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Volume 6 Part 4

Spring 1998

Editorial 1

Acknowledgements to Contributors 1

News 1

Highlights of Field Meetings, 1997 3

Moths from Nunthorpe 10

Cleveland Wildflowers under Pressure 11

Unusual Colour Varieties in Plants and a rare Fleabane 12


The Origins and Fields of Billingham Beck 14

Fungi of Lazenby and Lackenby Banks 22

Observations on some Cleveland Rookeries 26

Moths Of Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park 28

Field Meetings 1998 29


President, Mrs Pam Law ‘Brinby’, Hutton Lowcross, Guisborough.

Secretary, Mr Eric Gendle, 13, Mayfield Road, Nunthorpe.

Membership Secretary, Mrs Jean McClean, 28 Pendle Crescent, Billingham.

Programme Secretaries, Mr Vincent Jones, ‘Hillways’, Ingleby Greenhow.

Mr Darroll Fryer, 8 Rye Dale, Guisborough.

Treasurer, Mr John Blackburn, 6 Bylands Grove, Fairfield, Stockton-on-Tees.

The immediate past-president, Mr Norman Thompson.

Ordinary members: Mr Colin Chatto, Mr Neil Baker, Mr Ian Lawrence, Mr Alick Hunter.


Mrs Jessie Graham, Mrs Joan Williams, Mr Ian Lawrence, Mr.Maurice Ward, Mr Maurice Hallam


The following members will be pleased to assist in the identification of specimens.

Flowering Plants




Ian Lawrence

John Blackburn

Maurice Hallam

Neville Harwood (and General Entomology)

Malcolm Birtle (and Geology), Eric Gendle


I.C. Lawrence (CWT) J.Blackburn (YNU) M.Birtle (NNU)

Membership Details

The Club seeks to promote an interest in all branches of Natural History and to assist members in finding out about the living things that they see in the countryside around them. The present membership includes those who have particular interests in birds, insects, slugs and snails, lichens, fungi, flowering plants and mosses and liverworts. Members with interests in other fields would be very welcome.

In spring and summer there are evening, half-day and whole-day visits to investigate the natural history of a particular area. During the winter months there is a series of monthly meetings that are held at the Leeds University Centre, Harrow Road, Middlesbrough. A meeting usually takes the form of a lecture given by a club member or visiting speaker. The annual subscription is £5.

Any person interested in joining the Cleveland Naturalists Field Club should send their subscription to the Membership Secretary. Potential members are welcome to our field meetings listed at the back of this issue.

Annual subscriptions are due on the 1st January each year.

(Adult £5.00. Students under 18 yrs. £1.00)

Members are entitled to attend meetings of:

Yorkshire Naturalists' Union Northern Naturalists' Union

Cleveland Wildlife Trust The Ramblers' Association.

The Club is affiliated to these organizations.


This is the eighth issue of the new Proceedings. It hardly seems possible that it is eight years since we re-started publication. This issue is also the end of a volume. Past volumes of the Proceedings contained four issues. So, we can congratulate ourselves on successfully producing two volumes- Volumes five and six (Volumes 1-4 were the old Proceedings discontinued in 1933). The site chosen for specific comment this year was Billingham Beck. As last year this site was an area of interest for the Club but our attention was drawn to other areas. Perhaps it would be wiser to let the Proceedings actually reflect the activities the Club members find of interest. These are normally site based but are not always predictable in advance. Site based articles also tend to exclude contributions based on particular species or ecologies which may have attracted the attention of some members. In actual fact many of the articles in the Proceedings are extensions of observations made at field meetings. Therefore, a site will not be proposed for next year. We will see what attracts our interest in 1998 and record our observations and activities accordingly.

Acknowledgements to Contributors

Many thanks to all the contributors that include Christopher Lowe (Botany), Pat Wood (Botany), Malcolm Birtle (Proceedings preparation, Moths), Ian Lawrence (Botany), Darroll Fryer (Proceedings preparation, Botany), Maurice Hallam (Ornithology, Entomology and Botany), Vince Jones (Botany), John Blackburn (Bryophytes), Eric Gendle (Drawings), Gywnn Williamson (Moths), Norman Thompson (Botany), Alan Legg (Mycology), Alick Hunter, Joan Bradbury, Norma Pagdin, Maurice Ward, Colin Chatto, Pam Law, Neil Baker, Andrew Astbury (field reports). Many people contribute to botanical records including Ian Lawrence, Vince Jones, Darroll Fryer, Pat Wood, Norman Thompson, John Blackburn, Pam Law, Maurice Ward, and Chris Lowe. Apologies in advance to anyone overlooked in these acknowledgements.

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