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Report on touch visit to projects in Zambia, April/May – 2012

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Report on TOUCH visit to projects in Zambia, April/May – 2012
This year again during April and May we made our annual visit to our TOUCH projects throughout Zambia.

The visiting party this year consisted of Pauline McHugh and Seamus Gleeson from the TOUCH Central Group. We travelled 4500 Km approx. visiting TOUCH Ireland projects.

During the trip Pauline would be responsible for doing the reports and photos for all our child sponsorship schemes over seven projects in Guardians Angels, St. Patrick’s and St. Michael’s Community Schools (Lusaka), Ndeke Community School (Mazabuka), Daysprings Centre (Kitwe), Kaoma Cheshire Home and Mangango Community School in the Kaoma District. This was a total of 221 children at the different locations.

Above: Photos of some of the children from the different TOUCH Ireland projects

More information about Child Sponsorship at:

Pauline also took reports on those sponsored through our education Grant Scheme, this included five people undergoing Teacher Training from the Community Schools in Lusaka as well as one person from Mazabuka. In Kaoma we have two doing Agriculture Training and one doing Special Needs Teacher Training. One boy Simon Phiri we sponsored to do his Grade 12 Exams (Leaving Cert) when the house in the compound where he lived burned down, he was left with nothing. We sponsored his School Fees, Books and Accommodation for his final year. We were delighted to find out that he had passed his exams with flying colours and is now a candidate for further education under our Grant Scheme.

Patrick and Andrew undergoing Teacher Training in Lusaka Simon Phiri completed his Grade 12

Seamus’s responsibility for the trip was to oversee the current projects and look at our new projects for 2012/2013. We travelled North, South, East and West around the country to visit all the TOUCH Ireland projects and see how they were getting on and to support them where possible.

We had two official openings during the visit;

Just outside Chongwe 70 Km east of Lusaka a nearby village gave Action for Children, Zambia 50 acres of land to create a farm project for Street Children. Using only hand tools, some of the older boys cleared eight acres for maize and four acres for vegetables. The farm represents an important step for the children’s future by creating the opportunity to grow food, provide jobs, and generate income.

TOUCH Ireland funded and coordinated the construction of an Accommodation Block for 32 children to live here. We built a block containing three houses, a storeroom, a washroom/laundry and three pit latrines to accommodate twenty four children and their house parents.

This Centre was opened the day after we arrived in Zambia.

Hydrotherapy Centre opened at the Ma Ma Bakita Cheshire Home in Livingstone, Zambia – April 2012.
This was our second official opening and it was down in Livingstone just over a week later.

This was a new project for Ma Ma Bakita Cheshire Home in Livingstone and they wanted to construct a Hydrotherapy centre with facilities attached to it. The Cheshire Home has already a Day Centre; a Special Needs School with attached Physiotherapy Centre funded by TOUCH Ireland to meet the needs of the children from the surrounding Compounds around Livingstone. All the social and Rehabilitation activities are done on site. The construction would have a Changing room, a Treatment room and a Massage room.

It was a great day and an occasion to be proud of for all TOUCH Ireland supporters as this facility is second to none in Zambia and further afield. Before this whole centre was funded by TOUCH the home had to send their children to the local hospital for treatment. The project is so successful now; the hospital is sending children to the Cheshire Home for referrals.
The third project that is now operational is the Paediatric Wing of the new hospital in Kaoma, Western Province although the hospital has not been officially opened yet.

The Kaoma district hospital was an old dilapidated structure, with insufficient room and equipment for the functions of a main referral hospital. This problem stemmed from the fact that, the 76 bedded hospital was built in 1957 as a Health Centre and in 1967 it was designated to be a District Hospital. The old hospital consisted of the main building, which contained the male and female wards, the laboratory, and the administration block. Apart from this a children’s ward, which was used as isolation and TB ward in former days was situated on the rear of the site. The hospital had two wards that were used as the children’s wing. These wards were small, in a bad state of repair, and congested most of the time due to diarrhoea and Malaria cases.

This coupled with the number of children suffering from HIV/Aids made it a chronic situation. As a result the number of children being admitted was very high and the construction of a new and roomy paediatric wing as part of a new hospital would help the future care of these children.

This project took three years to complete. TOUCH also sent a container to provide equipment and other identified supplies to Kaoma to equip the wing as necessary. The Hospital opened its doors in late 2011.Now more children can be taken care of and maybe have some hope of survival. It also enhances the quality of life of the children that get treatment at the Hospital.

Also during our visit we took a look at our current projects that we will be taking on in Zambia over 2012 and hope to finish in 2013 as follows.

  1. Mangango new School Block at St. Stephen’s Community School, Western Province

  2. Mazabuka Activity Centre for Learning Disabilities

  3. Teacher’s Houses at St. Michael’s Community school (already the funds are raised)

  4. Training Centre in Kaoma (already the funds are raised)

In addition to the above we will endeavour to support our present projects as follows:

Pemba - Bore Hole New Farm Project

Mazabuka - Electric Organ €300.00 for Ndeke School

Kitwe - Renovation Drop in Centre €1,000.00

Renovation Orphanage €750.00

Kaoma Hospital - Funding for Cooker/Heaters/Metal shelving unit €600.00

Whisper Centre - Beds and Bedding €500.00 and Baby Food Stuffs €500.00

TOUCH Kaoma - Sports Grant €1,000.00
We will also continue to fund some people with third level education through our Education Grant Scheme.

We would like to extend our appreciation for your continued support through our Child Sponsorship Schemes and Project Funding and to emphasise the overwhelming effect your contributions are having on the lives of children.

As always thanks to all our TOUCH Groups and Supporters as it is your efforts that make all this happen for the children. Again this year more than ever we will need your continued support as a result of the economic climate at home so please stay with us and with the children.
Phone: 00-353-45-874889 (W) or 00-353-86-3260948 (M).

Visit our websites at: and

Sincere Thanks to All,
Seamus Gleeson Pauline McHugh Email:

Director Asst. Director

TOUCH Ireland TOUCH Ireland Email:

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