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Project Update: July 2008

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Project Update: July 2008
We started fieldwork since February 2008. So far, focal observation has been carried out on three species (Ficus ovata – 3 individuals, Ficus thoningii – 1 individual and Ficus sycomorus – 2 individuals) of fig trees.

So far, Ficus ovata has received the highest number of animal visitors (42 species of animals), of which 92.8% were birds, 4.8% were mammals, and 2.4% were reptiles. 54.8% of the visitors came to feed on the ripe figs, 35.7% fed on insects that were probably attracted by the ripe figs, while the remaining 9.5% either just perched or attempted to prey on the foraging animals. We also attempted population estimate of the figs using line transect. It has been quite a challenge as some figs look alike and may be misidentified.

Therefore, we have decided to carry out point count also, which will allow us to snap and take the sample of every fig counted on. This way, misidentification will be avoided.


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