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Presentations at affiliate conferences and workshops by kasa staff and officers

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Overview of Services Provided/Available to Affiliate Organizations

The following services are available to all KASA affiliate organizations, upon request, at no cost:

  1. One mailing per year that promotes membership in both KASA and the affiliate organization. Mailing includes all members and potential members of the affiliate organization.

  2. Collection of membership dues for the affiliate. Includes those administrators who are members of KASA and the affiliate.

  3. Meeting space at the KASA office for board, committee, or other affiliate meetings (subject to availability).

  4. Assistance in identifying speakers, presenters, and other resources for conferences, workshops, etc.

  5. Presentations at affiliate conferences and workshops by KASA staff and officers.

  6. Assistance with and coordination of lobbying efforts, testimony at hearings, and dealing with policy and legislative issues.

  7. Lobbying and government relations workshops.

  8. Legal assistance and advice (to the affiliate).

  9. Assistance with governance documents—constitution, bylaws, policies, etc.

  10. Use of the KASA website for announcing affiliate events (calendar).

  11. Exhibit space at the KASA leadership institute, if comparable space is provided to KASA at the affiliate conference.

  12. Advertisement and promotion of affiliate activities, announcements, and awards in KASA’s monthly newsletter—the Hotline, e-publications, etc.


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