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CONTACT: Mark Johnson
M2D Provides Enveloping Experience For Keiko Matsui Fans
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Tokyo, Japan (August 2002) Japanese PA hire company Tokyo Onken has supplied a Meyer Sound M2D Compact Curvilinear Array loudspeaker system for a concert tour by jazz pianist Keiko Matsui. The tour visited Japan's major cities — including Osaka, Yokohama and Tokyo — playing concert halls with seating capacities from 700 to 2,000.
The show's producer was the pianist's husband, Kazu Matsui, and as front-of-house engineer T 'Kiku' Kikuchi explains, "Kazu wished to reproduce a musical quality that made the audience feel as if they were being enveloped in a dramatic and spacious atmosphere. The M2D system was the one that he felt was able to fulfill his requirements."
As there were only three days off during the eight-date tour, Tokyo Onken was working to a very tight schedule. In addition to this, there were just two crew members working sound on the tour — front-of-house mixing engineer Kikuchi and Tokyo Onken's Soichi Murayama as monitor engineer. The two performed most of the system setup and load out, including cabling duties and stacking the M2Ds, with a little help from the staff at each venue. The crew began setting up the system at 11:00AM each show day for a 6:30PM performance, and by 9:30PM the equipment was being dismantled and loaded onto a truck to leave for the next venue.
"Under such tough conditions, the M2D system facilitated quick and easy setup," says Hiro Tomioka from Meyer Sound's Japanese distribution company, Acoustic Technical Lab, from whom Tokyo Onken hired the system. "The self-powered M2Ds make setting up easy, as well as saving space when loading in and out. Naturally, the sound system provided plenty of power as well as high quality sound."
Eight M2Ds were ground stacked at each venue, with four at each side of the stage. Four M2D-Sub Compact subwoofers were also used, with two UPA-1P Compact Wide Coverage loudspeakers as front fill.
T 'Kiku' Kikuchi drove all the M2Ds with a stereo mix. An aux send of low-pitched instruments such as bass, bass drum and synthesizer went to the M2D-Subs. Mix engineer Kikuchi found that this setup produced a very clean sound.
Acoustic Technical Lab's Tomioka received some extremely positive feedback regarding the M2Ds during Matsui's tour. "The sound crew was very impressed that no matter how varied the layout of the venues, the M2Ds provided great flexibility, allowing the speakers to be stacked and splayed in the optimum configuration for each venue," he says. "The M2D's smooth horizontal directivity response, excellent stereo image, high articulation, wide range and high level of power were also remarked upon."



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