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Приложение №1


Kuzbass, which is formally known as the Kuznetsk Coal Basin (the Kuznetsk), lies in the south of Western Siberia, namely in the Kemerovo region. Kuzbass is situated in western Siberia. It covers the area of 100,000 square kilometers. It borders on the Altai territory the south- west, on the Novosibirsk region in the west, on the Tomsk region in the north, on the Krasnoyarsk territory in the east

Kuzbass is one of the oldest and largest industrial complexes in Siberia. Kuzbass occupies the territory of the Kuznetskaya Lowland. It is surrounded by mountain chains on the west, on the east and on the south. These mountain chains, like walls, defend our region from dry, southwest winds. They influence the weather of this territory. The climate in Kuzbass is continental. We have four seasons of the year, but winter lasts 5 months here, it begins in November and ends in March. Summer is short and rather hot. July is the hottest month of the year. The temperature is sometimes 25°-35° above zero. It's a big contrast with low winter temperatures, which are sometimes 30-40'below zero. This contrast influences badly the people's health.

There is hardly a territory in Siberia where so much interesting mountains arrangement can be found. It is united with the West Siberian Lowland just only on the north. Its total area is about 30.000 square kilometers.

The biggest river on the territory is the Tom. It flows into the Ob. Its length is over 839 kilometers. The Tom and its tributaries supply fresh water practically for every city in Kuzbass. There are also some other big and little rivers in Kuzbass for example - the Kondoma, the Mras-Su, the Kia, the Aba but most of them are polluted because Kuzbass is an industrial zone and the ecological situation is poor.

Metallurgical, coal - mining, machine - building industries are highly - developed here. There are many forests in Kuzbass. 1\7 of wood in Russia is produced here in Kuzbass. There are a lot of kinds of trees. The forests are concentrated in Gornaya Shoria, Kuznetsky Alatau and Salair. They cover all Kuznetskaya Lowland. The foliage trees are concentrated in the lowlands. The coniferous forests are situated in the highlands. The pine-trees, fir-trees can be found there. A lot of animals such as bears, wolves, foxes, elks live in them.

Now Kuzbass is one of the largest developed industrial regions. It is known as one of the Russian and (in some branches) world's largest producers and exporters of coal, steel, iron ore and other mineral resources. No wonder, there are a lot of plants, factories and mines. That's why Kuzbass is said to be a region of coal miners and metal workers. There are some large cities and small towns in Kuzbass. The largest city with the population of 600,000 people is Novokuznetsk. Kemerovo is less than Novokuznetsk but it's a regional center. Mezhdurechensk is situated in the most beautiful place of Kuzbass. Its a small town but it is famous for its coalmines. Tashtagol is the capital of Gornaya Shoria where the aborigines of Kuzbass live. Kiselevsk, Belovo, Leninsk-Kuznetsky, earlier had well - developed coal- mining industry, now they are degrading. The ecological situation in Kuzbass is very poor. Kuzbass is called «the zone of ecological disasters». It is an industrial region and its enterprises throw thousands of tons of different wastes. The air, water, sail here is polluted. We all hope for the better future, we hope that Kuzbass with its great potential and resources will become one of the richest and best regions in Russia.

Слова к тексту

Coal-basin - угольный бассейн pine-tree - сосна

Mountain chains - цепи гор fir-tree - ель

То defend - защищать elk - лось

Influence - влияние coal - уголь
Arrangement - расположение steel - сталь

Tributaries - притоки iron - железо

То pollute - загрязнять to degrade - деградировать

Foliage - листва disaster - бедствие

Coniferous - хвойный

Вопросы для контроля понимания текста «KUZBASS»

  1. Where is Kuzbass situated?

  2. Which regions does Kuzbass border on?

  3. What is the weather like in Kuzbass?

  4. How many rivers in Kuzbass do you know?

  5. Kuzbass is a metallurgical giant, isn't it?

  6. How many towns and cities on the territory of Kuzbass do you know?

  7. What is population of Kuzbass?

  8. Why is Kuzbass called "the zone of ecological disasters"?

Переведите на английский язык следующие предложения:

  1. Кузбасс граничит с Томской, Новосибирской областями и Алтайским краем.

  2. Горные хребты на западе востоке и юге защищают нашу область от сухих ветров.

  3. В Кузбассе много рек и озер.

  4. Крупнейшая река Томь впадает в Обь.

  5. В кузбасских лесах растут такие хвойные деревья, как ели, сосны, кедры.

  6. Кузбасс считается одним из крупнейших мировых производителей чугуна, и стали, а
    так же добытчиков каменного угля.

  1. Наиболее крупные города Кузбасса - Новокузнецк, Кемерово, Междуреченск,
    Белово, Прокопьевск и Таштагол.

  2. Кемеровская область считается зоной повышенной экологической опасности.


