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Russia 090410 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 090410

Basic Political Developments

  • Maliki arrives in Moscow for talks - Maliki was scheduled to hold high-level talks Friday with President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the Novosti news agency reported. The meetings were expected to focus on trade, especially oil.

  • Iraq Seeks Russia Arms; Kremlin Pushes for Oil, Kommersant Says

  • Russian president, Iraqi PM to discuss oil, gas, electricity projects - A source in the Kremlin staff said on the list of issues to be discussed is the possibility of joint development of oil and gas fields, the laying of pipelines and construction of electric power plants.

  • Iraq Premier To Visit Moscow - Earlier this month, Moscow agreed to supply Baghdad with 22 Mi-17 helicopters, and Iraq included Rosneft and Tatneft among nine oil firms that will be able to bid in a second round of auctions for oil-development rights there.

  • Iraqi PM in Russia to discuss oil projects - Russia is expected to push for a bigger role in Iraq's oil industry during a visit to Moscow by the Iraqi prime minister.

  • Alekperov to Meet al-Maliki - LUKoil chief executive Vagit Alekperov said he plans to meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during his two-day visit to Moscow, which started Thursday.

  • Will Iraqi PM guide Russia back in to the country? - Iraq now wants the return of Russian companies which signed contracts under the old government. It's also seeking new investment, especially in Iraq's oil and gas industry, and water and electric infrastructure.

  • Looking back at Washington, Baghdad wants to revive cooperation with Moscow - RIA by Andrei Murtazin

  • Miliband to make first trip to Moscow: envoy - "British Prime Minister (Gordon Brown) is intending to send David Miliband to Moscow by the summer. They are now agreeing the timing of visit," said ambassador Yury Fedotov, according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

  • Russia demands easier visas in exchange for British Councils' reopening

  • British Council Gets Offer - Moscow is ready to negotiate a resumption of the British Council's work in a number of Russian regions in exchange for simpler visa procedures for Russian citizens, Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said Thursday, RIA-Novosti reported.

  • Putin, Tymoshenko discuss new date of postponed consultations by phone – Peskov

  • Russia, Ukraine discuss resuming talks after pipeline row - Putin and Tymoshenko also discussed "Russian-Ukrainian trade and economic cooperation and the results of a meeting between the countries' energy ministers," the Russian premier's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said.

  • Ukraine may miss gas bill payment June 10; Gazprom sets up international alliance to counter Brussels, Ukraine - Ukraine could fail to pay its gas bill on April 10, turning up the heat in a new gas row with Russia. Moscow is mad at the EU and Ukraine after they declared they would upgrade Ukraine's transit gas pipeline and Russia is determined it won't be excluded from the lucrative contracts.

  • Turkmenistan steps up rhetoric in Russia gas row - "This accident happened due to a unilateral and egregious violation by Russian company Gazprom Export of agreements and rules of natural gas purchases," Turkmenistan's Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued in the early hours of Friday.

  • CIS FMs to discuss global financial crisis in Ashgabat

  • CIS foreign ministers to discuss declaring 2010 Year of War Veterans

  • Fearing people power, Russia slams Moldova protests

  • Russian experts to assist Italy in assessment of quake damage

  • Pork Council Urges Obama - President Barack Obama should slow Russia's entry into the World Trade Organization after Russia blocked pork shipments from 34 U.S. plants in the past year, the National Pork Producers Council said Thursday.

  • Russia delivers first batch of nuclear fuel to India

  • Russia opposes imposing UN sanctions on NKorea

  • NATO Struggles With Conflicting Views on Russia

  • Russia Has Sold China $16 Billion of Weapons in Last Eight Years

  • Russia to test launch Topol ballistic missile

  • Russian Defense Ministry to launch new intelligence satellite in 2009

  • Russia to offer loans, debt write-offs to boost arms exports

  • Russia says it can shoot down missiles like North Korea's

  • Spy drones purchased by Russians as result of lack of realiable intelligence for military during war with Georgia

  • UPDATE: Russia Buys Its First Israeli Drones - Official

  • Russia confirms spy drone deal with Israel


  • The Russification of Kyrgyzstan : How Russia pushed the U.S. out of a Central Asian stronghold - by Baktybek Abdrisaev

  • Medvedev highly appreciates contribution of Russian Jews in the country’s development - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Russian Jews with on Passover.

  • Police prepare for nationalist massacre in Moscow - Nationalist youth groups are planning to carry out mass attacks against foreigners and arson of governmental buildings on May 5, according to a statement issued by a Russian racist group.

  • Russian Voting Tinged With Green - Environment Outmuscles Kremlin Controls in Mayoral Election

  • Russian Military factory to pay workers with foodstuffs - The Russian military factory Molot, producing Kalashnikov guns, antitank weapons and ammunition, will pay its debts to workers in flour, sugar, pasta and canned meat. Molot located in Kirovsk, southeast of Moscow, owes workers around 120 million rubles ($3.5 million) in unpaid wages. 

  • How Moscow Compiles Its ‘Extremist’ List Guarantees Absurdities, Russian Lawyer Says

  • Sapper killed in south Russian bomb explosion - A sapper died early on Friday in an explosion during a mine-clearing operation in Russia's North Caucasus Republic of Daghestan, a source in the republic's Interior Ministry said.
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