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Photo Slideshows Skill Level: Intermediate

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Adding Embedded Elements to CommonSpot

Flickr Photo Slideshows

Skill Level: Intermediate

Flickr is a web service providing the ability to share photos with the owner’s social community. The first step to embed a Flickr slideshow in CommonSpot is to sign up for a free Flickr account at This tutorial describes how to Sets for this purposes.

Use the instructions found in Flickr to create your slideshow. In general, a photo Set is a group of photos that all belong to the same Collection.

Note: Photos can also be tagged, which is another name for keyword. By using tags, you can create a slideshow of multiple photo Sets. Feel free to explore this option, but we will not cover here.


  • From your browser, navigate and sign into your Flickr account

  • Upload your images and add descriptions

  • Create a Collection using Organize & Create

  • Create a slideshow using Sets

  • Getting the URL

    • From the Home of Flickr

      • Select Your photostream (a text link on the screen)

      • Find and select the specific set you wish to create the slideshow from by clicking the title of the set

      • Copy the slideshow URL from your browser Address Bar. It will look something like this:
Note: If you find a URL with the word “show” at the end, remove it. Be sure to leave the ending “/” character.
Embedding the Flickr Slideshow

  • Navigate to the CommonSpot page you wish to place the slideshow on

  • Log in and switch to Work mode

  • Select Click to insert new element in the area of the page you wish to embed the video

  • From the Element Gallery, select UWEC Custom Image Elements >> Flickr Element – Slideshow. An untitled element icon will appear. If you hover over the element, the element name will show

  • From the element icon, select Data. The Enter Custom Element Data pop-up box will appear

  • Fill in the following, then Save:

(Height must be a positive numeric value greater than

170 and less than 760)

    • Width: Pick a width to suit the region of the CommonSpot page

(Height must be a positive numeric value greater than

170 and less than 570)

    • Show Instructions: No

(If Yes is selected, download instructions will be linked beneath the slideshow)

    • Alignment: Options are Left, Right, Center

  • You will see a prompt on the page that reads:

Publish your changes then use View Page as Published to view slideshow

  • Follow the prompt instructions: Use View >> View page as Published to test to make sure the slideshow works. It will not display in Work mode

  • To adjust any of the settings, return to the Flickr Element – Slideshow element icon and select Data. Make any changes and submit them, then test the slideshow again

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