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Solicitation no. Dtfawa-08-r-00006 Attachment j-1 – duat service Specification faa-e-2901C

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Attachment J-1 – DUAT Service Specification FAA-E-2901C

DUAT Service Access is defined as the probability that any attempt to access the DUAT Service made by an authorized user will result in a connection providing reliable bi-directional data transfer. DUAT Service Access must [435] be 95 percent or greater.
            1. Transaction Provisions

A transaction begins when the authorized user is connected with the DUAT Service and the system is awaiting user input or command. The DUAT Service must allow a single transaction to consist of multiple functions; such as the provision of text or graphical weather information, the filing of one or more flight plans, and the performance of other DUAT Service functions [437]. A transaction is terminated upon (a) user request (log-off), (b) inactivity time expiration, (c) loss or failure of the connection, or by the DUAT Service provider in accordance with the transaction termination requirements of this specification.

              1. Reserved

              1. Reserved

            1. Termination

              1. Transaction Termination

The DUAT Service must [440] allow the user to terminate the transaction at any time.

              1. Time-out Termination

The DUAT Service must [441] terminate the transaction if there is no user input for a total of three minutes from the user's last keyboard/mouse entry.

                1. Time-out

The DUAT Service must [442] prompt the user for entry if there has been no keyboard/mouse activity for two minutes. Reserved Termination Disconnect


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