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State Representative, District 42, Position 2 2-year term Vincent Buys

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State Representative, District 42, Position 2
2-year term

Vincent Buys

(Prefers Republican Party)

Elected Experience: 2010 Elected Washington State Representative - 42nd Legislative District; Ranking Member, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee; Appropriations Committee; Appropriations Sub-Committee on General Government and IT; House Republican Member - State Building Code Council; House Republican Member - Capital Projects Advisory Review Board; House Republican Member - Governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation

Other Professional Experience: Whatcom Young Professionals, Lynden Chamber of Commerce, Northwest Business Club, Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism, Washington Farm Bureau

Education: Graduate, Lynden Christian High School; Graduate, Bellingham Technical College - AAS, Electronics Technologies

Community Service: Starfish Ministries, North County Christ The King Church, Puget Sound Blood Center, Lighthouse Mission Ministries

Statement: I am honored to have served the last four years as your representative in Whatcom County. I have worked hard to provide effective leadership and understand the needs and values we all share. I have fought to lower unemployment, strengthen our local businesses and communities, and have been an outspoken advocate for our agricultural economy. I have supported legislation to reduce burdensome regulations, provide increased economic opportunities, and protect victims of sexual violence. I will continue, with your support, to be a leader who prioritizes the needs of Whatcom County and ensures that your voice is heard in Olympia.

Contact: (360) 306-0648;

Joy Monjure

(Prefers Democratic Party)

Elected Experience: Former Everson City Council member.

Other Professional Experience: Small Business Owner (Field of Greens) and City of Bellingham Public Works Communications Coordinator. In my 23 years with the City of Bellingham, I informed our community about the services of the Public Works Department, with a focus on protecting our water resources. Initiated Procession of the Species.  

Education: No information submitted

Community Service: As a 20-year advocate for sustainable farming, I initiated the Whatcom Farm Map & Guide and Fall Harvest Dinner. Served on the Bellingham/Whatcom Commission Against Domestic Violence and the Whatcom Council of Governments. Former President Everson/Nooksack Chamber of Commerce.  

Statement: It is time for Whatcom County to have effective representation in Olympia for farmers and families. As an Everson City Councilwoman, I fought to improve the quality of life for everyone in our rural community. I’m also a local business owner. Drive through Everson and you will find Field of Greens, my farm stand selling organic produce grown in the Nooksack Valley. As a long-time advocate for sustainable farming, I will fight for our local farmers and see their voices are heard in Olympia. My name is Joy Monjure and I am asking for your vote.

Contact: (360) 303-7391;;

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