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Russia 090513 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 090513

Basic Political Developments

  • Putin to talk transport, agriculture in Mongolia - During his one-day visit, Putin will discuss investment and economic cooperation and joint projects with Mongolian President Nambaryn Enkhbayar, Prime Minister Sanjaa Bayar and Speaker of the State Great Khural of Mongolia Damdiny Demberel.

  • Medvedev to receive China top legislator - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday will receive Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese National People’s Congress (supreme legislative power body of China) Wu Bangguo whom he had met in Beijing a year ago.

  • Dmitry Medvedev will meet with foreign ministers of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation member states on May 15.

  • Norwegian-Russian discussions on economic cooperation - Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov is in the Norwegian capital Oslo to discuss economic cooperation with the Norwegian Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Industry.

  • Italian Investors to Pour USD 700 mln in Sochi Olympic Developments

  • Deeper IT contacts – priority of Russian-Japanese cooperation: The development of contacts in information and communication technologies is one of priorities of Russian-Japanese cooperation, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said in his address to the two countries’ forum on IT and mass communications.

  • No progress on isles dispute a victory for Moscow - Lack of progress Tuesday on the territorial dispute will go down as yet another win for Moscow as Russia continues to expand its presence on the islands it holds off Hokkaido.

  • Lavrov urges states to accept Lebanon poll results

  • Lavrov Urges World to Accept Lebanese Poll Results Even if Hizbullah Wins

  • Putin orders delivery of Akula N-sub to India by year-end - Russian Premier Vladimir Putin has ordered the delivery of the Akula-II class nuclear-propelled attack submarine to the Indian Navy by the end of this year, a top Kremlin official said.

  • Russia to deliver nuclear submarine to India by year-end: The Amur Shipyard had completed all repairs and would shortly resume sea trials, the plant’s CEO, Nikolai Povzyuk, said on Monday.

  • Russian space freighter docks with ISS

  • Russia media say cargo ship docks at space station

  • VOA: Russia Offers Use of Territory for North Korean Satellite Launches

  • Lavrov Skips Council of Europe Talks - Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov canceled a visit to a key ministerial meeting Tuesday of the Council of Europe at which members approved several initiatives likely to anger Russia.

  • Medvedev endorses national security strategy until 2020 - The decree is aimed at consolidating the efforts by federal executive bodies, government bodies in the Russian regions, and organizations and citizens in the sphere of national security.

  • President Medvedev endorses Russia's national security strategy for period up to 2020

  • Foreign intelligence, terrorist organizations major threat to Russia's security – Strategy

  • Kremlin policy paper says battle for energy resources may lead to military conflicts: The National Security Strategy also says that Russia will seek an equal "partnership" with the United States, but names U.S. missile defense plans among top threats to the national security.

  • MPs to support Medvedev’s Constitutional Court reform – Gryzlov

  • Kremlin merging Constitutional Court into state-power system

  • Two thirds of Russia's regions in recession - The number of Russia's regional economies that were in recession rose from 24 in 2008 to 67 in the first quarter of this year, Alexei Skopin at the Chair of Regional Economics, the Higher School of Economics said, reports local press.

  • Russia’s president allocates $37 mln from federal budget to promote Russian NPOs

  • Russia’s Federal Security Service to supervise incomes of public servants

  • Russia May Demand Cars Have Glonass Capability, Vedomosti Says

  • Some Foreigners to Qualify for Visa-Free Trips - Foreigners arriving in Russia by ferry will be allowed to stay in the country for up to three days without a visa, according to a governmental decree to be published Wednesday.
    Gunmen fire at house of local resident in Ingushetia

  • Two police, civilian killed in Chechen explosion

  • 3 killed in Chechnya bomb explosion - The explosion occurred Wednesday near the village of Belgatoi in the mountainous Vedeno region in southern Chechnya, AP reports quoting the Interior Ministry. Investigators believe the explosive device was attached to the vehicle the victims were riding in.

  • WSJ: Putin's Ninth Year in Power – by Garry Kasparov

National Economic Trends

  • Trade Surplus Widens

  • Russia's trade balance rebounded to USD 6.8bn in March - higher oil prices and gas volumes support exports

  • Unemployment falls 0.2% in week

  • Russia's 1Q09 consolidated tax revenues down 9% y-o-y

  • Russia harvest down, grain exports to set record volume this year - Russia's harvest will be down about 7% this year, but the export volume of grain will set a new record the Russian Grain Union president Arkady Zlochevsky said at a press conference in Moscow reports Interfax

  • Ruble Decline Predicted by Nomura as Central Banker Sees Gains

  • Ruble Could Strengthen Before Float - Russia may let the ruble strengthen at least another 6.7 percent against its exchange rate basket this year as the country moves toward free floating the currency before its 2011 target, the Central Bank's First Deputy Chairman Alexei Ulyukayev said Tuesday.

  • CBR Sees a Stronger RUB and Lower Rates

  • MT: Ruble Reserve Currency May Not Be So Crazy - By Martin Gilman
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