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T caterina Yuan he Fat Flush Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman, M. S., C. N. S

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Caterina Yuan
he Fat Flush Plan
by Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S., C.N.S.

The breakthrough weight-loss system that: melts fat from hips, waist, thighs in just 2 weeks and reshapes your body while detoxifying your system.”
Overall claim: If you address five main causes of weight gain using the strategies in this plan, you will lose weight.
5 Main Causes of Weight Gain


What the diet does

1. Liver toxicity

  • Livers burn fat, metabolizes food, and detoxifies

  • Overloaded liver lead to problems like fatigue, weight gain, depression

  • Liver stressors:

    • Caffeine

      • liver detoxes it alone

    • Sugar

      • Metabolism robs nutrients

      • Inhibits detoxification

      • Feeds Candida (yeast)

    • Trans fats

      • Retard detoxification

      • Thickens bile

    • Medications

      • Liver works harder

    • Inadequate fiber

Unsweetened cranberry juice, psyllium, flaxseed

  • Antioxidants to help with detoxification

  • Fiber blocks fat absorption, promotes toxin absorption

  • Water expels waste, makes liver more efficient


  • Raises metabolism

  • Activates detoxification enzymes

  • Important for bile

  • L-Carnitine (found in red meat) helps with mitochondrial fat metabolism

Flaxseed oil

  • Raises metabolism

  • Collects oil-soluble toxins

  • Stimulate bile production


  • Sulfur-based amino acids regulate bile production

Green vegetables

  • Cruciferous vegetables have sulforaphane, used by liver for detoxification

Herbs and spices

  • Various liver-supporting, fat-metabolizing properties


  • Lipotrophic: decrease fat storage rate, accelerates fat metabolism

Excludes: caffeine, sugar, alcohol, yeast-based foods, vinegars, trans fats, some herbs

2. Excess water weight


  • Excess water may contribute to abdominal bloating, cellulite, puffiness


Consuming too little water and protein

    • Too little water prevents kidneys from flushing water in body

    • Protein carries water molecules that kidneys removed; without protein, fluid leaks into spaces between cells

Food sensitivities

    • Fluid retention, cravings/overeating

    • Common: dairy, wheat, sugar, yeast

Hormonal fluctuations

    • Estrogen dominance, carb cravings

Some medications

    • Different mechanisms

Cranberry juice and water

  • Cranberry juice is diuretic

  • Proper hydration

Psyllium or ground flaxseed

Fruits and Vegetables

  • High fiber reduces estrogen


  • Increases metabolism

3. Fear of eating fat


  • People don’t get enough essential fatty acids (EFAs); eat too many carbs

  • EFAs important for

    • Vitamin transport

    • Bile flow

    • Help burn fat

Flaxseed oil

  • Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)

  • Omega-3

  • Raise metabolism, flush water from kidneys, lower triglyceride levels

  • Creates sensation of fullness

Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA) supplement

  • Omega-6

  • Supplements: borage oil, evening primrose oil, or black currant seed oil

  • Stimulate thyroid

  • Activates brown adipose tissue to burn fat

Conjugated-Linoleic Acid (CLA) supplement

  • Converts fat to lean muscle

4. Excess Insulin


Too much insulin causes sugar cravings; also increases fat storage.

Low glycemic-index vegetables, fruits (30%)

  • Controls insulin levels, decreases appetite

Protein (30%)

  • Stimulates production of glucagon, burns fat

High-quality fats (40%)

  • Omega-3s reduce insulin resistance

Eliminate saturated and trans fats, sugars, refined carbs

5. Stress makes fat

  • Stress causes release of cortisol

  • Cortisol activates enzymes to store fat when it contacts fat cells

  • Central fat cells (deep abdominal visceral cells) have more cortisol receptors; the “apple” shape is worse

  • Alcohol, caffeine, sleep deprivation all promote cortisol secretion

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and sugar

  • Avoiding cortisol boosters


  • Enhances fat burning

Daily fat

  • Reduces cravings and physiologic stress

Exercise, sleep, journaling, stress management

  • Maintain cortisol
The Fat Flush Plan:

Phase 1: Two-Week Fat Flush

Goal: Detoxify system in a short period of time to facilitate weight loss

  • 1100-1200 calories/day, accelerates fat loss from hips, thighs, buttocks

Diet: Only certain foods allowed


Not allowed


  • High-lignan flaxseed oil (Omega-3) (1 tbsp)

  • GLA capsules (360-400mg)

Lean protein (8 oz.)

  • Fish, seafood, lean beef, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb

  • Eggs (2) for Omega-3s

Vegetables (unlimited) and Fruits (2)

Cranberry water (64 oz)

Long-life cocktail” (cranberry water, psyllium or flaxseeds)

Thermogenic spices

  • Cayenne, dried mustard, cinnamon, ginger, dill, garlic, anise, fennel, cloves, bay leaves, coriander, parsley, cilantro, apple cider vinegar, cumin

Wheat, grains

Saturated or trans fats


Yeast-based seasonings

Alcohol, coffee, tea, colas, soft-drinks


Trans fats



Soy sauce, mustards, barbecue sauces


Processed foods

Phase 2: The Ongoing Fat Flush

Goal: Maintain fat flush, 1500 calories

Diet: Same as in Phase 1, but minor changes

  • Add back at most 2 friendly carbohydrates (sprouted-grain toast, green peas, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potato); add back slowly

  • Drink 48 oz plain water per day, instead of cran-water

Phase 3: The Fat Flush Lifestyle
Goal: Maintain healthy eating habits for the rest of your life

Diet: Same as in phase 1, with additions:

  • Add back up to 4 friendly carbs

    • Sprouted-grain bread, peas, carrots, potatoes, chickpeas, beans, brown rice

    • If you have gas or weight gain, omit carbohydrates

  • Add up to 1 tsp salt back

  • Add up to 2 servings dairy back (low-fat versions)

For each of the phases:

  • Exercise: Moderate (i.e. less than 2 hours of strenuous activity)

    • Walking, stretching, bouncing, strength building

    • Bouncing allows better lymph flow

  • Sleep: At least 8 hours; sleep more, eat less

  • Journaling: Record emotions, prevent impulse eating, encourage yourself

    • Record food reactions, what works for you



  • Very little grains included; people probably get enough fiber from all those vegetables

  • Very protein centered; people get quite a bit of red meat

  • Dairy still included

  • People still need some salt; but all salt is banned in Phase 1 and 2

  • May be hard to follow because it really is a lifestyle change

  • Drinking so much water might be difficult

Good things:

  • Gets people to stop consuming processed, chemically laden foods.

  • Cuts out bad carbohydrates; whole grains emphasized, when included

  • Cut out soda, sugar, caffeine

  • Introduces good fats

  • Vegetables, fruits emphasized

  • Lots of antioxidants (cranberry juice, flaxseed oil)

  • Exercise, journaling, sleep: all healthy things

  • Gets people to drink more water

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