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See also the 4-h family Notebook and Upcoming 4-h events for explanations of additional 4-h terminology 4-h sunday

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4-H Lingo

(See also the 4-H Family Notebook and Upcoming 4-H Events for explanations of additional 4-H Terminology)

4-H Sunday – One Sunday set aside each year to call attention to and emphasize the spiritual H (heart) of 4-H. Each club decides how to observe 4-H Sunday. Some clubs attend church together, have a part in the church service, a 4-H family picnic, or other activity.

4-H Journal – A magazine published through the Kansas 4-H Foundation that features 4-H’ers and their work in the state. Complimentary copies for all 4-H families are paid for by local 4-H sponsors.

Ottawa County 4-H Foundation and Salina County 4-H Development Fund – Both Ottawa and Saline County have groups which provide camp scholarships, college scholarships, and grants. Saline County’s Phone-a-Thon is in October, Ottawa County’s Fund Drive is in March.

Area Awards Judging – Usually during January, committees of volunteers and Extension agents meet to select the top two applications in each award program (KAP—see Handbook) and those are sent on to state awards judging in March.

Club Constitution and Bylaws – An agreed upon, written document for each 4-H club. It spells out the name, purpose, membership expectations, offices, officer duties, and general rules for club operations. A suggested constitution and bylaws are provided through the Extension office.

Club Exchange Meeting – Clubs may invite another club from their district to join them in a meeting at their regular meeting location or meet for a social activity with another club or conduct a combined meeting.

Club Seal – These seals are available each year to clubs who have successfully completed the goals and activities they set for themselves and recorded in their Annual Summary which is submitted in late September to the 4-H agent. Seals are presented at the Achievement Celebration in November and may be displayed on the club charter.

Club Tour – A club outing usually designed to let members observe what other members are doing in projects prior to the County Fair. Members may visit, as a group, the homes of other members to view the projects and culminate with a group celebration or members may bring projects to a meeting site and share projects there.

Community Service Committee – Clubs may choose to participate in a community service. The committee helps design ways of carrying out the plans made by the club and should include 4-H members and adult volunteers.

Conference Judging – This judging is designed to increase the value of 4-H exhibit judging experience for the 4-H members. The process involves an experienced and knowledgeable judge interviewing the 4-H member while evaluating the project exhibit. Parents may observe but are asked not to speak during conference judging, which is how fair exhibits are judged.

District Horse Show – Senior District Shows are a preliminary for the State Fair Horse Show. 4-H’ers 9 and older, compete in performance classes to qualify for the State Fair Horse Show. The District Horse Show is held in Salina.

Enrollment Card – A form provided by the district Extension office for each 4-H member and which must be completed and signed each year by December 1. This process should be done through the club.

Executive Board – Elected in the April elections in odd years, these members (4 from each county in the District) have the responsibility to hire and supervise the Extension agents, to develop and oversee the Extension Council budget, and to set priorities for Extension programming.

Extension Office – The office housing the KSU Extension faculty who work in a county. The office is supplied with teaching materials and equipment to teach adults and youth. The Central Kansas Extension District has offices in Salina and Minneapolis.

Horse ID’s – Horse ID’s must be at Extension Office on or before May 1 annually in order to participate in the Fair Horse Shows or District Horse Shows.

Kansas 4-H Foundation – A non-profit organization which works to provide additional resources for the 4-H program. It sponsors scholarships, funding for programs, and other assistance.

Kansas Junior Livestock Show – 4-H’ers can enter beef, sheep, swine and meat goats in this competitive show and the sale is held in Wichita, usually in September.

Kansas State University – This land grant college has the responsibility for taking university research and educational techniques to the people of the state. The 4-H program is the university’s outreach to Kansas youth.

Kansas 4-H Leaders’ Forum – 4-H volunteers from across the state may attend this two-day event held in conjunction with the Youth Leadership Forum at Rock Springs in November. Numerous educational sessions are presented to help participants upgrade their skills, and informal sessions allow for the exchange of valuable ideas. Participants are responsible for their own expenses but may receive assistance from district funds and first time participants may be eligible for a state scholarship.

Officers – Members of a 4-H club who handle the steering, recording, and accounting of club meetings and activities. They are elected to their position by their peers, generally in September. Officers needed vary with numbers and ages of club members, but may include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Historian, Recreation Leader, Song Leader, and Parliamentarian. Some clubs may also elect Jr. Officers.

Parents’ Committee – A group of parents within the 4-H club who meet to recruit and provide training for Organizational Leaders, Project Leaders, and other volunteers needed to make the club run smoothly. In small clubs, the Parents’ Committee may consist of all the parents in the club. In large clubs, a representative group of parents may be selected.

Parents’ Night – A celebration honoring parents is traditional for some clubs. Often skits or spoofs are staged by or for parents. Sometimes parents and 4-H’ers exchange roles for a meeting. This activity is optional for clubs.

4-H Program Development Committee (PDC) – A body of 12 members, six from each county in our District, appointed by the Executive Board. They are responsible for establishing a priority of educational needs for the district’s youth and working with Extension staff to design ways in which those needs can be met.

Public Fashion Revue – July or early August – A time for 4-H’ers who are enrolled in clothing to model garments for an audience. This event is held as part of the county fair. It is held during the Ottawa County Fair but prior to the Tri-Rivers Fair.

Rock Springs 4-H Center – The statewide camp and conference center located near Junction City, Kansas. This facility is funded by the Kansas 4-H Foundation and is available for a variety of recreational and educational activities to both Extension and non-Extension groups. (New pool in 2013!!)

Scholarships – College: Kansas 4-H scholarships are available to current or past 4-H members who are seeking to further their education after high school. General criteria include: high academic standing, 4-H achievement and leadership, and for some—financial need. Most applications are due in January to the district office. Information and applications are on the state website through a link at the district website. District college scholarships (from local Foundations) are due March 1.

4-H Event Scholarships: District 4-H Council Scholarships may be available to current 4-H members who are planning to attend various 4-H camps, forums, conferences, etc. The amounts, availability, and deadlines may vary from year to year. More details are available in the FLASH or on-line at the district website prior to each event. The 4-H Council Scholarship form is available on-line at the district website under 4-H Youth Development, 4-H Camp, or may be obtained from the Extension Office or printed in the FLASH.

State Specialists – KSU faculty members based on the K-State campus who have responsibility for providing support material and interpreting research and current educational principles to county based faculty. There are specialists in all Extension departments.

Trips and Awards Committee – A committee of disinterested adults to select youth as recipients of various district-sponsored awards and trips. Every effort is made to see that the selection process is unbiased.

Volunteer Information Profile (VIP) Orientation – VIP is a component of the Volunteer Management System in 4-H, consisting of an application, screening and orientation. The 2-hour orientation sessions are held several times throughout the year, in either county, based upon registration numbers. Youth need to be at least 13 years of age for it to count towards their VIP Registration Status.


Steer – Market steers must be weighed and tagged in early spring in order to be shown at state shows.

Hog & Lamb – Market lambs and hogs must be weighed and tagged in late spring in order to be shown at state shows.

Watch the 4-H Flash for details.

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