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Telephone: Email: lektronika ul. Czackiego 3/5 lok 303

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ul. Czackiego 3/5 lok 303

00-043 Warszawa

tel. (0-22) 827-38-79

fax. 826-65-64

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eviewer’s Form

  1. Is the paper relevant for publishing in the ELEKTRONIKA?

  1. Is the paper presenting a current state of the art of the discussed subject?

3. What is the main thesis of the paper? What is the scientific value of this thesis? Are there any mistakes or errors in thesis definition and analysis?

4. Is the paper written in an understandable way? Are the terminology and abbreviations uses properly?

5. Is there any need to introduce changes to the paper? If yes, what changes?

6. Is there any possibility or need to shorten the paper (including decrease in the number of equations, figures, tables)? Indicate please the possible material that can be omitted.

7. Detailed remarks of the reviewer

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