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Shop Midtown for the Holidays

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News from Main St

Clara Vaughn

It’s November which means it is time for my annual “Shop Midtown for the Holidays” diatribe. I am probably preaching to the choir, but in the hopes of reaching one new person, here I go.
You can find EVERYTHING you need for holiday decorating, entertaining and gift giving right here in Midtown! Say it with me, “ I do not need to go to the mall.” One more time, louder this time, “I DO NOT NEED TO GO TO THE MALL!”
There, that’s the hardest part. Now get your lists together. Decorating is a slam dunk. OK, I will concede that you might need to go outside Midtown to cut down your tree. While there are beautiful trees in Midtown, we want to still see them in the spring. But the poinsettias, candles, tree lights, bulbs, tinsel and anything else you could possibly need to decorate can all be purchased right here.
Entertaining is next. We have great caterers in Midtown. Several come to mind including Salsman and Joe Joe’s or you can have your party at the Café Trocadero. Need pretty plates to set the perfect table or some kitchen gadget for that unique dessert you plan to make? Pryde’s is your place! Let’s not forget the wine at Costco and Gomers! Having a tea party for the girls? You can find a wonderful array of teas and all the necessary accessories at Tea Drops.
Gifts. Pottery and kitchen gear are available at Prydes and Ambrosi Brothers. For your favorite old recording, head for Recycled Sounds and Music Exchange. Are you looking for a guitar or other musical instrument? Big Dude’s is your place. Sheet music? You’ll undoubtedly find it at Luybens. Jewelry and art is everywhere in Midtown, try Vulcan Forge or the wonderful small art galleries tucked away in Midtown. Funky furniture and other recycled wares can be found at Urban Mining Homewares and mission furniture at 20th Century Art and Objects, a couple of new places on Main Street (sorry, have to get a few special hints in for Main Street!) Don’t forget the gift shops at the Nelson and Kemper. If you can’t think of the perfect gift or you have that person on your list who has everything, you can get gift certificates at most of our wonderful restaurants or salons.
As you can see, the choices here are endless. There really is no reason to leave our wonderful part of town! By spending your dollars right here you are not only helping our small business but the people they employ who are your neighbors. It is truly a win/win situation for all of us. Have a great time shopping!

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