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Short cv (Suraiya Faroqhi, Mrs). Career

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Short CV (Suraiya Faroqhi, Mrs).
Career: My first ‘real’ job was at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis St Paul teaching Turkish Language and Civilization courses; it lasted for a year (1970-71), then the money ran out. In 1971, I began to work at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, at first teaching Freshman English, later History as a non-technical elective and from 1984 onwards in the newly established History Department. I have had a lengthy career in Ankara, all the way from instructor to full professor (1971-1987).
Sometimes I think that I must have been crazy, for I went through the ordeal of the doçentlik/Habilitation not once but two times: in1980 in the Turkish system, and then all over again at the University of Bochum/ Federal Republic of Germany (1982).
Between 1988 and 2007, I was a professor at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität in Munich/ FRG. Between 2002 and 2007, I chaired the ‘Institute for the History and Culture of the Middle East and Turkish Studies’ (Nahost-Institut). After retirement in 2007, I accepted a position as a professor of history at Istanbul Bilgi University, where I am currently teaching; in 2010, I was also the chairperson of the History Department.

I have studied at the universities of Hamburg (FRG, Dr. Phil.) and Istanbul, as well as at Indiana University/ Bloomington (MA for Teachers).

I am an honorary member of the Middle East Studies association (MESA) and hold an honorary doctorate from Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, Istanbul (2001).
Principal publications: Der Bektaschi-Orden in Anatolien (vom späten fünfzehnten Jahrhundert bis 1826, in Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes, Sonderband II (Wien: Verlag des Institutes für Orientalistik der Universität Wien, 1981); Towns and Townsmen of Ottoman Anatolia, Trade, Crafts and Food Production in an Urban Setting (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984); Men of Modest Substance, House Owners and House Property in Seventeenth-Century Ankara and Kayseri (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987); Pilgrims and Sultans, The Haj under the Ottomans (London: I.B. Tauris, 1994); Kultur und Alltag im Osmanischen Reich, (München: C. H.Beck, 1995), English translation by Martin Bott Subjects of the Sultans, Culture and Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire (London: I.B. Tauris, 2000); Approaching Ottoman History, an Introduction to the Sources (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999); Geschichte des Osmanischen Reiches (Munich: C. H. Beck Verlag, series Beck-Wissen, 2000). In addition, I have written the section 'Crisis and Change 1590-1699' in An Economic and Social History of the Ottoman Empire, edited by Halil Inalcık with Donald Quataert (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994, pp. 411-636).
My most recent works are The Ottoman Empire and the World around it (London: I. B. Tauris 2004) and Artisans of Empire: Crafts and Craftspeople under the Ottomans (London: I. B. Tauris 2009). I am the editor of The Cambridge History of Turkey, vol. 3 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006) and of Animals and People in the Ottoman Empire (Istanbul: Eren, 2010).
Several volumes of collected articles: Peasants, Dervishes and Traders in the Ottoman Empire (London: Vario­rum Reprints, 1986); Coping with the State, Political Conflict and Crime in the Ottoman Empire (Istanbul: The Isis Publications, 1995); Making a Living in the Ottoman Lands, 1480-1820 (Istanbul: The Isis Publications, 1995); Stories of Ottoman Men and Women, Establishing Status, Establishing Control (Istanbul: Eren, 2002): Another Mirror for Princes: the Public Image of the Ottoman Sultans and its Reception (Istanbul: The Isis Publications, 2008).

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