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Second Rural Investment Project Inter-zone Cross Visits Session Topic: Social participation Presenter: Elman Mammadov, Ismayilli rayon Buynuz cg leader Facilitators: Yegana Mammadova,

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Second Rural Investment Project

Inter-zone Cross Visits Session
Topic: Social participation

Presenter: Elman Mammadov, Ismayilli rayon Buynuz CG leader

Facilitators: Yegana Mammadova, AzRIP2 PAT, Trainer

Nigar Hasanova, AzRIP2 PAT, mobilizer

Date: September 21, 2013

Community: Ismayilli rayon, Buynuz community

AzRIP2 PMU, PAT and ROO organized V Inter-zone Cross Visits Session planned in the project for sharing experiences gained during the implementation of community projects.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of Buynuz, Mazra, Tumasli, Hamzali, Danyeri, Khanegah, Goydara, Jamaldin, Ashaghi Yayji, Gullutapa, Siginjag and Taza Alvadi communities of Ismayili, Masalli, Babek, Sherur and Julfa rayons of Mughan-Salyan, North, North-West and Nakhchivan zones.

One of the cross visits was held in Buynuz community of Ismayilli rayon on September 21, 2012. Purpose of the meeting was sharing and disseminating best practices and lessons learned, facilitating integration, business relations formation and cross fertilization for the development of communities through the community networking implemented under Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project.

Along with guest communities, seven members of Buynuz CG, local residents, Nakhchivan ROO office manager Anar Hasanov, AzRIP PAT mobilize Nigar Hasanova and trainer Yegana Mammadova participated at the cross visit.

After Buynuz CG and Monitoring Group members and guests introduced themselves, Buynuz CG leader Elman Mammadov welcomed the guests saying nice words about the Cross Visits Session which started from Gabala. Elman Mammadov thanked AzRIP2 representatives for inviting him to this event and for selecting Buynuz community as a host community. Expressing his assurance that these visits will be very helpful for their community, E. Mammadov then made presentation on “Social Participation”.

Providing general information about the community, the presenter talked about the collaboration with AzRIP2. He noted that Road Rehabilitation has already completed in Buynuz community. The presentation emphasized the CG election, inclusion of qualified staff into the group and positive impacts of these on community project. It was informed that collaboration with AzRIP made psychological and moral changes in community life and increased self-reliance of people.

Nakhchivan ROO engineer Heydar Aliyev informed: “Social participation is the formation of a new tradition for the developing democratic societies. It is a way which serves to the realization of citizen’s constitutional rights in a democratic society.” Nakhchivan ROO office manager Anar Hasanov added that social participation has many positive sides. Civic participation and social participation is a great resource now and it is an important resource. Social participation is executed based on the following principles:

1. Legislation

2. Voluntarism

3. Transparency

Social participation can be realized in several forms: Public Council, public consultation, public hearing, Gallup poll and public expertise. Every citizen who completed his/her 18 age and having the right to vote can be member of Public Council. Council members are not paid salary, honorarium, compensation and any other payments for their work in the Council.

Detailed explanation by Anar Hasanov was very interesting for participants and raised interactive discussion. The presenter told that when CG was formed in Buynuz community, young, middle aged and elderly community members were elected to the group. The same was done during the problem ranking in mobilization process. Elman Mammadov emphasized, “At first, transparency principle should be considered in the social participation. Leader must be transparent so that people trust and follow him/her. Social participation should be started from the family. Sometimes citizens think that any proposal or initiative offered by them will not be heard. But every citizen is valued on our developed country and their participation in the development of society is appreciated.

Taza Alvadi CG leader Goychak Alasgarova informed that she has planted the mulberry orchard in the community. Swing for kids and billiard table for youth has been put in this orchard. It is an incentive for social participation.


  • Community’s integrity around common idea and goals has been achieved;

  • CG praises social participation and is has positive impact on community development;

  • Importance of social participation in fundamental solution of community’s top priority;

  • Social participation is trained to young generation as a result of right decisions.

Question: Elnur Aliyev, Julfa rayon Goydara community

How did the general public help you in planting mulberry orchard?

Answer: Goychak Alasgarova, Masalli rayon Taza Alvadi community

Women in the village closely helped me and I involved elderly wise of the community. They had played role in getting permit documents.

Question: Abdulla Hasanov, Babek rayon Mazra community

Your community project does not cover all roads in the community. So, how did you satisfy all community members to the implementation of this project?

Cavab: Elman Məmmədov, İsmayıllı rayonu Buynuz İQ sədri

All community members were explained that this project should serve for the common interest of whole community rather than individuals. Therefore, capital repair of roads used by all community members and being the priority need of them was adopted with their decision.

Question: Mammadali Alinaghiyev, Masalli rayon Gullutapa Municipality Chairman and CG member

During the selection of contractor, how were the submitted bids selected – for what characteristics and how it reflects the reality?

Answer: Elman Mammadov, Ismayilli rayon Buynuz CG member

Bids received by Tender Committee were selected for respective time, relevant price and qualitative work and assessing the real market prices by the Committee members.

Question: Bahram Mammadov, Sharur rayon Ashagi Yayji Monitoring Group member

What was women support in project implementation?


Women – cash contribution

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