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It is with great pleasure that I speak of Ryan Anthony – adding my accolades to those of critics, fans, and above all, his fellow musicians. He is not only an impeccable trumpeter but has true artistic depth in his playing. Also, he has had extensive exposure to audience demands and knows the importance of communicating with them. He will be missed with [Canadian Brass], but I feel certain he will have a great and distinguished career as a soloist.

Doc Severinsen, Principal Pops Conductor

Colorado Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra,

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra,

Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

Ryan is one of the best trumpet players in America. As an ex-trumpeter, I can truly appreciate Ryan’s beautiful sound and innate musicality.

Donald Erb, Internationally-acclaimed Composer
Ryan Anthony is a valued friend and colleague of the Canadian Brass. His three years with us stand out as extraordinary ones for musical advances – during his tenure with us we created our first DVD, walked the Great Wall of China while reopening China to brass, and played in virtually every major concert hall in the world. His skills as a trumpeter are well known in the musical world, but his engaging personality, depth of musical resource and breadth of experiences are a delight to discover. We found that audiences are, naturally, always impressed with Ryan's virtuosity, but totally captivated with his disarming and charming demeanor – not unlike a Wynton Marsalis or Yo-Yo Ma!

Chuck Daellenbach, Canadian Brass
Mr. Anthony plays with charisma and maturity. Ryan offers a fresh approach to the old masters.

Jahja Ling, Music Director, San Diego Symphony

Conductor Laureate, The Florida Symphony

Festival Director, Blossom Festival (Cleveland Orchestra)


Whether performing with the Canadian Brass or pursuing his own solo career, Ryan Anthony is one of the finest young trumpet players of this time, combining beauty of tone and dazzling technique with a strong sense of entertainment.

Phil Smith, Principal Trumpet

New York Philharmonic
Ryan Anthony is a true master of the trumpet. He is at home in all styles of music, and will knock your socks off with his dazzling technique and virtuosity!
Carl Topilow, Music Director, Cleveland Pops Orchestra
Principal Pops Conductor, SW Florida Symphony
Music Director, National Repertory Orchestra

Ryan Anthony is a brilliant trumpet player. He possesses technical mastery of his instrument, produces an exquisite sound, and is in command of a wide variety of musical styles. He is a superb musician and a gracious collaborator.

Michael Krajewski, Principal Pops Conductor

Houston Symphony

New Mexico Symphony

Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

Long Beach Symphony Orchestra
Ryan Anthony is one of the most talented trumpeters that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I have always been struck by the special musical character and soloistic flair he consistently displays in his playing.

Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet

Cleveland Orchestra
Ryan is an outstanding person who carries strong leadership qualities, excellent motivation for students, and is a truly outstanding performer and teacher.

Dr. Ronald Smart, Executive Director

Pan Pacific International Festival

Sydney, Australia
Ryan Anthony is an outstanding musician. He plays the trumpet at an extraordinarily high level, with superb technique, consistently beautiful tone, rhythmic assuredness and expressive musicality. His playing and his personality immediately engage an audience’s attention and reward that attention handsomely. I have great faith in his future and hope he will receive every opportunity to share his wonderful talent.

David Loebel, Music Director and Conductor

Memphis Symphony Orchestra


It was a great pleasure to perform Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 with Mr. Anthony. His performance was brilliant with great accuracy and superb musicianship.

Joseph Silverstein, Former Music Director

Utah Symphony
As a participant in several Canadian Brass residencies at the Music Academy of the West, Ryan Anthony has confirmed the fact that he is among this country’s most versatile trumpet virtuosi. Ryan’s masterful technique, coupled with his understanding of a wide variety of musical styles, serve him well from chamber music to orchestral repertoire, and everything in between! He has a keen interest in teaching, and strives to develop a personal interaction with each student, whether in a private lesson, master class or ensemble environment.

David Kuehn, Former President

Music Academy of the West, Santa Barbara
I have known Ryan and his performances for many years, and have always been highly impressed by his unique combination of outstanding technical ability and musical expressiveness. Equally at home in a wide variety of styles, Ryan is one of the most versatile and talented trumpet players I know.

Steven Smith, Music Director

Santa Fe Symphony & Chorus
When I became Dean of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in 1999, it was quite apparent that Ryan Anthony was one of the rising stars of the faculty. An outstanding trumpet performer, he was also a very successful teacher by the testimony of both students and colleagues, and as was evident from the many excellent public performances by his students. He was very well liked and respected by his faculty and staff colleagues,
sentiments I found very easy to share.

Robert Dodson, Dean

Oberlin Conservatory of Music
I’ve had many guest artists work with my students, none have ever worked harder, or with a more positive musical impact than Mr. Anthony.

Don Owens, Music Director

Northwestern University Summer Festival
Ryan Anthony is one of our finest young trumpet artists. No matter the genre, he is heart and soul into every note of music he plays…and I do mean music!”

Marvin Stamm, International Jazz Trumpet Soloist

Ryan is an extaordinary musician, performer and entertainer who it is clear is well on the way to a stellar career. Ryan gives the listener a sampling of music from every era and style in a fun and exciting evening. Our audience was overwhelmed with this impressive display of virtuosity. It was certainly one of our most popular events ever, as evidenced by the SIX standing ovations Ryan received throughout the evening. I'm not sure who enjoyed the concert more, the audience or the orchestra.

Mathew Savery, Music director and Conductor,

The Bozeman Symphony Orchestra
In my many years of orchestra management, I have never encountered an artist of such high caliber and personal integrity. Ryan's commitment to perfection is second to none, and his abilities on the instrument are without equal. Mr. Anthony's mere presence in the room increases the energy level of all present 10-fold, and his joy of music making is infectious. These qualities make him an outstanding leader of our faculty.

Mark Savage, Managing Director,

Sewanee Summer Music Festival

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