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Sepam and Harbin exchange programme. In transformation. New information will follow soon

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SEPAM and Harbin exchange programme.

In transformation. New information will follow soon

The basic idea of this proposal is to provide students the opportunity to gain international experience and at the same time improve the attractiveness of the SEPAM programme by giving students the opportunity to go abroad without having to sacrifice the existing programme. The following requirements on the exchange programme are elicited;

  • The courses that can be followed will make a valuable contribution to the MSc programmes for the students and do not contain already acquired knowledge and skills;

  • The courses cannot be exchanged with the SEPAM foundations courses (first semester), those are obliged and should be taken in Delft;

Within these constraints, the idea is to provide SEPAM students the opportunity to follow three courses at Harbin.

  1. Advanced cross-cultural management (4 ECTS)

  2. Political and administrative system of China (4 ECTS)

  3. Gaming-simulation for infrastructure development (5 ECTS)

In Harbin the courses are not in parallel, but are given in sequential order. The three courses are given within a 7 week timeframe if they are scheduled on top of each other. These courses are given in the 1st quarter of the second year and SEPAM students can spend their time in China. The courses start in late August and the end in mid-October.

For students these courses can be part of their free elective space (11 ECTS). Students can either follow two or all three courses. These courses cannot be part of the domain specialization. Therefore students should schedule their domain specialization in the 1st year and 2nd quarter of the second year.

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