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Settlement workers in school (swis) program

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“Helping Newcomers Succeed”
Hello, my name is Idris Hassan. I am a Settlement Worker in the Settlement Workers in Schools program (SWIS) with LUSO Community Services.
LUSO Community Services is a multicultural, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to promoting inclusiveness, well-being and prosperity in the London community. LUSO Community Services provides programs and services for children, youth, families and seniors of culturally diverse and ethnic backgrounds.
I’m originally from Somalia, East Africa, and my educational background includes Social Service and Psychology Courses from Conestoga College in Kitchener. I have been in the social services sector for the past four years assisting newcomers with their settlement needs. I am fluent in Somali, Amharic, and English.

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

The Settlement Workers in Schools program places settlement workers from community agencies in elementary and secondary schools that have high numbers of newcomer students. In London, the program is known as SWIS-London and is a partnership between LUSO Community Services, London Cross Cultural Learner Centre, South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre, The Thames Valley District School Board and London Catholic District School Board. The program is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


  1. Connect by engaging in outreach within the school to establish and maintain contact with newcomer students and their families.

A. Assist newcomer students and their families by providing settlement services and information about community resources.

R. Refer newcomer students and their families by linking them to resources and services within the school and community.

E. Empower newcomer students and their families through facilitating access to services and resources where there are barriers.

S. Strengthen the relationship between newcomer families and the school staff by bridging communication.

I will be working at John Paul II Catholic High School as well as St. Anne Catholic School in London. I can be reached at: Telephone: 519-701-0758 or via


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