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Story Ideas " Dr. Truth"

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Radical Honesty

Saving America One Relationship at a Time

Story Ideas
Dr. Truth” – A psychologist who specializes in teaching people to tell the unvarnished truth in all areas of life, Dr. Brad Blanton explains what it means to be Radically Honest and how it leads to health and intimacy.
The Hidden Costs of Lying – Brad discusses the harm we do to ourselves and relationships by the lies we routinely tell ourselves and others, and how Radical Honesty breaks the cycle.
Occupy Honesty – Brad explains how Radical Honesty has shaped the Occupy Wall Street movement's approach to shared decision-making, group leadership and individual responsibility, as well as his role in organizing, getting arrested and protesting with OWS.
Some New Kind of Trailer Trash – Brad's first volume of his autobiography details his first 37 years, from his traumatic childhood to protests in the 1960s to travels around America that continue to this day. Brad shares stories from his brawls, marriages, movements, protests and associations.
The Course in Honesty – Brad has led workshops for years teaching people how to embrace Radical Honesty in all parts of their lives. He explains why this form of truth-telling is the basis for personal growth and social change.
Radically Honest Health – Brad reveals how Radical Honesty leads to healthier relationships and improved mental health.
Overcoming Obesity and Addiction – Brad explains how people can beat addictions by learning to pay attention to and welcome their experiences, rather than running from them.
The Radically Honest Workplace – Is it possible to be completely honest and get and keep a job? Brad discusses what happens when businesses adopt Radical Honesty between bosses, employees and coworkers.

Dishonesty is at the heart of what ails America. From our relationships to our economic system, politics and government, lying is so commonplace that we often fail to notice it. It's an insidious disease with hidden consequences that can only be cured by a new approach to life, says Brad Blanton Ph.D., founder of the “Radical Honesty” movement.
Radical Honesty is telling the sometimes painful but freeing truth to others while staying committed to the relationship as an instrument of mutual clarification. It's the way to create true trust and intimacy and build communities that can enact real change, says Brad, a psychotherapist, bestselling author, and veteran social activist now in his sixth decade of rabble rousing.
Radical Honesty can also help people overcome addictions and other harmful habits and behaviors. “It’s critical to your own health and well-being that you be radically honest,” Brad says.
Brad's compelling life story is now out in his new autobiography, Some New Kind of Trailer Trash. In this first volume covering the first half of his life, he gives an unflinching account of his childhood and the upbringing that made him one of America's most celebrated rebels and a philosophical father of the Occupy movement. Funny, irreverent, sometimes profane and always controversial, Brad has been featured across major media including on 20/20, Dateline, CNN, Montel Williams, All Things Considered and Fox Television Morning Show. He is now touring 20 U.S. cities in four months, helping organize Occupy protests, getting arrested, and having a blast promoting Radical Honesty as the path to changing the world.
BIO: Brad Blanton, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist, workshop leader and author of the nationwide bestseller Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Life By Telling The Truth. He's been an activist from the civil rights movement to organizing today's Occupy movement and been featured on 20/20, Dateline, CNN, Montel Williams and All Things Considered. His books include the autobiography Some New Kind of Trailer Trash and The Korporate Kannibal Kookbook.
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