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Press release

March 2014

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HERA GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Hoekstra

Dieselstraße 9
32130 Enger
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Attractive and brilliant light!
Hera’s innovative LED panel luminaire for state-of-the-art shop lighting
Hera has expanded its range of revolutionary LED recessed luminaires for modern shop lighting with the innovative panel luminaires – the LED IN-Stick and FR 68 LED.
LED IN-Stick SF – slim design with brilliant wide-area lighting
The LED strip lighting – LED IN-Stick SF is Hera’s new addition to its successful product range with the same name. The SF product name highlights two special features of the model: its ultra slim design (S) and extremely uniform planar light (F).
Specially designed for exceptional space-saving and flush-mounted installation in shelves, showcases, displays and furniture, the LED IN-Stick SF really comes into its own in linear applications which require uniform light distribution with no visible hot spots, but also high efficiency levels. This strip lighting is the ultimate choice for presenting products in their best light and achieving optimum efficiency where it’s needed.
The LED IN-Stick SF achieves outstanding uniform, planar light output with extremely durable 70 mW LEDs. Combined with a 100° beam angle, its tiny light spots generate a homogeneous, wide-angled light, which is gently distributed across surfaces and impressively highlights the products being displayed. Depending on the application, the model is available in two light colours - warm white with approx. 3000 Kelvin and cool white with approx. 4000 Kelvin. Sustainability and virtually maintenance-free operation are also the hallmarks of high efficiency levels of 68 lumens per watt or approx. 935 lumens per metre and an average 30,000-hour lifespan.
Depending on the lighting application, the LED IN-Stick SF is available in four standard lengths - 330 mm, 530 mm, 830 mm and 1130 mm. These lengths allow the strip lighting to be fitted to any required size. Special customised lengths for unusual design requirements are also available on request.
The LED IN-Stick is connected using a 2.5 m connecting cable with an LED 24 plug.
FR 68-LED – the round panel light artist
Hera presents its round recessed luminaire – the FR 68-LED – perfect for uniform, glare-free lighting in architecturally sophisticated interiors. With an outer diameter of 75 mm (68 mm borehole) and an extremely shallow recess depth of just 11 mm, the model is ideal for flush-mounted installation in suspended ceilings. The FR 68-LED also demonstrates its outstanding light properties with 36 x 111 mW LEDs. Perfectly reflected light spots merge together with a frosted luminous window into a uniform surface. Thanks to this extremely even light distribution, the FR 68-LED illuminates the room with an incredibly gentle and homogeneous light. High light yields of up to 100 lumens per watt can be achieved for excellent colour rendering (Ra >85). The luminaire is available in two colour temperatures – 3000 Kelvin in warm white or 4,000 Kelvin in neutral white. A low power input of just 4 watts also guarantees low energy consumption.
Depending on requirements, the FR 68-LED is available individually and as a set of 2 or 5 in two housing colours - matt chrome and stainless-steel look.

Guaranteed easy installation
The recessed luminaire is connected using a 2.5 m connecting cable with a ready-to-use LED 24 plug (already supplied) and a 15-watt or 30-watt transformer (can be extended by up to 7 lamps). Hera also offers an LED 24 dimmer controller for creating ambient lighting, available as an optional accessory.

A mounting clip is also available for securing the luminaire to suspended ceilings.

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High-resolution images and a data file are available for download at news/Press releases.

HERA GmbH & Co. KG

Heike Passon

Dieselstraße 9
32130 Enger
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