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Public Relations and Strategic Communications

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Public Relations and Strategic Communications

University Advancement

Mary and Jack Bayramian
Mary Bazarian Bayramian (B.A., Art ’63) was born in Aintab, Turkey on Aug. 4, 1921, the daughter of Yacoub (Jack) Bazarbashian and Jamile Kurkjian. Within a year, Mary’s family fled Turkey, reaching the United States in 1922. The family name was shortened to Bazarian at Ellis Island. The family soon settled in East Los Angeles. Mary’s mother, Jamile, opened a small Armenian food restaurant in Mid-City Los Angeles where family members worked. Called the Stanboul Café, the restaurant flourished as a meeting place for the Armenian community and celebrities in the years before World War II. Mary attended Hamilton High School in West Los Angeles, graduating in 1939.

John Hugo (Jack) Bayramian was born Sept. 11, 1921 in Troy, New York. His parents, Hovannes (John) Bayramian and Yester (Esther) Nordikian Bayramian, also emigrated from Turkey. In 1935 in the midst of the Great Depression, the Bayramian family also moved to Los Angeles to improve their economic status. Jack, along with classmate Mary, graduated from Hamilton High School in 1939. He then studied electrical specialties at Frank Wiggins Trade School (which later became L.A Trade Tech College) and found work at Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank as an electrician.

Mary and Jack married on Feb. 8, 1942. By October of that year, Jack had joined the Navy. They moved to Coronado Island in San Diego, where he was stationed and where their only son, Ronald, was born in 1943. Jack left military service as a petty officer when the war ended in 1945. The Bayramian family moved back to Los Angeles and later settled in the San Fernando Valley, residing first in Reseda and then in Northridge close to the Cal State Northridge campus.

Jack took up work as a vacuum cleaner salesman and owned a Van Nuys electrical repair shop, before joining Pacific Telephone and Telegraph as a telephone switchboard installer, technician and phone system troubleshooter. At first commuting to Beverly Hills daily, he was later reassigned to the San Fernando Valley where he finished his 20-year Pacific Telephone career.

Mary worked as a homemaker into the 1950s until she decided to become a schoolteacher. She first enrolled at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, earning her A.A. degree. Then in 1960, she enrolled at San Fernando Valley State College, which later became California State University, Northridge. Mary graduated in 1963 with a B.A. in art and a state teaching credential. She thereafter was hired as an art teacher at San Fernando High School, where she worked until 1970.

In 1971, each at age 50, Mary and Jack Bayramian retired to Laguna Beach in Orange County. Through the years, they invested in, improved and actively managed a range of real estate ventures. The couple also traveled, golfed, cooked, entertained and enjoyed life in their home by the Pacific Ocean. When Mary Bayramian died on November 24, 2002, at age 81, she and Jack had been married for more than 60 years. Jack Bayramian lived for two more years at the Ararat Home of Los Angeles in Mission Hills until his death on January 29, 2005, at age 83. Although their son Ronald passed away in 1998, the couple is survived by five grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

CSUN Public Relations

July 2005

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