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Similar to Jack Nicholson’s line in the movie where he smashes in the door with the axe, sticks his head through and says "I’m Home" well, "I’m Back!

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Similar to Jack Nicholson’s line in the movie where he smashes in the door with the axe, sticks his head through and says “I’m Home” – well, “I’m Back!!” as your handy, dandy news reporter, purveyor of tall tales sometimes. As in the past, if no one tells me any news, then I am forced to make some up to fill the blank spaces and I do have a vivid imagination and a long memory.
I‘ve also been re-elected as a National Director for Alberta for the next two years so thank you to all who took the time and the stamp to vote for me. It is appreciated and if you have any concerns re APHA – let me know please. In the next newsletter I’ll refresh your memory about upcoming rule change proposals so you can let me know your thoughts on them
For starters, I hit the Camrose Paint Show for a very brief visit on the Saturday morning and the first thing I saw was a really good looking, well dressed guy hanging onto a super nice solid horse. I may be old, but my eyes still function sorta good. Took me a while to figure out it was Tyrel Poier. WOWSER!! I can’t believe he didn’t have a bunch of girls hanging around him offering to brush his horse or his boots. I did hear that in Lloydminster, he looked much rougher.
Heard Lynn Freeland’s name announced in yearling colts with the colt she bought from Diane Magdalin but never caught up with her.
And everywhere I looked at Camrose, I saw new faces and new horses. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to go round and say hello to all the newcomers but HELLO and WELCOME from here and please drop me a note and tell me about yourself and your horses. Saw Dale Cunningham who bought our Sculptured mare and got the bonus of a bay Artie filly – she was supposed to be open, so he is a new paint owner with his mom at the show. Susan Van Damme had him helping her out with her halter horses.
Speaking of Lloydminster I understand that Kathy Donnelly entertained everyone with her unplanned, yet spectacular dismount in the trail course and did it right in front of Michelle Desjarlais leaving herself open to comments from the announcers’ booth. I missed it and she said she had no plans on repeating it at Camrose.

Mary Anne Tourangeau waved a fond goodbye to Oreo who headed off to Ohio to own a teenager who plans to show her both in APHA and PtHA both locally and maybe the world show in the future.

The love of my life, I Art To Have Color, our lovely 16.3 bay stallion is now residing with Ted and Tina Gray. Julia took me that she plans to ride him this summer as she is the ONLY one in the family that knows how to jump. From having over 40 head a year ago, we are down to 11 head and 3 foals. Prismz, the yearling filly I showed last year now resides with Terri Robinson and she has big plans for her. Kate Roxboro bought the RH Mr Imprint filly and the lovely solid weanling filly out of Claudias Upset. Says both will hit the show ring later this summer. Most of the others left the province. Chloe, my big palomino Overo now lives in Ontario with Ray and Sheila Mackie, who are super tough halter people and they have bought several horses from us over the past few years including Embellished who is continuing her winning ways in yearling halter on the east coast.
Talked briefly with Jack Hazeldine who said his daughter Allie had a smoking good show down at Walla Walla in early June.
Cindy Kremer decided she is going to try life without horses for a bit and has sold Splashariffic to Reba DeKock of Dawson Creek. Suddenly Splashed found a new home with Angela Bennett and Brokeriffic now lives with John and Barb Matchett who showed at Camrose with her. Will Make A Splash now lives in BC with Wolf Beyer, a friend of Diane Magdalin who abandoned us for BC a few years back. And she has a new traveling companion, the cutest Irish Wolf hound puppy called Libby. You need to invite them for a visit, she is just too cute. Cindy is also selling most of her mares and as you know her program was very successful in producing many top Tobiano halter horses. Cindy was the LONE Canadian who participated in Paint Vegas with her yearling filly, Maddie last December.
So that’s it for now, headed off to Texas hauling horses with Bruce – first stop Roswell, NM to meet some aliens after we deliver the Morgans to their new owner who assured me he knows some of them personally.
Don’t forget to send me your news, views, gossip – anything you want is fine with me
Liz Hickling

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