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Serge Charles Kaska, M. D

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Serge Charles Kaska , M.D.

Board Certified, ABOS

277 Rancheros Road, Suite 101

San Marcos, CA 92069 11/2012-Present

488 East Valley Parkway, Suite 404 04/2012-10/2012

Escondido, CA 92025

488 East Valley Parkway, Suite 214 11/2006-03/2012

Escondido, CA 92025

7810 Frost Street, Suite 200 06/2006-11/2006

San Diego, CA 92123
Office: (760) 432-6311

Cell: (714) 222-3670

Fax: (760) 432-0531


Medical Education

Ilizarov Fellowship 06/02/2006-06/24/2006

Orthopaedic Department and Ilizarov Unit

Lecco General Hospital

Lecco, Italy 42, Via C. Cattaneo, 23900

Tel +39-341-364662

Fax +39-0341-630630

Problem Fracture and Limb Deformity Fellowship 08/15/2005-06/01/2006

California Pacific Medical Center

2333 Buchanan Street

2100 Webster Street, Suite 117

San Francisco, CA 94115

Fax 415-600-3887

Orthopaedic Specialty Institute 08/02/2004-08/02/2005

Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy Fellowship

Orthopaedic Specialty Institute

280 South Main Street, Suite 200

Orange, CA 92868

Fax 714-456-4569

Orthopaedic Surgery Residency 07/01/2000-06/30/2004

University of California, Irvine

101 The City Drive

Orange, CA 92868
Surgical Internship 07/01/1999-06/30/2000

University of California, Irvine

Dartmouth Medical School 08/1995-06/1999 Hanover, NH 03755


Undergraduate Education

California Polytechnic State University 09/1991-06/1995

San Luis Obispo, California 93405


Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry,

Magna Cum Laude

Colorado State University, 01/1991-05/1991

Fort Collins, CO

Santa Barbara City College 09/1989-12/1990

Santa Barbara, California


Physician and Surgeon 12/28/2000-11/30/2012

The Medical Board of California
Radiography and Fluoroscopy 06/30/2012-06/30/2014 X-ray Supervisor and Operator

California Department of Health Services


Serge C. Kaska, James Weinstein, D.O., M.S. Ernest Amory Codman 1869-1940: A Pioneer of Evidence-Based Medicine: The End Result Idea. Spine Mar. 1998, (23) 629-633.

Caiozzo, Vincent J. FACSM; Richmond, Heather; Kaska, Serge; Adams, Greg; Baldwin, Ken FACSM. Mechanical Behavior of Skeletal Muscle during Stretch: Effects of Muscle Unloading and MHC Isoform Shifts. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: Volume 36(5) Supplement May 2004 p S89.

Vincent J. Caiozzo, Heather Richmond, Serge Kaska, and Dahlia Valeroso. The mechanical behavior of activated skeletal muscle during stretch: effects of muscle unloading and MyHC isoform shifts

J Appl Physiol.2007; 103: 1150-1160
Scott P. Fischer, Serge Kaska, Adhesive Capsulitis. Practical Orthopaedic Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy; 2007 Chapter 18:273-283.


Mosenthal Surgical Society 1999

Herbert and Gertrude Latkin Trust Scholarship 1999

Monarch Health System Concours Scholarship 1998

George Halling, MD Honorary Scholarship 1997

Athletic Scholarship 1992-1994

Academic All-American 1991

Wilson Scholar Athlete Award 1991

Ian Brown Memorial Scholarship 1990

Professional Associations

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

American Medical Association

Arthroscopy Association of North America

Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society

California Medical Association

Orthopaedic Trauma Association

Western Orthopaedic Association
Hospital Affiliations

Main Street Surgery Center 08/2004-Present

Active Staff

280 South Main Street, Suite 100

Orange, CA 92868

Palomar Medical Center 09/2006-Present

Active Staff

555 East Valley Parkway

Escondido, CA 92025

Fax 760-739-3936
Pomerado Hospital 09/2006-Present

Active Staff

15615 Pomerado Road

Poway, Ca 92064

Sharp Memorial Hospital 09/2006-Present

Active Staff

7901 Frost Street

San Diego, CA 92123-9978

Poway Surgery Center 11/2007-Present

Active Staff

15525 Pomerado Road, Suite E-2

Poway, CA 92064

Tri-City Medical Center 04/2008-Present

Active Staff

4002 W. Vista Way

Oceanside, CA 92056

Carlsbad Surgery Center 11/2008-Present

Active Staff

7668 El Camino Real, Suite 104-446

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Sharp Grossmont Hospital 07/2009-Present

Provisional Staff

5555 Grossmont Center Drive

La Mesa, CA 91942

Rady Children’s Hospital 03/2011-Present

Provisional Staff

3020 Children’s Way

San Diego, CA 92123

Scripps Memorial Encinitas 03/2011-Present

Provisional Staff

354 Santa Fe Drive

Encinitas, CA 92024

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