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Tadpole Telegram

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Tadpole Telegram

The indri is a large, distinctive lemur with a very short tail. Its fur is very dense and the coloration a mixture of black and white. There is considerable variation in the mixture of black and white throughout the species' range. The indri has a head and body length of more than 24" and a tail length of only about 2". It weighs 13 - 17 lb. The indri's diet consists largely of leaves, flowers and fruit. It is primarily arboreal and diurnal. It moves through the canopy with spectacular bounds of up to 33' between vertical branches and trunks. Prior to dusk, a group settles in a sleep tree, 33 - 100' off the ground. Group size varies from 2 - 6, and normally comprises an adult pair with dependent offspring of varying ages. Within the pair, the female tends to be dominant and has priority at food resources. These family groups occupy ranges which are proclaimed by the indri’s characteristic eerie wailing songs (which are answered from as far as 2 miles away. The songs may help maintain spacing between groups of indri, leading to a relatively small degree of overlap between the home ranges of neighboring groups. 

Monday – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Tuesday –We had a short day today. Raymond Elementary School closed at 12 o'clock because of a large impending storm. Students did manage to work in their math books and our Reading Street practice books. We practiced reading a new book for Book Buddies on Friday. Everyone was able to go to library, but we missed going to the gym for physical education, because the lunchtimes were moved up to allow everyone to have lunch before we left at 12 o'clock.

Wednesday – The morning assembly was amazing. We celebrated January birthdays and had a great presentation of Martin Luther King's speech by Mrs. Spencer and Ms. Cummings classes. My class only missed the first 15 minutes of music class due to the assembly. After rereading Whose Garden Is It? students were encouraged to write about animals that live in or near a garden in their journals. I used AlphaBuddy (our stuffed bear) to help the children generate describing words. Students were encouraged to use one adjective or describing word, when writing about their garden animal. I introduced skip counting by fives. A circle activity had us counting all the fingers in the room as we skip counted by fives. Students were surprised to discover that we had 160 fingers in our room. Everyone enjoyed our number game to see who would be the last one standing.
Thursday –Now that we have completed unit 2 of our Reading Street program, students worked on completing a variety of assessments. I was very pleased and impressed with the class's ability to discriminate words with the same beginning sound, identifying letters given that letter sound, recognizing our high-frequency words, answering questions about setting, plot and characters after hearing a story and drawing a picture of a noun, labeling it and writing a sentence. Students worked on a new game to play with Book Buddies. The incredible I Race game introduced two new animals that start with the letter I. We used the Smart Board to watch videos of indri in Madagascar and ibex in Nepal. Everyone was amazed at the indri's ability to jump and the ibex’s ability to battle each other with their horns. The class was very excited to show off their new found knowledge to one of our middle school helpers in the afternoon. I was impressed with how much information they remembered. I introduced tally marks as a way to count and record groups of five. Using tally marks supports counting by fives by encouraging children to think of groups of five. We will start incorporating tally marks into our morning graphing activity and classroom voting. During reading groups students practiced forming our high-frequency words with magnetic letters.
Friday No School – Snow Day

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