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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

November 12, 2010

10:00 a.m. – Sundown Room
Members Present: Sharon Bogener, Lynda Reid, Phyllis Kennon, Patrick Logue, Mollie Melton, Robert Plant, Gary Poffenbarger, Randy Robertson, Charlene Perez, Christi Anderson, Deborrah Caddell, Amanda Sims, Dawn Valles, Debbie Britton, Julie Gerstenberger, Todd Gregg, Cathy Mitchell, Lance Scott, Myrna Whitehead, Yancy Nuñez, Jack Warldow, and Stephen John.
Members Absent: Rafael Aguilera, Rob Blair, Sue Ann Lopez, Jim Walker, Cary Banks, Wayne Langehennig, Katheryn Townsend, Urisonya Flunder, Kimbra Quinn.
The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. Minutes of the September 10, 2010 meeting had been previously distributed by email. Motion by Jack Wardlow, second by Robert Plant to accept the minutes as distributed. Motion approved.
The following agenda items were taken up.
Review of 2010-11 IE Committee Objectives

The IE Committee’s Institutional Effectiveness Planning Report for 2009-10 was presented for review, noting the results, progress and status of the committee’s six objectives for the past year. Uncompleted objectives in progress were carried over to the 2010-11 academic year. The IE Planning Report for 2010-11 was also presented for review. This plan of work includes the following targeted objectives.

  1. Leverage the resources of MySPC to provide employee access to IE resources (continuation.)

  2. Continue to work with instructional leadership and faculty to develop processes and best practices for assessing student learning outcomes (continuation).

  3. Leverage LeadSPC Supervisors Training Network to provide professional development in leadership, communications and customer service activities (continuation).

  4. Implement and institutionalize the graduate follow-up survey process and system (continuation).

  5. Incorporate Program Planning and Review process with the TaskStream Accountability Management System.

  6. Strengthen institutional research to accommodate the increasing need for data to make decisions and demonstrate accountability.

Following discussion, motion made by Cathy Mitchell, second by Sharon Bogener, to accept the IE Plan as the committee’s program of work for the current academic year. Motion passed.

Supervisors Network – LeadSPC

Julie Gerstenberger reported that the Supervisor’s Training Network Subcommittee had met October 22, 2010 and a report of that meeting was distributed. The meeting focused on internal communications and professional development in customer service. Subcommittee members discussed using existing resources, such as Commlines, the College website home page, the Professional Development Committee and Chairperson’s meetings as vehicles to enhance internal communications. They discussed new opportunities these existing resources may provide including a President’s Update, a “News you can use” segment for internal information such as new College forms, an “Ask the administrator” segment, an “employee spotlight,” and a suggestion box.

In the area of customer service training, the Subcommittee reviewed the results of the 2007 Communications Survey and revisited the survey report’s recommendations. The committee discussed conducting a refresher course of the Connections training for the Student Services area in the spring, 2011 semester. Kimbra Quinn will facilitate the refreshers once dates have been scheduled. In addition, members discussed offering the course to a new group of participants who will be selected at a later date.
The subcommittee will meet Nov. 19, 2010 to finalize its training plans and schedule for the spring semester. During the discussion, Debbie Britton suggested that as part of facilitating communications, the feasibility of an online version of the InTouch Employee Directory with photos be explored.
Assessment and Outcomes Subcommittee

Yancy Nunez reported that the Arts & Sciences Division had completed its initial assessment of Student Learning Outcome II : Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Technical Literacy this past year. Student samples were lacking in some aspects. More attention will be given to informing faculty on the kinds and types of assessment documents that are needed to provide data. Student Learning Outcome III : Creativity will be assessed this year. A rubric has been created and assessments will be collected this fall. Work on developing an assessment rubric for Student Learning Outcome IV: Social Responsibility and Leadership will begin this year. Student Learning Outcome I: Communications and Collaboration has gone through the assessment cycle and follow-up assessments will be conducted.

Institutional Research and Data Subcommittee

Jack Wardlow reported that the subcommittee has not met for the semester. He did report that he attended a workshop on the National Student Clearninghouse, which collects financial aid data and other educational data from colleges and universities. Changes to the NSC will allow us to track our students through the educational pipeline. He said the subcommittee will meet this semester. He is also working to restore the Student Information System documents that were deleted when the MySPC portal crashed earlier in the semester.

Jack also reported on a Coordinating Board update meeting on the Accountability System that was held Nov. 1. The CB’s Undergraduate Education Advisory Committee is in the process of revising the core curriculum and will recommend that student choices in the curriculum be narrowed. According to the CB, outcomes based funding will become a reality in the future. The CB’s accountability advisory committees are being asked to define value-added education and how it can be measured. Outcomes that will be studied include a student’s individual progression toward success.
Program Planning and Review Subcommittee

Stephen John reported that the TaskStream AMS Implementation Team has been established and has been meeting with TaskStream’s technical services personnel to begin structuring the system. Team members include IE Committee members, Rob Blair, Yancy Nunez, Sue Ann Lopez, Jim Walker, Kimbra Quinn, Rafael Aguilera, Cathy Mitchell, and David Jones, Dane Dewbre, Tim Winders, Dennis Churchwell, Gracie Quinonez. The team has met to become oriented with the system features and has been focusing on developing instructional and program workspaces within the system to capture planning and assessment activities and documents. The team will meet weekly with TaskStream technical services throughout the remainder of the semester. Once the system is structured, orientation sessions will be held for workspace managers.

2009-10 IE Performance Report

Copies of the 2009-10 IE Performance Report were distributed to committee members and Stephen John presented the highlights to the report. Of the 70 performance standards that comprise the college’s system of outcome assessment, updated data was available for 56 of the standards. Of these benchmarks, the college met or exceeded the standards on 50 of the measures for an overall performance rating of 89 percent. Areas that we need to monitor included the following:

  • Graduate and Persistence of First-Time, Full-Time Students

  • Licensure Exam Passage – 90% benchmark

  • Student Diversity – made notable progress in this area last year and this fall.

  • Retention/persistence of FTIC students

  • Employee Diversity

With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 28, 2011, 9 a.m. in the Founders Room.

IE Committee Meeting, 11/12/10

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