I know the city will here arise, I know the

Garden will blossom in many times

Since people of Soviet Country

Decided to do this and fruitfully tries

"The story About Kuznetsk And About the People That Built It Up"

V. Mayakovsky

There is a city in Russia, which is rightfully called the steel heart of Siberia. This is Novokuznetsk,

The city is situated on the river Tom on the area of 292 sq km. The population of the city is 607 thousand people. There are 70 industrial works in the city. The history of Novokuznetsk is

really interesting. In spring of 1618 Russian explorers reached the upper reaches of the river Tom and founded Kuznetsk stockade town. In 1797 the erection of uniaue Kuznetsk Fortress which walls still beautify the «old» town and attract tourists, was started.

Large chemical - pharmaceutical enterprise - JSC «Organica», which exports its production abroad; cement works; enterprises of construction industry and machine -building and many others are operating in Novokuznetsk.

Industry concentration gave rise to the serious ecological problems, which solution demands big investments. Novokuznetsk is an object of urgent measures directed to the environment improvement. Ministry of Environment Protection of Russia and Agency of International Development of the USA considered it possible to include Novokuznetsk into the program of technical assistance, rendered by the USA government to Russia. Nowadays the American experts from various organizations, who work constantly in the city, together with the Russian specialists study the possibility of modern technological solutions of ecological problems. Elaborated ecological projects are directed to the attraction of foreign investments to the industry reconstruction, establishing new ecologically clean productions, purification of drinking water, solution of the problem of boiler - rooms and transport exhausts, etc.

Novokuznetsk, the city of metal workers, coal miners and builders began to grow together with the Kuznetsk iron and steel works. Metallurgical and coal mining industries are highly developed in Novokuznetsk. The city can rightly be called a steel heart of Kuzbass. Metallurgical industry, which is represented by the two largest metallurgical combines of complete cycle, ferroalloy and aluminum works, is taking the leading place. Kuzbass is famous not only for metal, but also for coal of high quality. Eleven mines and three open pits are situated on the territory of Novokuznetsk. In a historically short period of time it has become one of largest industrial, scientific and cultural centers of Siberia. There is a fine Drama theatre, a lot of libraries, cinemas, Palaces of culture a Puppet show, museums, experimental theatres. Of the well-known places of interest it is worth mentioning the monument to I.P.Bardin -chief engineer of Kuznetskstroy and technical director of the Kuznetsk metallurgical works, the memorial complex in Victory square with the tank made in the years of war from Kuznetsk steel, the House of Dostoevsky, Kuznetsk fortress and the Boulevard of Heroes. Novokuznetsk is a city that has 3 higher schools - the State Technological University, the branch of the State Kemerovo University and the Pedagogical Academy. It has research institutions. Our scientists make a great technological and scientific potential not only of Siberia, but also all over the country. There are more than a hundred secondary schools and a number of technical and vocational schools in the city.

Novokuznetsk is a very large city. There are 6 districts in the city today. Lots of people live in those districts and most of them like Novokuznetsk very much.

Слова к тексту

steel - сталь heart - сердце

fortress - крепость

concentration - концентрация pharmaceutical - фармацевтический enterprise - предприятие

to demand - требовать

rendered — предоставленный possibility - возможность
attraction - привлекательность investment - инвестиция, purification - очистка

boiler - котел

exhaust - исчерпать (истощить)

represented - представленный

branch - ветвь

research - исследование

vocational - профессионально технический

Вопросы для контроля понимания текста «Novokuznetsk»

  1. What town in Kuzbass is called “The iron heart of Siberia”?

  2. What is the population of the city?

  3. What are the main environmental problems of Novokuznetsk?

  4. What industries are highly developed in Novokuznetsk?

  5. How many cinemas and theatres in Novokuznetsk you know and what are they?

  6. Are there any higher schools in Novokuznetsk?

  7. How many districts in Novokuznetsk do you know?

Переведите на английский язык следующие предложения:

    1. Новокузнецк – город рабочих.

    2. Центральные улицы города – проспект Металлургов и улица Кирова.

    3. На улицах города очень оживленное движение.

    4. Численность населения примерно равна 600 тыс. людей.

    5. В городе есть два крупнейших предприятия – Кузнецкий Металлургический и Западносибирский Металлургический комбинаты.

    6. Новокузнецк поставляет свою продукцию более 40 городам страны.

    7. В городе хорошо развито образование, есть 3 ВУЗа – Сибирский политехнический университет, филиал Кемеровского государственного университета и государственная педагогическая академия.

    8. Центром культурной жизни в Новокузнецке является Драмтеатр.

    9. В последние годы в городе начало опять развиваться жилищное строительство.

Earth resources of Kuzbass
Kuznetsk coal basin is the greatest coal basin in Russia and the whole world. Its area is 26,700 sq km. With coal reserves and the most favorable conditions for their development the part of Kuzbass makes up 265 mlrd tons.

The iron ore deposits are concentrated in Gornaya Shoria, Kuznetsky Alatau and Itaiki ore district next to Kemerovo region. The iron ore resources make up about 5,25 mlrd tons, including iron ore production categories (104 mlrd tons). If production capacity of pig iron remains on the present level, the resources of the iron ore deposits will provide West Siberian and Kuznetsk metallurgical works with ore for many years.

