbit:
Please complete one (1) of the following assessments at the end of our reading of The Hobbit. Due date of your project will be announced as soon as we finish the book.

  1. Write a new ending for the book. Your new ending should be 300 to 500 words, word-processed and double spaced.

  1. Write a final chapter that starts out where the real ending of the book occurs. Bilbo is now a different hobbit after his exciting adventure. Life will never be the same now that Bilbo knows his abilities and talents. A final chapter should reveal the new Bilbo. This new ending should be 300 to 500 words, word-processed and double spaced.

  1. Construct a peepbox (or diorama) from a shoe box of your favorite scene in the story.

  1. Design a mobile of important characters and objects from the story.

  1. Create a poster or collage to advertise the book.

  1. Create a board game with cards and dice based on the story.

  1. Or see me with a different idea if you have one.

These projects will count as 200 points (equal to 4 homework assignments). You will lose 7 points per day for each day your project is late.

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