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No. F 1[OTE]/PUR/SGMH/2009-10 Dated:

Sealed tenders are invited for supply of various items as grouped below, to be used in this hospital for a period of one year.
Group No. Name of Group

I Surgical Consumable and Sutures

II Surgical Equipments and Instruments including Gen. Surgery/Gynae/Paeds/Anaesth.

III Eye, ENT, Dental and Radiology

IV Orthopaedics

V Pathology, Microbiology and Blood Bank

VI Furniture, Stationary and General store items

VII Medical Gases.
The tender documents can be obtained from the Purchase Section, Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangolpuri, Delhi – 83 on Payment of Rs. 500.00 for each group, in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Medical Superintendent, Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangolpuri, Delhi – 83, from 14.09.2009 to 06.10.2009 between 10 AM to 2 PM on all working days. The tender documents can also be downloaded from the official website

The tenders will be opened on 06.10.2009 at 2.30 PM in the presence of all those who choose to be present on the occasion.





S. No.________________________

M/s …………………………




Subject: SGMH Open Tender Enquiry No. F 1[OTE]/PUR/SGMH/2009-10


  1. Sealed tenders are invited for the items (under Group 1 to VII) mentioned in the enclosed list for a period of one year from the date of finalization of the tenders. The rate contract may, however be extended for further period of one year on mutually agreed terms

  2. The firm/tenderer intending to participate in the tender should first ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility criteria as prescribed in terms & conditions enclosed.

  3. The running rate contract will be governed by the terms & conditions laid down in the tender form.

  4. The tender is required to be submitted in three sealed envelopes i.e.

  1. Pre-Qualification Bid : The envelope should be super scribed as PRE-QUALIFICATION BID FOR SGMH OPEN TENDER (2009-10) and should contain:

I Original form for SGMH open tender for the year 2009-10 dully filled and signed.

II Earnest Money Deposits as per terms and conditions.

III PAN/Proof of filing Income Tax Return

IV Sale Tax Registration Number/VAT/TIN/latest VAT return

V Cost of tender form if downloaded from web

VI Undertaking as per Performa attached on non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100.00.

  1. Technical Bid : The envelope should be super scribed as TECHNICAL BID FOR SGMH OPEN TENDER (2009-10) and should contain:

I List of Items quoted as per schedule

II Technical Literature/ Catalogues.

III Valid Authorisation letter.

IV Performance Certificate

V Valid Licences from the Statutary Authorities wherever applicable

  1. Price Bid: The envelope should be super scribed as PRICE BID FOR SGMH OPEN TENDER (2009-10) and should contain the prescribed schedule to quote rates (additional sheets to quote rates may be enclosed if necessary) duly filled and each page signed by tenderer with stamp of the firm.

The Pre-Qualification Bid, Technical Bid and Price Bid envelopes prepared as above must be kept in a single envelope super scribed with SGMH OPEN TENDER (2009-10), Date of Opening and Name and address of tenderer.

  1. Technical Bids of only those firms who qualify in the Pre-Qualification Bids shall be opened and referred for technical evaluation. The price bid of only those tenderers will be opened whose technical bids are found acceptable by the technical committee. Selected tenderers will be informed individually regarding date and time of opening of price bid.

  2. Each and every page/paper of tender document should be serially numbered and duly signed by tenderer along with the seal of the firm. The sealed tenders should be put in tender box kept in the Purchase Section of this hospital on or before the date and time specified in tender notice. The late tenders will not be accepted.





TENDER FEE : Rs. 500.00

Due on 06.10.2009 Time 2.30 PM.


Sealed Quotations are invited for supply of various items as mentioned in the lists attached herewith for use in Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangolpuri, Delhi -83. The prescribed tender forms are available in Purchase Section of the hospital [Room No. 159] from 14.09.2009 to 06.10.2009 between 10AM to 2PM. Tender form can also be downloaded from Delhi Govt. website In case the tender form is downloaded from the website an amount of Rs.500.00 (Rupees Five Hundred Only) in the form of DD in favour of Medical Superintendent, Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangolpuri, Delhi -83 must be enclosed with the Pre-qualification bid besides the earnest money. The sealed tender complete in all aspects should be put in a tender box placed in the Purchase Section of this hospital on or before 06.10.2009 by 2.30PM. Late tenders will not be accepted. Tenders will be opened on 06.10.2009 at 2.30PM in Conference Room of the hospital, in presence of those who like to be present on the occasion.

The following terms and conditions should be read carefully and complied with before submitting the tender.


