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Story Notes "Suki’s Kimono"

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Story Notes “Suki’s Kimono”

  1. Why did Suki have a better first day at school than her sisters?

*No one noticed her sister’s new clothes, but they did notice Suki’s Kimono.

2. How can you tell that Suki cares about her obachan?

*The Kimono Suki wears was a special gift from her grandmother.

3. How do people sometimes act when they see someone who looks different?

*They sometimes make fun of people who look different.

4. Yuki and Mari probably did not want Suki to wear her kimono to school because they thought that Suki would embarrass them.

5. Suki’s classmates admired her after she danced for them.

6. The story takes place in an American city.

7. A lesson that can be learned from this story is its always best to be yourself.

8. At the festival Suki tried to be like her obachan by dancing gracefully.

9. After Suki danced in front of the class, she thought she was in trouble because everyone was quiet and looking at her.

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