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Share Photos on Flickr

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Share Photos on Flickr

Smile. You could have your digital photos on the new Flickr group called, “Let’s Go Outside.”

Hosted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the “Let’s Go Outside” [] group allows Flickr users to upload images of themselves, their family and friends at national wildlife refuges and other great outdoor spots. You can use Flickr’s map function to identify where your photos were taken and see the places where group members explore nature.
You can also describe where the image was taken and your experiences in nature. You can even upload images from your cell phone or chat on the Flickr discussion board about members’ favorite places to go.


The Service’s “Let’s Go Outside” initiative encourages people to reconnect with nature. To learn about activities in nature go to the Service’s special events calendar online at, or the Let’s Go Outside Web site,

If you have a Twitter site, here’s a Tweet you can use about this story:

It’s a Flickr campaign to get everyone #outside! Having fun on a refuge? Share #photos of your family and friends at

If you have a Facebook, here’s a comment you might want to post:

We’re inviting you to share your experiences in the great outdoors by uploading images of you, your family and your friends enjoying nature. Give some details: what were you doing, and what did you like best? Talk about your photos and why you love being in the outdoors. You can post info about your favorite places to go and things to do in nature – and even share tips about nature photography, on Flickr at .

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