  1. Tenders should be prepared in three separate envelopes; Pre-Qualification Bid containing original Performa for SGMH OPEN Tender for the year 2009-10 duly filled and signed, earnest money deposit and copies of required documents, Technical Bid containing List of Items quoted as per schedule, Technical Literature/ Catalogues, Valid Authorisation letter, Performance Certificate, Valid Licences from the Statutary Authorities wherever applicable and Price Bid containing prescribed schedule to quote the rate duly filled and signed. The Technical bids and Price Bids should also be submitted in soft copies in the form of CD in MS Excel. Further these three sealed envelopes of pre-qualification Bid, Technical Bid and Price Bid must be kept in single envelope subscribed with SGMH OPEN TENDER (2009-10), Name of Group, Date of opening and Name and address of tenderer. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO PRICE SHOULD BE INDICATED IN TECHNICAL BID, OTHERWISE THE BID WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

  1. Tender should be preferably typed and the rates be quoted in WORDS AS WELL AS IN FIGURES without any overwriting or erasing which will render the tender of that particular item invalid.

  1. The tenderer is bound to submit an undertaking as per Performa attached on non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100.00.

  2. Covering letter should clearly indicate the list of enclosures. All Documents as per the check list must be enclosed for qualifying in the tender.

  1. Each paper of the tender should be numbered and signed by the tenderer with the seal of the firm.

  1. The rates quoted should be inclusive of excise duty, freight charges, packing charges etc. and exclusive of Sales Tax / VAT. The rates of Sales tax / Vat should be indicated separately.

  1. Each tender must be accompanied by a Fixed Deposit Receipt of Rs. 50,000.00 (Rupees Fifty thousand only) for each group separately valid for two years as Earnest Money/ Security deposit in the name of Medical Superintendent, Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangolpuri, Delhi -83, payable at Delhi. Cheques/Postal Order/Money Order/ Cash Payment will not be accepted. Government undertakings and Government registered Co-operative societies are exempted from submitting the Earnest Money. The earnest money and would be returned to tenderers after successful completion of contract or completion of required guarantee period if the firm has made any supplies on this contract. However, if the rate contract holding firm fails or neglects to observe/perform any of its obligations under the contract, it shall be lawful for the purchaser to forfeit the earnest money deposited.

  1. The tenderers must attach attested photocopies of latest sales tax return certificate along with PAN/TAN/ TIN/ Sale Tax Number.

  1. The tenderers should submit an attested photocopy of valid drug license wherever applicable. Failure to submit the same may render the tender invalid automatically.

  1. The tenderers should submit attested photocopies of Performance Certificate on similar contracts.

  1. The tenderer has to submit a certificate stating that firm has not been blacklisted in the past by any govt./pvt. Institution.

  1. In case, tenderer is the sole distributor of a particular item he should submit authority letter in support of the same from the actual manufacturer. In case tenderer is selling agent of a particular item he should submit an authority letter in support of the same from the actual manufacturer/sole distributor concerned. Failure to submit the authority letter (in original) of a particular item would render the tender invalid.

  1. Instruments/Equipments with, CE mark, ISI mark and ISO certification will be preferred. Attested copies of ISI/ISO/CE Mark certificate should also be submitted, wherever necessary.

  1. Samples may be deposited along with tender to the concerned store in sealed box with item list separately for each group. In case of equipments/furniture items, catalogues with detailed specification are acceptable. However at the time of approval of tender the technical committee can ask for samples/demonstration.

  1. Every sample should be tagged with a slip on which the name of the firm, serial no. of the tender & the name of the item are mentioned. After finalization of tender, the samples of unapproved items must be removed by the firm from the Store premises within 10 days after the date of decision, failing which the sample will be disposed off by the authorities without further correspondence.

  1. In case of equipments / machines costing less than Rs. 2 lacs (Rupees Two Lacs Only) the tenderer will have to provide comprehensive guarantee/warranty for 24 (Twenty four) months. The firm shall maintain the equipment / instrument during this period and replace the equipment/instrument/spare parts if necessary free of cost. The tenderer will submit an undertaking that the firm will be in position to provide the AMC services, spare parts and consumable for 5 years after 2 yrs guarantee period. Repair of equipment/ machine is to be carried out in the hospital premises. In case the equipment / machine are to be shifted to the workshop for repair, the transport charges are to be borne by the tenderer. The tenderer shall ensure that down time is minimum and shall have to supply standby unit in case of undue delay in public interest. However in case of equipments costing more than Rs.2 lacs each, the tenderer will submit comprehensive guarantee from the manufacturer/principles for a period of 60 (Sixty) months and will submit an undertaking that the manufacturer/principles will be in a position to provide the AMC services, spare parts and consumables for 5 years and further 5 years after guarantee period. Security deposit, equivalent to 10% of price of equipment in the form of Bank guarantee/FDR for 5 years is to be submitted at the time of installation. Rates of spare/consumables likely to be replaced must be mentioned separately and the agency has to abide by these rates after expiry of guarantee period. Details of warranty/Guarantee should be submitted along with tender documents.