Two thirds of Russia’s prospected manganese resources are concentrated in the Kemerovo region. The Uninsky deposit alone contains 98.5 mln tons of manganese including 92.8 mln tons of carbonate ores with 19.3 % of manganese and 5.7 mln tons of oxides with manganese content of 26.9 per cent.

Kuzbass is a wonderful store room of nature. Gold and silver were always extracted here. Then extraction of polymetalls, non-ferrous and noble metals was started. Not long ago manganese, mercury, copper, talc and molybdenum enlarged the list of extracted minerals.

124 deposits of different construction materials are in Kuzbass, 52 of them are operating. There are 12 nature reserves most capable for recreation in the region. 14 state reserves for animals and birds and the biosphere preserve “Kuznetsky Alatau” are established for preservation of this unique natural complex, valuable mountainous cedar forests, wide network of rivers with spawning grounds of rare fish and picturesque animals.

Слова к тексту

Coal basin - угольный бассейн non-ferrous - цветной

reserve - запас (резерв) mercury - ртуть

favorable - благоприятный copper - медь

conditions - условия to enlarge - увеличивать

development - развитие spruce timber - древесина ели

deposit - осаждение cedar - кедр

capacity - способность (вместимость) spawn - икра

carbonate - карбонат rаrе - редкий

manganese - марганец established - установленный

Вопросы для контроля понимания текста «Earth resources of Kuzbass».

1) Where are the iron deposits concentrated?

2) What mineral resources are there in Kuzbass?

3) Can silver and gold be found in Kuzbass?

4) Why were 14 state reserves established in Kuzbass?

Вопросы викторины.

  1. People of what nationalities live in Kuzbass?

  2. What is the oldest center of Kuzbass?

  3. Do you know the largest deposits of mineral water and medical muds?

  4. What part of Kuzbass is covered by forests?.

  5. What are the main trees in our forests?
    6) Which is the biggest animal in our forests?

7) Which is the rarest bird in the region?

8) What famous writer got married in Novokuznetsk?

9) What place does Novokuznetsk take in the population rating?

10) Which big plant in Novokuznetsk produced steel for tanks during the Second World War?

11) Who is the governor of the Kemerovo region?

12) What is the total area of the region?

13) What regions does Kuzbass border on?

14) Which is the longest river on the territory of Kuzbass?

15) What big lakes on the territory of Kuzbass do you know?

16) What is the common length of the river Tom?

17) What river can you compare the Tom with taking into account its energy recourses?

18) What kind of animals that live in our forests do you know?

19) What kind of climate do we have in Kuzbass?

20) What famous people of Kuzbass do you know?

(metal workers and miners, sportsmen, artists and actors, reporters and so on)

My favourite place in Novokuznetsk
My favourite place in Novokuznetsk is House-Museum of Dostoyevsky, where the famous writer lived in 1856. there are many visitors from all over Russia and they want to know much about Dostoyevsky’s life. I visited it several times. The Museum was opened on the 18-th of May in 1980 in Old Kunetsk. It seems as if the time has stopped when we see a wooden, one-storied house built by the merchants.

There are many things in House-Museum which belonged to Dostoyevsky and we can imagine what a person he was. We can see a lot of letters written by Dostoyevsky to his future wife before his arrival to Kuznetsk.

He went hunting in a hat and high boots and there was his favourite dog behind him

Kuznetsk is the place where the world famous writer fell in love with the widow Isayeva. This was the highly dramatic love story with a happy end when they got married in 1857 at the Odigitrievskaya Church. Dostoyevsky didn’t write a line in Kuznetsk. There appeared only images which took place in great masterpieces later. It is very good that there are such museums like this because it is very important for present and future generations to reserve history and memory about great people.

Borisov Aleksandr 11“A”
My favourite place in Novokuznetsk
Every citizen of any town has his favourite place. As for me I like the Boulevard of Heroes symbolizing the feat of arms and labour deeds of Novokuznetsk citizens during the great Patriotic War. Near the ever burning fire there is Post Number One where students from schools, gymnasia and colleges have the honour to be on duty. Last year the best students of our gymnasium were on duty too and their hearts were full of pride. While being on duty the students faces were serious and excited. There appeared tears in their eyes.

My great-grandfather died as a soldier during the Great Patriotic War at the age of 27 defending his Motherland. I saw his photos: a brave face, clever eyes, a wide smile, fair hair. My mother says that I am alike him. He wanted to live long but the war changed his plans. I go to the Boulevard of Heroes very often, bring flowers and stand before the ever burning fire. I imagine my great-grandfather and ask him for advice when it is necessary. I try to live honestly thanks to him.

Our Boulevard of Heroes is very nice in autumn: red, green and yellow leaves fall down on the Memorial and they resemble flying birds. I like to sit on the bench near the Memorial and to look at wedding pairs. I wish them luck and happiness. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War meet in the Boulevard of Heroes on the 9-th of May. It is a pity but they are less and less in number.

I am proud of having such a memorial in my home-town.

Kashedova Maria 11“C”

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