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Provider: Ellen Pipal

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Visual Culture Database Form 3 ARTE344 Spring 2012

Provider: Ellen Pipal



Big Idea/Subject:


Major Theme:


Medium/ Presentation:


Visual Components:

Contrast, color, form, direction, emphasis, repetition,variety, texture


Fine Arts

Pop art

Pop culture





Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Original Location:

Kauai, Hawaii


Eucalyptus deglupta, or Rainbow Eucalyptus, is a type of tree that grows in warmer climates like Hawaii. It is native to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia and can grow up to 225 feet tall. The bark sheds in different areas, revealing bright, vibrant colors underneath. The texture (even in a photograph) is intriguing, and the variety of colors allows for great visual interest.

Use in Teaching:

Because many projects in art start with examples of past fine art pieces, I think that this image could start a great conversation on the hidden beauties of the world. This tree is fairly rare, yet so bright and colorful that one could hardly forget its appearance. I would discuss with my class nature’s ability to provide inspiration with simple plants, flowers and landscapes. I would ask them to pick something in nature, maybe a unique species of insects, a particular waterfall, or an exotic flower. I would ask them to take a specific part of that image and enlarge it to focus on the colors, shapes and details intrinsic to nature. For example, if you just looked at the image of the Rainbow Eucalyptus above, you would probably not realize it was the bark of the tree. Zooming in can get rid of stereotypes of what a tree “has” to look like, and instead allows the artist to produce an image that stands alone as beautiful (even if the audience cannot identify the object).


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