  1. Cost of Spares & standard accessories after the warranty period should also be quoted separately along with the tender. Costs of Spares/Regent/Standard accessories/consumables of the machine/equipment may be quoted separately in price bid which will be binding on the supplier during the whole guarantee period.

  1. The delivery of the goods has to be made to the concerned store as would be mentioned in supply order at their own cost. The supplies have to be made within 30 days for indigenous items and 90 days for imported items from the date of dispatch of the supply order or as mentioned in the supply order, failing which the order is likely to be cancelled and the Earnest Money may be forfeited. However, in exceptional circumstances and at written request, the extension of the date of supply may be considered for further 15days, at the discretion of Medical Superintendent. If the supply is not made within this period the penalty of 2% of the value of the order per week will be imposed to maximum of 10% of value of order by the purchaser.

  1. In case the tenderer fails to deliver the particular items within the scheduled time, the hospital authority reserves the right to procure the same from the open market and the difference in the expenditure shall be borne by the approved firm.

  1. Store shall be marked with the words in capital and bold letters ‘FOR SUPPLY TO GOVT. OF NCT OF DELHI, NOT FOR SALE, wherever necessary. Such packing shall clearly indicate the description, quantity, name and address. Any damage due to defective packing will be borne by the supplier.

  1. Wherever there are visible and obvious defect in the consignment, it shall be rejected. If the product is found to be not of standard quality, the total cost of test will be recovered form the supplier. The suppliers will however, further have to replace the entire quantity or make full payment of entire consignment against the particular invoice irrespective of the fact that part of the supplied stores may have been consumed. All rejected stores shall in any event remain and will always be at the risk of the tenderer immediately on such rejection.

  1. The rate contract holding firms are bound to supply the store during the validity of tender at approved rates. However, if the price of any items is reduced due to any reasons during the validity of the tender it will intimate to this hospital regarding the reduced rate immediately and will be charged the reduced rate instead of rate approved.

  1. The items quoted by the firm should confirm to the required specifications, however, the items with equivalent specifications will also be considered. Literature, Catalogues and Leaflets for illustration purpose should be attached with the tender indicating the item quoted with detailed specifications.

  1. Tender Form is not transferable.

  1. The payment will be made after the receipt of the items and completion of all codal formalities. No advance payment will be made.

  1. If ‘D’ form is required, it will be provided by this office.

  1. For imported items NMIC & CDEC will be provided if mentioned in the tender, subject to the production of necessary documents thereof.

  1. While quoting rates S. No. of the tender list must be indicated and rates should be quoted in the same S.No. order as given in the tender list.

  1. The price quoted should be in Indian currency only.

  1. The decision of Technical Committee / Purchase Committee / Approval Committee constituted by Medical Superintendent regarding approval of samples and rates for different categories of items will be final.

  1. The Medical Superintendent has the full and exclusive right to accept or reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons and also to cancel the supply order at any time.

  1. The courts of Delhi shall alone have jurisdiction to decide any dispute arising out of or in respect of the contract.


  • The implants should confirm to the latest guidelines issued by Drug Controller General [India] and necessary certificates pertaining to manufacture, import, sale and distribution are to be enclosed in the tender.

  • Instrumentation set is to be provided free of cost for LCP/DHS/DCS/ Interlocking Nails.


  • The Supplies are to be made on daily basis and the stock is to be replenished as per the requirement of the hospital. Further the supplies are to be made in Emergency circumstances in addition to the routine supplies.

  • Rates quoted should be INCLUSIVE of Transportation Charges. The agency shall provide adequate manpower to internal transportation of the cylinders at his own cost.

  • The firm should mention the address of the entire godown in Delhi & in the periphery of Delhi.

  • The firm has to submit the performance certificate from any three hospitals with bed strength of 100 or more.

  • The firm should have full fledged laboratory as per I. P. requirement for testing of gases. The firm should have full time chemist to operate the laboratory.

  • The firm should have in – house facility for testing of Cylinder & CCE approved test shop. The cylinders are to be tested & filled as per gas cylinder rules 1981.

  • The firm is bound to submit the test report along with each batch of supply.

  • All Cylinders supplies should be ISI marked with all requisite certificates as per law & tested.

  • The firm will have to replace the lost cylinders at his own cost.

  • The cost of spares, painting and repair must be quoted separately.

  • The firm should have adequate space for storage of Cylinder with all safety as per requirement.

  • The cylinders of this hospital should not be put into circulation at any other place/hospital.


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