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The advertisement shows a picture of a line of police officers in full riot armor and gear standing in a line. In the middle of this line is a hockey player standing with them. We know hitz

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The ad for the video game NHL Hitz 2002 by Midway in the December 2001 issue of Game Informer magazine uses a combination of techniques and styles to try and persuade readers about the benefits of playing, and more importantly, buying this game. The magazine that the ad is featured in primarily targets boys and men between the ages of 12 and 25, and other people who play video games. The ad uses a mixture of humor, glamour, and informative facts about the game to try and persuade its intended target audience to buy the game.

The advertisement shows a picture of a line of police officers in full riot armor and gear standing in a line. In the middle of this line is a hockey player standing with them. “WE KNOW HITZ.”, is inscribed under the picture. The whole picture combined with the words is used to imply a humorous image that hockey players are as tough and as used to danger as a policeman during a situation that would require full riot gear. The image is even more humorous when viewing the differences between the police and the hockey player. While the police are standing with shields in front of them and helmet visors down, the hockey player is standing on ice skates wearing a hockey uniform and carrying a hockey stick. The absurd idea that a hockey player and riot police are standing together is used to attract the attention of the intended audience and to persuade them to read more about the game, and to look at pictures of the game shown on the page. The ad connects to the readership of the magazine through its use of superior graphics, and its connection to the NHL and hockey.

There are four screen shot pictures of what the game supposedly looks like while being played. The pictures of the game are intended to show the reader of the ad how impressive and advanced the game is. Under the words “We Know Hitz.”, there is a paragraph that attempts to convince the reader how superior of a game that NHL Hitz 2002 is compared to other games. It also attempts to convince the reader that the game is innovative and fresh. The ad also features a picture of the cover of the game, which itself is used to try and attract potential buyers.

The informative nature of the ad is in its legal text at the bottom of the ad, as well as a link on the Internet to a site, which will allow the reader to see a game preview. The game also presents symbols for systems on which this game can be played. The ad shows many team jerseys, for instance, the hockey player in the main picture is wearing a jersey for the New Jersey Devils, as well as the player on the cover of the game. All of the characters in the screen shots of the game are also wearing jerseys of different particular teams.

The ad uses many familiar conventions such as humor and showcasing of impressive graphics to try and attract readers. Given the use of the aforementioned techniques and style, the ad is very typical for this magazine and for others that target the same audience. The ad, while typical in its style and technique, the innate humor of the advertisement makes this ad stand out from the other ads. The most effective technique used is the picture on which the ad is based around. This effective foundation makes the rest of the advertisement look better than it might have using a non-humorous approach.

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